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New comments - 2010-03-04

Minor point. "Even the role „Council Coordinator“, which is meant to remind the community members to fulfill their duties in advance, did not finally solve that problem." ... which amoung others is meant to ... (other part is involvement)

Hi Christpoh, *,

Thanks! Two remarks:

A = = =
4 It continues with “Current Topics”:
-1. For each topic, the action item owners present the intermediate or final results. If the description is missing any important information, the keeper of the minutes adds it.
-2. If there are open questions concerning this topic, then there might be a short discussion. If the topic requires some more attention, then the discussion should be continued off-line (e.g. after the Community Council meeting).

My remark:
-2 is essential: there might be a short discussion.
Therefore #1 has to be clearer: "present ... results" This should be done before the meeting, either via the wiki, either via the mail. If not, we remain stuck in a situation where much time is spend on information that is unclear and/or could have been provided before,
So it must be easier for all to know and understand what is going on.

B = = = =

  • Detailed description of the whole procedure

My remark:
Pls not too detailed... the goal and main routes have to be clear. Details tend to get forgotten etc etc ;-)

cornouws, 2010-02-18: 15:38 CET

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