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OOo 2.4

One of the outstanding startup performance issues in 2.x and lower is that any installation also installs all writing aids' dictionaries (around 27, AFAIK), which are then loaded in an active state when running an instance of OO.o.

My suggestion mostly applies to Windows wrt the installer.
If anyone's going to release 2.4.3 (or 2.4.4, if at all), the user should during the install process specify which languages' dictionaries s/he actually wishes to have, because a typical user usually resorts to a handful-or-lesser amount of dictionaries than what is installed by default.

By default, all dictionaries in OO.o 2.4 should be disabled — except English or the default UI language of the package.

It is cumbersome to disable writing aids for all the languages I don't use, then to move unnecessary dictionaries to an auxiliary location and then comment them out in the dictionary.lst file. Especially after every point upgrade.
-martg 06:44, 15 February 2009 (UTC)

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