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It should read (6) relative or absolute path name to an exporting style sheet?

The link to [1] is dead.

Comment from BMarcelly

In rev 2008-10-01T10:49:29, Mba replaced the Flags content type: Int by: string list

Mba was describing the XML syntax for Flags. But when you access the filters data from the API, property Flags contains a set of boolean flags. This must also be documented here.

In rev 2008-10-01T11:05:57, Mba replaced the description of flag values by a string, and changed the order of description.

Since the API does not offer constants for these values, the real values are still needed when accessing by API.

I have kept the existing description for XML and added for the API the type Int for Flags, and added the values of these flags, found in /aoo-trunk/main/filter/source/config/cache/constant.hxx.

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