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  1. Community Council Log 20100520
  2. Community Council Log 20100610
  3. Company Community collaboration
  4. Compatible Builds
  5. Competitor Analysis
  6. Compile with Emacs
  7. Concepts:Colorpicker
  8. Conference Media Team HowTo
  9. Conferences
  10. Conferences/FOSDEM/2006
  11. Conferences/FOSDEM/2007
  12. Conferences/FOSDEM/2013
  13. Conferences/FOSDEM/2014
  14. Conferences/FSOSS
  15. Conferences/FSOSS/2008
  16. Configuration-Table
  17. Configuration schema path settings
  18. Connect MySQL and Base
  19. Connecting to Microsoft Access
  20. Content of aqua
  21. ContinuousL10n
  22. Contributing to Doc Project
  23. Contribution
  24. Converting Arabic numerals to Chinese numerals
  25. Converting cell addresses
  26. Cpp Coding Standards/CLSDESIGN/NewDel
  27. Cpp Coding Standards/CLSDESIGN/NoConv
  28. Cpp Coding Standards/CLSDESIGN/OneResp
  29. Cpp Coding Standards/CODEDOC/ClearBehave
  30. Cpp Coding Standards/CODEDOC/Format
  31. Cpp Coding Standards/DESIGN/DIP
  32. Cpp Coding Standards/DESIGN/GlobInit
  33. Cpp Coding Standards/DESIGN/PremGen
  34. Cpp Coding Standards/Development Process
  35. Cpp Coding Standards/ENC/NoFriends
  36. Cpp Coding Standards/ENC/PrivData
  37. Cpp Coding Standards/ERR/ExSpec
  38. Cpp Coding Standards/FIMPL/DefSwitch
  39. Cpp Coding Standards/FIMPL/MagNum
  40. Cpp Coding Standards/GEN/LocalConv
  41. Cpp Coding Standards/HEADERS/IncGuards
  42. Cpp Coding Standards/HEADERS/IncPCH
  43. Cpp Coding Standards/HEADERS/Self
  44. Cpp Coding Standards/Principles
  45. Cpp Coding Standards/SECURITY/UnsafeFunc
  46. Cpp Coding Standards/SECURITY/ValInput
  47. Cpp Coding Standards/STL/Cont
  48. Cpp Coding Standards/STL/EraseMem
  49. Cpp Coding Standards/STL/PurePred
  50. Cpp Coding Standards/VIRTUAL/LSP
  51. Cppu
  52. CrazyDistroDefense
  53. Create a New Custom Shape in Source in File
  54. Creating a document
  55. Creating a template from a document
  56. Creating a template using a wizard
  57. Creating and deleting page breaks
  58. Creating cross-references in documents
  59. Creating different header and footer on different pages
  60. Creating different headers for left pages and right pages
  61. Creating fields to describe documents
  62. Creating headers and footers
  63. Creating named ranges
  64. Creating sheets
  65. Currently active document
  66. Custom shapes
  67. Customize Your Show
  68. Cutting, copying, and pasting text
  69. CvsFAQ
  70. Cvs tags and branches
  71. DA/Documentation
  72. DE-AOO/Stammtische
  74. DE/2.2.1 Release Test
  75. DE/2.3.1 Release Test
  76. DE/2.3 Release Test
  77. DE/2.4.1 Release Test
  78. DE/2.4.2 Release Test
  79. DE/2.4.3 Release Test
  80. DE/2.4 Release Test
  81. DE/3.0.1 Release Test
  82. DE/3.0 Release Test
  83. DE/3.1.1 Release Test
  84. DE/3.1 Release Test
  85. DE/3.2.1 Release Test
  86. DE/3.2 Release Test
  87. DE/3.3 Release Test
  88. DE/Abzocke
  89. DE/Aktuelle Aufgaben
  90. DE/BaseExample
  91. DE/Broschuere
  92. DE/Buchprojekt/Programm-Broschuere Kap0
  93. DE/ButtonsWebseite
  94. DE/CeBIT2010
  95. DE/Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Charts/How do I compute or plot trend lines?
  96. DE/Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Charts/How do I create a chart in a spreadsheet that is automatically updated when the data is changed?
