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TCM (Test Case Management) is used for localization testing and result tracking. But for better acceptance TCM (the tool and the process) could be enhanced. This page could be used to collect wishes.

available infos

General Enhancements

  • TCM should be open source (L)GPL - so community could be more active in improving TCM.
  • Decide if the name TCM designs the management software or the bundle of it with the testcases.
  • The free license should apply to both components; LGPL could be a problem since it would probably allow linking the management software to proprietary testcases; the problems the community has now in accessing and modifying testcases risk not being solved unless the whole (TCM+testcases) is GPLed. But testcases are not source code, so the definition of linking must be interpreted somehow.

Process Enhancements

  • community should have the ability to define new builds for testing

Tool Enhancements


  • option to hide outdated test cycles in test assignment and test result update
  • implementation of test types (e.g. release test, feature test)
  • It should be possible to localize the interface.
  • There should be some more explanations.
  • anonymous access to Test Cases as well as Summary / Detail Report
  • Ability to login with the OOo login

test case maintenance

  • community should be able to change english test descriptions. If english description is changed, translated descriptions should be marked as "translation needs update". This marker can be removed if translated test case is updated
  • it should be easy to add new tests samples and to update them when needed
  • it would be nice to be able to maintain the test cases through our translation tools and use Pootle as a repository so we are able to see when original test cases are changed

test reports

  • Summary of passed / failed / skipped test cases per category (would help to identify untested or only partial tested categories)

test assignments

  • It should be possible to assign testcases to more than one tester.
  • Balance detail in the Operating Systems: we now have one Linux and five versions of Windows; we should have "Linux - RedHat/Fedora", "Linux - Debian/Ubuntu", "Linux - SUSE", "Linux - Mandriva", "Linux - Other"; then two read-only categories, Linux and Windows, could be created to quickly see assignments.

test result updates

  • First-time testers need guidance with this; a My tests menu option would be better.
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