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TCM is used for localization testing and result tracking. But for better acceptance TCM ( the tool and the process) could be enhanced. This page could be used to collect wishes.

available infos

General Enhancements

  • TCM should be open source (L)GPL - so community could be more active in improving TCM.
  • Decide if TCM designs the management software or the bundle of it with the testcases.
  • The free license should apply to both components; LGPL could be a problem since it would probably allow linking the management software to proprietary testcases; the problems the community has now in accessing and modifying testcases risk not being solved unless the whole (TCM+testcases) is GPLed. But testcases are not source code, so the definition of linking must be interpreted somehow.

Process Enhancements

  • community should have the ability to define new builds for testing

Tool Enhancements


  • option to hide outdated test cycles in test assignment and test result update
  • implementation of test types (e.g. release test, feature test)
  • It should be possible to localize the interface.
  • There should be some more explanations.

test case maintenance

test reports

test assignments

  • It should be possible to assign testcases to more than one tester.
  • Balance detail in the Operating Systems: we now have one Linux and five versions of Windows; we should have "Linux - RedHat/Fedora", "Linux - Debian/Ubuntu", "Linux - SUSE", "Linux - Mandriva", "Linux - Other"; then two read-only categories, Linux and Windows, could be created to quickly see assignments.

test result updates

  • First-time testers need guidance with this; a My tests menu option would be better.
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