  97. DE/Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Charts/How do I extend the range of data shown in my chart after I add new data to my spreadsheet?
  98. DE/Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/How to get proper Calc Help files for 2.0.1 for Windows?
  99. DE/Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/I see three hash signs in a cell that formerly held data. How can I see my data again?
  100. DE/Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/Why do I see the formula text and not the result of the formula?
  101. DE/Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/Why does deleting filtered rows remove other rows too?
  102. DE/Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/A large Calc spreadsheet was converted from another application. Some of my rows are missing! What happened?
  103. DE/Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/How do I open a tab-delimited file in Spreadsheet? What if I have a different type of delimiter?
  104. DE/Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/How do I output my spreadsheet data as an ASCII, delimited text file?
  105. DE/Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How are notes within cells displayed?
  106. DE/Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How are thick lines or borders created around my cells?
  107. DE/Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How I change the order of sheets in my spreadsheet?
  108. DE/Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/How I do select a row (or rows) in my spreadsheet to repeat on every page when printed?
  109. DE/Documentation/FAQ/Databases/Where can I download the Report Builder extension?
  110. DE/Documentation/FAQ/Draw/Are there any extra tools for Draw?
  111. DE/Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/Hop do I stop from generating a black line from hash characters?
  112. DE/Documentation/OOo3 User Guides/Calc Guide
  113. DE/Documentation/OOo3 User Guides/Writer Guide
  114. DE/Dokumentation/Bewertungstabelle
  115. DE/Dokumentation/Update Writer-Handbuch/OOo-Spezial Neuerungen 2009
  116. DE/Einführung Arbeitsweise
  117. DE/Facharbeit
  118. DE/FrOSCon2010
  119. DE/HilfeUebersetzung
  120. DE/HilfeUebersetzung 2.3
  121. DE/HilfeUebersetzung 2.4
  122. DE/Lizenzen/OOoAuthors
  123. DE/Lizenzreview PrOOo-Box
  124. DE/LokalisierungdesÜbersetzungstools
  125. DE/Lokalisierungstest mergede01
  126. DE/Mailingliste Social-Pointer
  127. DE/Mailingliste Technik-Pointer
  128. DE/MarketingOOoNewVersion3.4Flyer
  129. DE/Marketing OOoAufkleber
  130. DE/Marketing OOoBasicBox
  131. DE/Marketing OOoBecher
  132. DE/Marketing OOoBusinessBox
  133. DE/Marketing OOoBusinessFlyer
  134. DE/Marketing OOoButton/Sticker
  135. DE/Marketing OOoCD/DVD
  136. DE/Marketing OOoCommunityFlyer
  137. DE/Marketing OOoCommunityPolitik
  138. DE/Marketing OOoDeveloperBox
  139. DE/Marketing OOoDeveloperFlyer
  140. DE/Marketing OOoEGovernmentFlyer
  141. DE/Marketing OOoEnterpriseBox
  142. DE/Marketing OOoErfahrungsberichtCeBIT2011
  143. DE/Marketing OOoKugelschreiber
  144. DE/Marketing OOoNewVersionFlyer
  145. DE/Marketing OOoPanelPosterCeBIT2011
  146. DE/Marketing OOoPanelPosterLinuxTag
  147. DE/Marketing OOoPartnerkonzept
  148. DE/Marketing OOoPoloShirt
  149. DE/Marketing OOoPosterBusiness
  150. DE/Marketing OOoPosterCommunity
  151. DE/Marketing OOoPosterDevelopment
  152. DE/Marketing OOoPosterNewVersion3.3
  153. DE/Marketing OOoPosterNewVersion3.4
  154. DE/Marketing OOoProfessionellBox
  155. DE/Marketing OOoSlogans
  156. DE/Marketing OOoTasche
  157. DE/Marketing OOoVisitenkarten
  158. DE/Marketing OOoeGovernmentFlyer
  159. DE/Neue Funktionen in 3.2
  160. DE/OpenExpo2007Zurich
  161. DE/OpenExpo2008Bern
  162. DE/OpenExpo2008Zurich
  163. DE/OpenExpo2009Bern
  164. DE/OpenExpo2009Winterthur
  165. DE/ Kopierterminal
