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= Flipchart images from OOoCon SMP meeting  =
= Flipchart images from OOoCon SMP meeting  =
[[Image:Ooocon2010 smp flipchart1.jpg|thumb]]  
[[Image:Ooocon2010 smp flipchart1.jpg|thumb|border|center]]  
[[Image:Ooocon2010 smp flipchart2.jpg|thumb]]  
[[Image:Ooocon2010 smp flipchart2.jpg|thumb|border|center]]  
[[Image:Ooocon2010 smp flipchart3.jpg|thumb]]  
[[Image:Ooocon2010 smp flipchart3.jpg|thumb|border|center]]  
[[Image:Ooocon2010 smp flipchart4.jpg|thumb]]
[[Image:Ooocon2010 smp flipchart4.jpg|thumb|border|center]]  

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This page is to collect information on the Strategic Marketing Plan from 2010 on. It is to be considered work in progress.

Flipchart images from OOoCon SMP meeting

Ooocon2010 smp flipchart1.jpg
Ooocon2010 smp flipchart2.jpg
Ooocon2010 smp flipchart3.jpg
Ooocon2010 smp flipchart4.jpg
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