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I've had to take some additional steps to get OOo2 (680_m155 -- not exactly sure if I should be using this revision) to compile on Tiger. I'll leave it to the page owner or anyone else who's not as much of a noob as me to decide what would be helpful to others and what's specific to my system:

  1. I had to fink libIDL to get Mozilla to compile. This is pretty easy to fix if you're using fink. Just get the libidl2 package.
  2. There was a compile time problem with using xmkmf. You just have to remove the #!pragma line above the #!. See this link for more info.
  3. If you get compilation errors dealing with Dl_info not being declared, follow these instructions

--Aobrien 03:32, 9 February 2006 (CET)

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