  166. DE/PM 3.3
  167. DE/PrOOo-Box-Issues
  168. DE/PrOOo-Box-Marketing
  169. DE/PrOOo-Box Einbindung als Debian-Repository
  170. DE/PrOOo-Box English homepage
  171. DE/Pressemitteilung ISO/IEC 26300
  172. DE/Produkt Base
  173. DE/Produkt Calc
  174. DE/Produkt Draw
  175. DE/Produkt Extensions
  176. DE/Produkt Impress
  177. DE/Produkt Index
  178. DE/Produkt Math
  179. DE/Produkt Suite
  180. DE/Produkt Writer
  181. DE/Projektbeschreibung
  182. DE/Projektwochenende2007
  183. DE/Projektwochenende2008
  184. DE/Projektwochenende2009
  185. DE/QA-Wochenende2007
  186. DE/QA-Wochenende2009
  187. DE/QA-Wochenende2010
  188. DE/QAEinführung
  189. DE/ReadMe 3.0
  190. DE/Release Test Howto
  191. DE/ReviewUI/Aktive Hilfe
  192. DE/ReviewUI/Formular Entwurf
  193. DE/ReviewUI/Inkonsistente Symbolverwendung
  194. DE/ReviewUI/Inkonsistente Symbolverwendung Seriendruck
  195. DE/ReviewUI/Master
  196. DE/Struktur PrOOo-Box
  197. DE/SunVisit2009
  198. DE/Wandkalender2011
  199. DE/WerbeKonzept
  200. DE/Wissenschaftliche Arbeiten
  201. DE/Wöchentliche Listeninfo
  202. DE/dd2009
  203. Da.Chart2
  204. Da.Download
  205. Da.Pootle
  206. Da.Release31
  207. Da.foreningsdannelse
  211. DaVinci
  213. Danny.HeapSort
  221. Data pilots
  222. Database/Drivers
  223. Database/Drivers/Linux MDB Driver
  224. Database/Drivers/MySQL Native/1.0/Known Issues
  225. Database/Drivers/MySQL Native/Architecture
  226. Database/Drivers/MySQL Native/Beta/Known Issues
  227. Database/Drivers/MySQL Native/Beta/Known Issues/Unconfirmed
  228. Database/Drivers/MySQL Native/Building With CMake
  229. Database/Drivers/MySQL Native/Connector/C-OOo-Connect-URL
  230. Database/Drivers/MySQL Native/Known Problems/Fixed
  231. Database/Drivers/MySQL Native/OOoBuildEnvironment
  232. Database/Drivers/MySQL Native/Roadmap
  233. Database/Drivers/MySQL Native/SDBC(X) Interface
  234. Database/Drivers/MySQL Native/TestingIdeas
  235. Database/Drivers/MySQL Native/WhatWeHaveTested
  236. Database/Drivers/New Driver Tutorial
  237. Database/Drivers/PostgreSQL
  238. Database/Drivers/SQLite
  239. Database Docu Coordinator
  240. Database WIKI Template
  241. DbConfig
  242. Deamon in Python
  243. Debug Build Problems
  244. DefaultPaperSize
  245. Defect Prevention
  246. Delivery Route XSD
  247. Developer News about porting OpenOffice to Darwin PPC, Darwin Intel and Mac OS X
  248. Developing for the new chart module
  249. Development/Cpp
  250. Development Environment with solver
  251. Diagonal Table Header
  252. Diagram Extension
  253. Dialog Dump
  254. Digital signing
  255. DigitalnoPodpisovanje
  256. DiplomskeNaloge
  257. Discussion of Bibliographic - Writer proposals
  258. Disk Access
  259. Dispatch Interception
  260. Displaying the column number
  261. Dmake and OOo environment
  262. Doctests
  263. Documentation/AOO4 User Guides/Integration/Bibliography
  264. Documentation/Bounties/Sort
  265. Documentation/Building Guide/Building on MacOSX/Creating Debug-Versions of Modules
  266. Documentation/Building Guide/Building on MacOSX/Known build issues
  267. Documentation/Building Guide/Building on MacOSX/checkout for milestones before m32
  268. Documentation/Building Guide/Introduction
  269. Documentation/Building Guide/Linux Build Requirements
  270. Documentation/Building Guide/Mac OS X Build Requirements
  271. Documentation/Building Guide/Solaris Build Requirements
  272. Documentation/Building Guide/Windows Build Requirements
  273. Documentation/Building Guide AOO/Rat Scan
  274. Documentation/DE/How Tos/Erste Schritte in Impress2
  275. Documentation/DE/How Tos/Export in das PDF Dateiformat
  276. Documentation/DE/How Tos/Imagemaps mit Draw erstellen
  277. Documentation/Dashboard/2010 Plan
  278. Documentation/Dashboard/2011 Plan
  279. Documentation/Dashboard/2013 Plan
  280. Documentation/Dashboard/CMS Evaluation
