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Meeting Details

  • 2009-02-02, 4:00 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

Andreas, ApOgEE-, chbok, clu_sun, grahamperrin, lizm, mdamboldt, simonx, Vince42, Frankl


  • Review of old action items
  • Analysis of template repository search items
    Based on a document from Stella Schulze, Frankl created a word cloud which he will publish soon.
    Suggestions were made to track search items of the Template Repository on a regular base. So far nobody was found to volunteer to do so. Andeas will ask this on the mailing list.
  • Communicating about and promoting of the Usage Feedback functionality in 3.1
    The Usage Tracking functionalty will be part of one of the upcomming milestones. Liz volunteers to create a proposal for a marketing text to increas promotion of the extensions.

Action Items

Date Description Owner Status
2009-01-19/1 Think about requirements for performing qualitative research. Andreas In Progress
2009-01-19/2 Clarify possibility to fund research analysis. mdamboldt In Progress
2009-02-02/1 Create proposal for marketing text regarding the Usage Tracking in OOo 3.1 release lizm New

Status of Action Items

2009-01-19/1: Proposal has been sent out. No feedback so far. 2009-01-19/2: Request has been filed, waiting for feedback.


(16:00:24) mdamboldt: Hi
(16:00:31) clu_sun: moin
(16:00:45) lizm: hello! Good to see Graham here today
(16:01:23) Andreas___: hi everyone
(16:01:40) mdamboldt: First let's review open action items from last week.
(16:01:40) mdamboldt: 1#  Think about requirements for performing qualitative research.
(16:01:40) mdamboldt: Andreas; Any update on this one?
(16:01:41) frankl: Hi, all
(16:02:33) Andreas___: i did send our a short proposal how we might proceed but got nothing back yet
(16:03:16) mdamboldt: Ok.
(16:03:16) Andreas___: and in meantime i have doubts that we will be able to do everything we wanted to due to little resources
(16:03:29) mdamboldt: Understood
(16:03:32) Andreas___: or do you have anything new
(16:03:34) mdamboldt: Next one:
(16:03:34) mdamboldt: #2 Clarify possibility to fund research analysis.
(16:03:34) mdamboldt: Status: Well, I'm waiting for feedback about the funding request.
(16:03:39) IZBot: no issue with number 2
(16:04:15) mdamboldt: Those are all open AI's.
(16:04:15) mdamboldt: Next topic for todays meeting " Analysis of template repository search items"
(16:04:47) Andreas___: yeah, I though we might discuss it here and maybe someone would offer help to analyze the data
(16:05:03) Andreas___: should be an continious projec
(16:05:04) Andreas___: t
(16:05:49) frankl: I have created aword cloud based on the very first results provided by Stella (sts)
(16:06:01) ***grahamperrin wakes up
(16:06:28) grahamperrin: (is this meeting time? :)
(16:06:37) lizm: Yes
(16:06:45) frankl: I will publish it after the meeting and link it to the todo list.
(16:06:53) grahamperrin: ty
(16:08:19) Andreas___: anyone here who wants to continiously track and analyze that data?
(16:09:06) clu_sun: maybe the mailing list is a better area to ask such things ..
(16:09:50) clu_sun: .. you have much more community participants ;)
(16:09:51) lizm: I agree that it should be asked on the mailing list
(16:11:25) clu_sun: .. do we have anything like a todo area?
(16:12:01) lizm: Do you mean on the wiki?
(16:12:41) clu_sun: i mean in the renaissance project in general
(16:13:08) clu_sun: could be a wiki page ..
(16:13:51) Andreas___: check out the renaissance wiki page, there is a road map and a list if action items
(16:14:14) lizm:
(16:14:19) Andreas___: thx liz
(16:14:36) clu_sun: sure ..
(16:14:52) lizm: The Action Items are there, but there could be extra to dos under "Get involved"
(16:15:41) lizm: The "up for grabs" tasks could be listed there and when someone takes charge, then they could go into the Action Items, or is that wierd?
(16:16:32) clu_sun: .. not sure, but as the participation ist that low
(16:16:50) lizm: Or maybe there should be a To Dos heading directly under "How You Can Help"
(16:16:51) frankl: I think one list of AI is enough.
(16:17:04) lizm: But are the AIs just from the meetings?
(16:17:33) frankl: They are _the_ project AI I think.
(16:18:02) lizm: We could have "open" AIs, but then how do people know they can just offer to take them on?
(16:18:38) lizm: -->grahamperrin: what do you think would work best?
(16:18:40) mdamboldt: Lets stay with one list and mark them what ever you think would fit best to mark them as "nobody working on it yet".
(16:19:13) ***grahamperrin scrolls up (only half-here; on work time)
(16:19:32) frankl: mdambolt: Next AI?
