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Stopper, Blocker, Showstopper, Release Stopper, Release Blocker or however you want to call it. These bugs/issues are most critical, because the release can be stopped until it is fixed. The result can be a delay of one or more weeks for a release.


In the past Stopper issues were reported on Release Candidates only. This was changed until

Criteria for a Stopper issue

  • it is a regression in main functionality
  • it is a crash in main functionality
  • it is a freeze or loop in main functionality
  • it is a security issue
  • it is a privacy issue
  • it is a data loss

Samples for a Stopper issue

  • OOo isn't installable on one or more systems
  • an OOo application cannot be started
  • OOo crashes when common documents are saved/loaded
  • general functionality is broken from one build to the next one

All these issues have to be reproducible by a developer. Without reproducible scenario it isn't possible for a developer to find the root cause and the bug cannot be fixed.

What isn't a Stopper issue

How to promote a Stopper issue

When you found a bug, which you want to promote as Stopper you have to submit it in IssueTracker first. If you have an issue number you have to write a mail to (Please register at this mailing list first to get answers for your mail directly.)

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