  281. Documentation/Dashboard/Competitive Documentation Analysis
  282. Documentation/Dashboard/Curriculum Development
  283. Documentation/Dashboard/DocOOo Structure
  284. Documentation/Dashboard/Help Release Process
  285. Documentation/Dashboard/OOo-MSO Compatibility
  286. Documentation/Dashboard/Proposal Revise Getting Started
  287. Documentation/Dashboard/Proposal Revise Writer Guide
  288. Documentation/Dashboard/Samples, Templates and Clipart
  289. Documentation/Dashboard/Setup Guide
  290. Documentation/Dashboard/Tutorials/Base (Mariano
  291. Documentation/Dashboard/Tutorials/Base (Mariano)
  292. Documentation/Dashboard/Tutorials/Guidelines
  293. Documentation/Dashboard/Wiki2ODF
  294. Documentation/Dashboard/Word List for User Guides
  295. Documentation/DevGuide/GoogleSearch
  296. Documentation/Drafts
  297. Documentation/Drafts/Calc Guide
  298. Documentation/External Links
  299. Documentation/FAQ//ProjectLevel/OverviewQuestions/What is Apache OpenOffice
  300. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Charts/How do I compute or plot trend lines?
  301. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Charts/How do I create a chart in a spreadsheet that is automatically updated when the data is changed?
  302. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Charts/How do I extend the range of data shown in my chart after I add new data to my spreadsheet?
  303. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/How to get proper Calc Help files for 2.0.1 for Windows?
  304. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/I see three hash signs in a cell that formerly held data. How can I see my data again?
  305. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/Why do I see the formula text and not the result of the formula?
  306. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/Why does deleting filtered rows remove other rows too?
  307. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/A large Calc spreadsheet was converted from another application. Some of my rows are missing! What happened?
  308. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/How do I open a tab-delimited file in Spreadsheet? What if I have a different type of delimiter?
  309. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/How do I output my spreadsheet data as an ASCII, delimited text file?
  310. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/Is it possible to open a Microsoft Excel file that is protected by a password in Calc?
  311. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/My formula from an Excel worksheet doesn't work!
  312. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How are notes within cells displayed?
  313. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How are thick lines or borders created around my cells?
  314. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can I create a drop-down list that references a list of values to select from?
  315. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can I create my own sort lists?
  316. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can I use a dot (.) as decimal sign instead of a comma?
  317. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can links to other workbooks, including vlookups, update dynamically?
  318. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I add additional strings or characters to cell contents?
  319. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I disable the capitalized letter at the beginning of cells in Calc?
  320. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I format cells in Calc so that the rows number automatically?
  321. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I insert a page number in the form of 'Page 1 of N' on each page of a spreadsheet?
  322. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I insert superscript or subscript text in my spreadsheet?
