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Thanks for creating this page and this site


I just wanted to thank you folks for creating this site. It's really good. I have linked to it from the Digital Tipping Point links page. Digital Tipping Point books page 2005/12/20 Christian Einfeldt

Obsolete Links

Notes here show links that require updates:

  • Links to produce Error 404. There was once a sister sourceforge site that could be used to fix these links, if the site still exists...
  • Mail list archive under Styles section for setting up vertically flowing text produces TomCat error... Is this info available in other places?
  • User-FAQ and OOoAuthors FAQ notes could be added to each OOo module section.

Inspection Notes

Notes here show inspected sections and dates of those inspections, to allow effective group collaboration upon any maintenance work performed:

  • Thoroughly checked links from Impress thru General Sections, 5 February 2006.
  • Thoroughly checked links in Overview section, 11 February 2005
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