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Like all spreadsheet ROUND functions I have ever seen, this one rounds any digit preceding 5 up. The rounding I learned in school was slightly different: if the digit preceding the 5 is even, round down; if odd, round up. The idea is, of course, to minimize accumulated errors in a series of rounding actions. I would like to see this ROUND function improved in this manner.

Couple of points... first, this is a documentation page, and not something usually read by the developers, so your comment is not reaching the right people. If you feel that the ROUND function is incorrect, then raise a bug in the OOo Issuezilla. Second... the rounding function you describe is very uncommon - as you noted, all spreadsheets have a ROUND function that behaves the same as in OOo... in other words, ROUND currently behaves as most people expect the function to behave. When you make a comment on a Wiki please sign the comment (use the signature button in the toolbar, second last icon). --ccornell 07:21, 10 September 2010 (UTC)
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