  323. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I make a wide title cell extend across several columns in my spreadsheet?
  324. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I rotate a column title so that it fits above my very narrow column?
  325. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I use styles and formatting?
  326. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I wrap text within a cell in my spreadsheet?
  327. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/I have a custom number format that I use, but Calc forgets it.
  328. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/Is there a way to add times that total greater than 24 hrs?
  329. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/Some of the rows or columns in my spreadsheet are hidden. How do I see all rows or columns?
  330. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/Why are my notes not showing for cells?
  331. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How I change the order of sheets in my spreadsheet?
  332. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I create a spreadsheet that is right-to-left oriented?
  333. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I delete cell contents immediately with the backspace key like in Excel?
  334. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I extend the Calc functions by some extensions?
  335. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I rename a sheet?
  336. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I see the row and column captions as I scroll through a sheet that is larger than my display?
  337. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I start Calc instead of Writer?
  338. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I use cells from different Calc files?
  339. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How do I add up cells, depending on some conditions?
  340. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How do I protect cells in my spreadsheet?
  341. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How do I use arrays in Calc?
  342. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How do I use regular expressions in Calc?
  343. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How is a variable date inserted into a spreadsheet cell?
  344. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How to make a checkbox change according to data in another cell?
  345. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/I want to select two cells that are not adjacent, but holding down the CTRL key does not seem to work. How can I perform this action?
  346. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/What's the maximum number of rows and cells for a spreadsheet file?
  347. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/What is the fastest way to copy a calculation to all rows?
  348. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/Where can I find more documentation for Calc?
  349. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/Where do I find more detailed descriptions of Calc functions?
  350. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/How I do select a row (or rows) in my spreadsheet to repeat on every page when printed?
  351. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/How can I print some, but not all, of the cells on a sheet?
  352. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/How do I get Sheet1 to print as portrait and Sheet2 to print as landscape?
  353. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/How do I print my spreadsheets?
  354. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/Why does Calc print out all the sheets in the file?
  355. Documentation/FAQ/Databases/Where can I download the Report Builder extension?
  356. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/Are there any extra tools for Draw?
  357. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/Does have an equivalent to Word's 'WordArt'?
  358. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/How can I redefine the origin of the drawing coordinates?
  359. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/How can I save a Draw document into a standard file format (BMP, JPG, ...)?
  360. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/How do I crop an image in my drawing?
  361. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/How do I export part of a drawing to EPS?
  362. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/How do I insert a screen shot or other image into my drawing document?
  363. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I'd like to create a CD cover, but I'm not able to rotate the text so that it is readable on the side of the CD. What is the procedure for this action?
  364. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I'm drawing a web banner. How can I do it using a 'Websafe' color palette?
  365. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I'm trying to print a Draw document, but the colors printed by my printer are not the same ones displayed on the screen. How can I edit them using the CMYK color system?
  366. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I am creating an organization chart. How do I evenly space my boxes?
  367. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I have a JPEG image that needs its colors changed before I use it in an file. How do I change the colors?
  368. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I have received a file that has graphics in it but all that shows up are the anchor symbols for the graphics. What's wrong?
  369. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I want a background of a dotted grid as a guide for my drawings. Is this available in
  370. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I want to change the size of an image inserted in a drawing document. How can I do this?
  371. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/What do I do when word wrap and other formatting functions are dimmed (disabled) for text in shapes?
  372. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/When I print a Draw document, the drawings near the top or bottom page borders are not printed properly. How can I overcome this problem?
  373. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/Where can I get more information on Draw?
  374. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How can I get a left bracket without a right bracket?
  375. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How can I start the equation editor as an individual application rather than within Writer?
  376. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I align my equations at the equality sign?
  377. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I change the color of a subformula?
  378. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I change the spacing around my formula?
  379. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I number my equations?
  380. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I typeset functions, such as max, det, that Math does not know about?
  381. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/I have inserted a formula in a HTML document and now I cannot edit it. Why not?
