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  1. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Charts/How do I create a chart in a spreadsheet that is automatically updated when the data is changed?
  2. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Charts/How do I extend the range of data shown in my chart after I add new data to my spreadsheet?
  3. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/How to get proper Calc Help files for 2.0.1 for Windows?
  4. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/I see three hash signs in a cell that formerly held data. How can I see my data again?
  5. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/Why do I see the formula text and not the result of the formula?
  6. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/Why does deleting filtered rows remove other rows too?
  7. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/A large Calc spreadsheet was converted from another application. Some of my rows are missing! What happened?
  8. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/How do I open a tab-delimited file in Spreadsheet? What if I have a different type of delimiter?
  9. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/How do I output my spreadsheet data as an ASCII, delimited text file?
  10. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/Is it possible to open a Microsoft Excel file that is protected by a password in Calc?
  11. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/My formula from an Excel worksheet doesn't work!
  12. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How are notes within cells displayed?
  13. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How are thick lines or borders created around my cells?
  14. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can I create a drop-down list that references a list of values to select from?
  15. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can I create my own sort lists?
  16. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can I use a dot (.) as decimal sign instead of a comma?
  17. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can links to other workbooks, including vlookups, update dynamically?
  18. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I add additional strings or characters to cell contents?
  19. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I disable the capitalized letter at the beginning of cells in Calc?
  20. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I format cells in Calc so that the rows number automatically?
  21. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I insert a page number in the form of 'Page 1 of N' on each page of a spreadsheet?
  22. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I insert superscript or subscript text in my spreadsheet?
  23. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I make a wide title cell extend across several columns in my spreadsheet?
  24. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I rotate a column title so that it fits above my very narrow column?
  25. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I use styles and formatting?
  26. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I wrap text within a cell in my spreadsheet?
  27. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/I have a custom number format that I use, but Calc forgets it.
  28. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/Is there a way to add times that total greater than 24 hrs?
  29. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/Some of the rows or columns in my spreadsheet are hidden. How do I see all rows or columns?
  30. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/Why are my notes not showing for cells?
  31. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How I change the order of sheets in my spreadsheet?
  32. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I create a spreadsheet that is right-to-left oriented?
  33. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I delete cell contents immediately with the backspace key like in Excel?
  34. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I extend the Calc functions by some extensions?
  35. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I rename a sheet?
  36. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I see the row and column captions as I scroll through a sheet that is larger than my display?
  37. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I start Calc instead of Writer?
  38. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I use cells from different Calc files?
  39. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How do I add up cells, depending on some conditions?
  40. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How do I protect cells in my spreadsheet?
  41. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How do I use arrays in Calc?
  42. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How do I use regular expressions in Calc?
  43. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How is a variable date inserted into a spreadsheet cell?
  44. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How to make a checkbox change according to data in another cell?
  45. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/I want to select two cells that are not adjacent, but holding down the CTRL key does not seem to work. How can I perform this action?
  46. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/What's the maximum number of rows and cells for a spreadsheet file?
  47. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/What is the fastest way to copy a calculation to all rows?
  48. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/Where can I find more documentation for Calc?
  49. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/Where do I find more detailed descriptions of Calc functions?
  50. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/How I do select a row (or rows) in my spreadsheet to repeat on every page when printed?
  51. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/How can I print some, but not all, of the cells on a sheet?
  52. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/How do I get Sheet1 to print as portrait and Sheet2 to print as landscape?
  53. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/How do I print my spreadsheets?
  54. Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/Why does Calc print out all the sheets in the file?
  55. Documentation/FAQ/Databases/Where can I download the Report Builder extension?
  56. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/Are there any extra tools for Draw?
  57. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/Does have an equivalent to Word's 'WordArt'?
  58. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/How can I redefine the origin of the drawing coordinates?
  59. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/How can I save a Draw document into a standard file format (BMP, JPG, ...)?
  60. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/How do I crop an image in my drawing?
  61. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/How do I export part of a drawing to EPS?
  62. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/How do I insert a screen shot or other image into my drawing document?
  63. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I'd like to create a CD cover, but I'm not able to rotate the text so that it is readable on the side of the CD. What is the procedure for this action?
  64. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I'm drawing a web banner. How can I do it using a 'Websafe' color palette?
  65. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I'm trying to print a Draw document, but the colors printed by my printer are not the same ones displayed on the screen. How can I edit them using the CMYK color system?
  66. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I am creating an organization chart. How do I evenly space my boxes?
  67. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I have a JPEG image that needs its colors changed before I use it in an file. How do I change the colors?
  68. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I have received a file that has graphics in it but all that shows up are the anchor symbols for the graphics. What's wrong?
  69. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I want a background of a dotted grid as a guide for my drawings. Is this available in
  70. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I want to change the size of an image inserted in a drawing document. How can I do this?
  71. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/What do I do when word wrap and other formatting functions are dimmed (disabled) for text in shapes?
  72. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/When I print a Draw document, the drawings near the top or bottom page borders are not printed properly. How can I overcome this problem?
  73. Documentation/FAQ/Draw/Where can I get more information on Draw?
  74. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How can I get a left bracket without a right bracket?
  75. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How can I start the equation editor as an individual application rather than within Writer?
  76. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I align my equations at the equality sign?
  77. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I change the color of a subformula?
  78. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I change the spacing around my formula?
  79. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I number my equations?
  80. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I typeset functions, such as max, det, that Math does not know about?
  81. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/I have inserted a formula in a HTML document and now I cannot edit it. Why not?
  82. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/I have written a document containing a formula. I gave it to a friend and when she opened it the user-defined symbols didn't work. What's the matter?
  83. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/I need a symbol that Math does not provide. What can I do?
  84. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/Is Math compatible with the equation editor of Microsoft Word?
  85. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/The fractions are too large for inline formulas. How can I make them smaller?
  86. Documentation/FAQ/Formula/Why are my formulas jumping up and down on the textline?
  87. Documentation/FAQ/General/Are open office versions backward compatible?
  88. Documentation/FAQ/General/Can I change the measurement units from centimeters to inches?
  89. Documentation/FAQ/General/Does come with the equivalent of Microsoft Outlook?
  90. Documentation/FAQ/General/How can I add fonts to OpenOffice?
  91. Documentation/FAQ/General/How can I contact
  92. Documentation/FAQ/General/How can I get an editable document from a read only document?
  93. Documentation/FAQ/General/How do I change the program that opens a file that I double-click in Windows Explorer?
  94. Documentation/FAQ/General/How do I disable the splash screen?
  95. Documentation/FAQ/General/How do I fix the internal error, Get Storage: No Content?
  96. Documentation/FAQ/General/How do I open Microsoft Office 2007 files?
  97. Documentation/FAQ/General/How to know if a user is subscribed to a mailing list
  98. Documentation/FAQ/General/How to stop OOo trying to recover files when starting?
  99. Documentation/FAQ/General/I downloaded an file, but when I try to open it, I'm prompted to select a filter. How do I open this file?
  100. Documentation/FAQ/General/I just installed OOo, now I can't open DOC files with Word anymore! What happened?

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