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Enhance“Recent Documents” function

Specification Status
Author Carsten Driesner
Last Change 28.01.2011
Status (Help) Preliminary


The recent document menu and toolbar function lacks some function which people would like to see. It's currently (OpenOffice.org 3.3) not possible to reset the list or change the number of entries without hacking configuration files.


Reference Document Check Location (URL)
Prerequisites passed n/a
Product Requirement, RFE, Issue ID (required) available i37201
Test case specification (required) [available/not available] <PLEASE ENTER LOCATION HERE>
IDL Specification not available --
Software Specification Rules n/a n/a


Role Name E-Mail Address
Developer Robert Zhou robertzhou@openoffice.org
Quality Assurance Carsten Driesner cd@openoffice.org
Documentation TBD -
User Experience TBD -

Detailed Specification

The are no ways for ordinary users to reset the recent file list or change the number of entries. Due to security reasons it would be a good idea to have an option to remove the entries in the recent file list whenever OpenOffice.org will be closed.

Competitive Analysis

Not done yet.

Testcase Specification

There is a test case for Recent Documents, 'tFileRecentDocuments' at line 283 of /testautomation/spreadsheet/required/includes/c_upd_filemenu.inc.

New test code must be written to check the new enhancements.


Migration is irrelevant, the Recent Documents list format remains the same.


Configuration is irrelevant, there are no configuration changes.

File Format

File format is irrelevant, there are no file format changes.

Open Issues

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