  382. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/I have written a document containing a formula. I gave it to a friend and when she opened it the user-defined symbols didn't work. What's the matter?
  383. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/I need a symbol that Math does not provide. What can I do?
  384. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/Is Math compatible with the equation editor of Microsoft Word?
  385. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/The fractions are too large for inline formulas. How can I make them smaller?
  386. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/Why are my formulas jumping up and down on the textline?
  387. Documentation/FAQ/General/Are open office versions backward compatible?
  388. Documentation/FAQ/General/Can I change the measurement units from centimeters to inches?
  389. Documentation/FAQ/General/Does come with the equivalent of Microsoft Outlook?
  390. Documentation/FAQ/General/How can I add fonts to OpenOffice?
  391. Documentation/FAQ/General/How can I contact
  392. Documentation/FAQ/General/How can I get an editable document from a read only document?
  393. Documentation/FAQ/General/How do I change the program that opens a file that I double-click in Windows Explorer?
  394. Documentation/FAQ/General/How do I disable the splash screen?
  395. Documentation/FAQ/General/How do I fix the internal error, Get Storage: No Content?
  396. Documentation/FAQ/General/How do I open Microsoft Office 2007 files?
  397. Documentation/FAQ/General/How to know if a user is subscribed to a mailing list
  398. Documentation/FAQ/General/How to stop OOo trying to recover files when starting?
  399. Documentation/FAQ/General/I downloaded an file, but when I try to open it, I'm prompted to select a filter. How do I open this file?
  400. Documentation/FAQ/General/I just installed OOo, now I can't open DOC files with Word anymore! What happened?
  401. Documentation/FAQ/General/I need to see more than the default 4 items on the list of recently opened files. How do I achieve this?
  402. Documentation/FAQ/General/Is legal for commercial use?
  403. Documentation/FAQ/General/Is there a way to print a batch of files without opening each of them in OOo?
  404. Documentation/FAQ/General/The icons on the "command and functions" bar are not being displayed properly. How can I resolve this problem?
  405. Documentation/FAQ/General/What are the system requirements for running
  406. Documentation/FAQ/General/What does Apache OpenOffice do.
  407. Documentation/FAQ/General/What is the difference between Add-Ons, Add-Ins, and Plugins with respect to
  408. Documentation/FAQ/General/Where can I find patches for
  409. Documentation/FAQ/General/Which platforms are supported by the suite?
  410. Documentation/FAQ/GoogleSearch
  411. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/Can I do the 'loop until escape' function in Impress?
  412. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How can I create new styles?
  413. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How can I redock the slide pane
  414. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do I add Text Effects to a Text Box?
  415. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do I create header or footer information in an presentation? I want my information to show up on every slide.
  416. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do I create my own presentation template?
  417. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do I insert more than one background into a presentation?
  418. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do I modify the format of a date field in Presentation?
  419. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do I print 2 slides per page from Presentation (one above the other)?
  420. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do I print the notes with the slides on the same page in Presentation?
  421. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do I take one slide from a presentation and put it into another presentation?
  422. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do you create an organization chart with
  423. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/I am numbering my slides, but I don't want the page or slide number to show up on the title slide. Is this possible?
  424. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/I am trying to export a presentation to HTML. I am getting an error message that says Nonexistent object. Nonexistent file. What's wrong?
  425. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/I have a MSOffice PowerPoint 97 .PPZ file produced using the 'Pack and Go' SaveAs feature. Can this file be opened in Presentation?
  426. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/I have a presentation with light text on a black background. When I print it, I'd like to have black text on a white background. Is this possible?
  427. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/I inserted a song in my presentation, but when I change slide the music stops. How do I play music throughout a presentation?
  428. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/I would like to have both landscape and portrait slides in my presentation. Is this possible?
  429. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/When I cut and paste text to Presentation, it pastes the text in a different size than the original. How do I maintain the text appearance?
  430. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/Where can I download more templates, Minimizer, Presenter, and more?
  431. Documentation/FAQ/Impress/Where can I find more info?
  432. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Can I download only parts of the suite?
