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(Requesting "CheckUser" extension)
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* find solution to "math" extension '''DONE'''
* find solution to "math" extension '''DONE'''
* all changes are properly documented in SVN '''DONE'''
* all changes are properly documented in SVN '''DONE'''
* Install [http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/CheckUser CheckUser] extension to fight spammers.<br />
* Clean database, for "deleted" pages, unused files.
* Clean database, for "deleted" pages, unused files.

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The state wiki require some maintenance and an urgent upgrade. This page documents what needs to be done, and what should be done. There is a thread on dev (Wiki maintenance) where the decisions are made.

At the moment we have the following work list:

  • Change LocalSettings.php to close for "create user" DONE
  • Update UA- code for google-analyics DONE
  • open for "create page" again DONE
  • Check "nofollow" setting, to be sure it's on (True) DONE, added $wgNoFollowDomainExceptions and $wgNoFollowNsExceptions
  • remove accounts older than a year WITHOUT any contributions DONE, removed 32527 accounts
  • remove all accounts from the time of the spam period DONE, removed 65743 accounts
  • testwiki.openoffice.org in DNS/ooo-wiki DONE, .htaccess is in place (wikitest/wikitest)
  • testwiki, oooSkin is not working DONE
  • testwiki, find new extensions: DONE
    • extension FCKeditor is no longer supported and does not work (I am looking for a replacement)
    • extension GoogleCoop does not work, and does not exist on mediawiki (thanks to Clayton I got a hint where to find it)
    • extension LabeledSectionTransclusion does not offer a compat mode (needed due to DPL2 usage)
    • extension MultiUpload no longer supported (there are no obvious replacement, I have to dig deeper)
    • extension OOoIDLtags does not work (our own development, I need to change some core calls...wish I was a PHP specialist)
    • extension PasswordReset no longer supported and does not work (not really needed so I will just remove it)
    • extension StringFunctions no longer supported and are partly integrated in parserFunctions (We have to test that what we use is available)
    • extension ToggleDisplay no longer supported, should be core functionality (we have to test that what we use is available)
  • Convert all pages to UTF8 (mysql), DONE
    • most pages are defined as latin1, but some have UTF8 content, this will not work after an update.
The fix for this is to pass the tables manually through the conversion process using "binary" as an intermediary from Latin1 to UTF-8. Note though that this only "needs" to be done on tables that are incorrectly types as Latin1 but actually contain UTF-8 data. Not all tables in the OOoWiki dB have this issue.
 UPDATE table_name SET col_name = CONVERT(CONVERT(CONVERT(col_name USING latin1) USING binary) USING utf8);
Another way to do this (and possibly a more effective solution since it can be done during the MWiki upgrade) is:
 mysqldump -h DB_HOST -u DB_USER -p DB_PASSWORD --opt --quote-names --skip-set-charset --default-character-set=latin1 DB_NAME > DB_NAME-dump.sql
 mysql -h DB_HOST -u DB_USER -p DB_PASSWORD --default-character-set=utf8 DB_NAME < DB_NAME-dump.sql
(source: http://blog.hno3.org/2010/04/22/fixing-double-encoded-utf-8-data-in-mysql/ )
  • Discuss on whether to add anti-spam measures for the currenct MW version. DONE
    • Search for extension to prevent spammers create user DONE
  • open for create user DONE
    • this task caused concern, so it will be discussed again
    • Decide on anti-spam measures for current MW version, install and set them, then open for create user.
  • have people testing test DONE
  • find solution to "math" extension DONE
  • all changes are properly documented in SVN DONE
  • Install CheckUser extension to fight spammers.

  • Clean database, for "deleted" pages, unused files.
  • repair "broken redirect", "double redirect", "non categorized pages"
  • Copy production db, and upgrade it
  • copy test to production.
  • Assemble all files and inform community/infra about further action
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