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* [[Cpp Coding Standards]]
* [[Cpp Coding Standards]]
Open questions are discussed on dev@openoffice.org.
Open questions are discussed on dev@openoffice.org.
[[Category:Coding Standards]]

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Some OOo developers at Sun in Hamburg have tried out regular Code Reviews for a few months and have found them to be helpful. Those code reviews are mainly for the goal of preventing defects by education; actual bug-finding is (though nice) a secondary effect.

Positive Experiences:

  • Easy learning of the OOo C++ Coding Standards
  • Frequent opportunities to learn from each other in the community
  • Learning about various parts of the Office, leading to a deeper understanding of the whole

... and as an effect of those all, reviews help to reach:

  • more correct and better maintainable code, less defects, higher quality.

Therefore, code reviews might be worth a try for more OOo developers. This page shall help to set up the opportunity for this.

Who is interested?


Put your name + mail@ooo here, if you would like to try out code reviews. Than others can see your name and contact you


Put your name + mail@ooo here, if you already have done (educational) code reviews and are willing to join with a starter for his/her first review(s).

How to do Long-distance Reviews?

The reviews in the above mentioned experiment were all done in face-to-face meetings. The OOo-community however consists of people at many different locations. We need ideas, how to do that.

Enter ideas/suggestions below here.


One possibility would be to hold a review meeting via IRC after sending the code files per mail or checking them out from CVS.

Netbeans Collaboration Toolset

May be that could be helpful: http://cld.blog-city.com/netbeans_collaboration_project___collablets_and_codeaware_to.htm, collab.netbeans.org


If you tried it out and have suggestions for improvement, put them here.


Here we can start a FAQ.


Open questions are discussed on dev@openoffice.org.

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