  433. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Can I install Java after I install
  434. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Digital Signed Installation Sets for Windows Vista
  435. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How can I install so that it can be used by multiple users on the same machine?
  436. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How can I upgrade an older version of to a newer one?
  437. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I convert files created with SRC680 snapshot builds, prior to m64, to a current format?
  438. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I find the file I just downloaded?
  439. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I fix an FC3 error while loading shared libraries?
  440. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I fix the internal error, Get Storage: No Content?
  441. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install on FreeBSD?
  442. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install on Gentoo
  443. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install on Mac OS X?
  444. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install on OpenBSD
  445. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install on Slackware?
  446. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install on Solaris?
  447. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install on Windows?
  448. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install on other UNIX systems?
  449. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install the Java Media Framework (JMF)?
  450. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I setup SAMBA to get the best performance with OOo?
  451. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I uninstall
  452. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I upgrade on Windows?
  453. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How does work over NFS?
  454. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/I've installed, now what do I do?
  455. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Is it possible to install without the user having to input data?
  456. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Java is installed, but why isn't it recognized?
  457. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/OOo's installation file is too large to download. What other choices do I have?
  458. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/The installer is looking for Java. Where do I find it?
  459. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/What is the best way to download such a large file?
  460. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/When trying to install I get a message about a missing library. How can I solve this?
  461. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Where can I get documentation on installation?
  462. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Where can I get the appropriate download for my hardware and operating system?
  463. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Where do I download dictionaries for languages other than US English?
  464. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Which version of Java do I need?
  465. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Why am I seeing squares instead of the desired language characters?
  466. Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Why does the OOo install ask for Unicows.dll?
  467. Documentation/FAQ/Macros/Can I use my Microsoft Office macros?
  468. Documentation/FAQ/Macros/How can I assign a macro to a key?
  469. Documentation/FAQ/Macros/How can I make a macro available for all new docs?
  470. Documentation/FAQ/Macros/How can I record a macro?
  471. Documentation/FAQ/Macros/Why don't my macros run any more in OOo 3?
  472. Documentation/FAQ/Platform/Mac OS X 10.5/timeout error on startup
  473. Documentation/FAQ/Platform/Mac OS X 10.6
  474. Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/BugzillaQuestions/Can I attach a file to Bugzilla
  475. Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/BugzillaQuestions/Why use Bugzilla?
  476. Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/BusinessLicense/Are Apach OpenOffice binaries legal for commecial use?
  477. Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/BusinessLicense/Can I sell and otherwise distribute Apache OpenOffice?
  478. Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/BusinessLicense/Where Can I Get More Information on the Licenses?
  479. Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/CommunityQuestions/How are Decisions Made in the Project?
  480. Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/CommunityQuestions/What About Voting?
  481. Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/CommunityQuestions/What is "Lazy Consensus"?
  482. Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/CommunityQuestions/What is Consensus Building?
  483. Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/OverviewQuestions/How can I get Apache OpenOffice in a language besides English?
  484. Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/OverviewQuestions/What are the Benefits of the Apache OpenOffice Project?
  485. Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/OverviewQuestions/What are the objectives of the Apache OpenOffice Project
  486. Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/OverviewQuestions/What components are included in Apache OpenOffice
  487. Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/OverviewQuestions/Where do I find more information on this project?
  488. Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/OverviewQuestions/Where do I get more information?
  489. Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/OverviewQuestions/Why should we say Apache OpnOffice instead of simply OpenOffice?
  490. Documentation/FAQ/SL/Namestitev/Kakšne so sistemske zahteve za namestitev?
  491. Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I make misspelled words to appear underlined?
  492. Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I stop from changing my decimals into fractions?
  493. Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I stop from formatting text between asterisks in bold?
  494. Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I stop from generating a black line from hash characters?
  495. Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I stop from inserting tabs in front of the cursor position?
  496. Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I stop automatic underlining of URLs?
  497. Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I turn off automatic correction and formatting?
  498. Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I turn off automatic word completion?
  499. Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I turn off number recognition in tables?
  500. Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/The meaning of Single Spacing

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