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Test Plan for Child Workspace SRC680/sb71

This CWS will introduce an additional OOo-wo-URE product next to the normal OOo product. See <>. Sideeffects are not clear. Automated tests for all products (StarOffice,, SDK, Testtool... have to be done to avoid regressions.


  • CWS Owner SB
  • CWS QA Rep. OC
  • CWS is based on SRC680m226, so CVS HEAD should be used
  • Full installation sets and patches for StarOffice and OpenOffice.Org are available, also a new testtool and the SDK

Test strategy

The test modules will be run on different environments and platforms to be sure that this good combination avoid regressions.




We have started the testing activities on 10-SEP-07 and want to have finished this CWS on 05-OCT-07.

What to do?

  • For StarOffice simply install the cws-patch or make a full installation (instset) and run your tests.
  • For make a full installation (instset) and run your tests.
  • For OOo_w/oURE you have to do the following steps:
    • 1. Install the URE which can be found next to the cws installset.
    • 2. Install the OOo_w/oURE ( without UserRuntimeEnvironment)
    • 3. Adjust the link to the URE in the installed OOo_w/oURE root directory to point to the installed URE

Test Matrix

Office Products
Product ISO 12 Base Calc/Chart Framework Graphics Math Writer XML
StarOffice en_us Linux x86 Instset (MSC) Solaris x86 Instset (JSI) Solaris SPARC Patchset (FHA) Win XP Patchset (HDE) en_us Win XP Instset (JSK - running) Solaris x86 Instset (JSK) Solaris SPARC Instset (JSI)
OOo_w/oURE en_us Solaris x86 Instset (MSC) Linux x86 Instset (JSI) Solaris SPARC Instset (JSK) Win XP Instset (FHA) Linux x86 Instset (TBO) Solaris SPARC Instset (HDE) Win XP Instset (JSI)
Other products
Product ISO 12 Linux Windows Solaris SPARC Solaris X86
SDK en_us (CN) (CN) (CN) (CN)
Testtool en_us (OC) (OC) (OC) (OC)
spadmin en_us (OC) (OC) (OC) (OC)

Platform (User) being tested by Sun Microsystems
Platform (User) Approved by Sun Microsystem on StarOffice build



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