(16:20:09) mdamboldt: Next Agenda Item:  Communicating about and promoting of the Usage Feedback functionality in 3.1
(16:20:43) Andreas___: Jaron suggested that we include marketing to promote the functionality
(16:20:51) Andreas___: so I thought we might discuss it here
(16:21:18) mdamboldt: Andreas: I don't see any marketing people around here.....
(16:21:22) Andreas___: we need a positive promotion for that functionality. it is vital for the project
(16:21:34) mdamboldt: I know that Kay Koll is working on something related....
(16:21:39) Andreas___: ok
(16:21:46) lizm: Chris-j isn't here today, but I thought he mentioned that Stefan Taxhet was asked to help. Anyone know?
(16:21:48) mdamboldt: But I don't know the status....
(16:22:17) Andreas___: didn't hear about Stephan
(16:22:27) lizm: Maybe it didn't happen
(16:22:51) mdamboldt: From technical point of view I'm not sure but I think starting with one of the next developer snapshot builds, the Usage Tracking is part of it.
(16:23:07) lizm: maybe we need to get a text out to John and Florian as a suggestion and ask them to fine tune it in the marketing group
(16:23:42) grahamperrin: (Re: Project Action Items) I'll await the log of this chat then post to ui@ux
(16:24:20) Andreas___: we already post the log into the wiki, don't we Martin?
(16:24:38) Andreas___: but however, you might send a link around
(16:24:51) lizm: I could try to coin a text, but tell me what you want in it, e.g. Please enable this extension! We all will profit from your feedback. ->grahamperrin: that's fine.
(16:25:08) mdamboldt: Btw. I just conformed that the firs 3.1 build with the Usage Tracking included should be live on download servers by end of this week / beginning of next week.
(16:25:41) mdamboldt: Andreas: Yes we send the login to wiki and post a link on alias.
(16:26:28) lizm: So should we contact John and Florian with a text suggestion and ask them to get the message out, (OOo website, mailing lists)? Is that what they would do for us or should we do it on our own?
(16:26:41) mdamboldt: lizm: Just to make sure about correct wording. The Usage Tracking is now an integrated part of the product. So I wouldn't call it Extension anymore.
(16:26:59) lizm: Oops, you're right. I forgot. Thx!
(16:27:17) lizm: See why someone else has to help me with the text ;-)
(16:28:00) ***grahamperrin seeks an agenda at
(16:28:14) lizm: I'll take it on as an AI as long as I can count on getting help with the text. I'll make something up as a first draft and send it to the list and we'll go from there, ok?
(16:28:36) Andreas___: ok
(16:29:17) mdamboldt: Any other updates for today? For example the new user survey and the localization of it. Is it going fine? I mean is it on track?
(16:29:29) Andreas___: here you go Graham:
(16:29:42) frankl: 95% of the new new survey has been translated into English (thanks to Liz(m)!). I have to revise some questions before going live with that draft hopefully tomorrow. Then the community has time to give feedback and organize further translations. A Spanish translation is already in the works.
(16:30:02) mdamboldt: Great!
(16:30:08) Andreas___: update from IsoMetrics-L
(16:30:12) grahamperrin: Andreas___:  thanks
(16:30:40) Andreas___: the survey is running, first results are available but not that promissing due to little written feedback
(16:31:00) Andreas___: however, I'll wait till it's complete
(16:32:06) mdamboldt: Ok.
(16:32:20) mdamboldt: Other items?
(16:32:37) lizm: not from me
(16:32:44) Andreas___: me neither
(16:33:47) frankl: We had the monthly review for project r on Friday last week.
(16:34:35) frankl: We will blog about this today on our UX blog. Will send the url to the UI list.
(16:35:01) lizm: Great idea Frank
(16:35:20) Andreas___: now i got one
(16:35:21) chris-j [] entered the room.
(16:35:21) mode (+o chris-j ) by ChanServ
(16:35:21) Andreas___: :-)
(16:35:37) Andreas___: I updated the IsoMetrics-S results on the wiki
(16:35:37) mdamboldt: Ok. Sounds thats all for today.
(16:35:45) Andreas___: now this part is finishded
(16:35:51) mdamboldt: bye
(16:36:10) lizm: ->Chris-j did you have something for today?
(16:37:09) chris-j: No.... I'd just want to "see" you all.
(16:37:38) lizm: that's sweet of you ;-) I took on the AI to come up with a
(16:37:55) lizm: text for usage tracking marketing, see above
(16:38:33) lizm: If you'd rather do it, I don't mind. I know it is your baby.
(16:40:20) chris-j: Take it :-)
(16:40:33) lizm: aren't you generous. ;-)
(16:41:09) grahamperrin: chris-j: as operator could you add to the /topic
(16:41:13) lizm: I guess this meeting is over then. Martin is already gone. Thanks, everyone for coming! Loved the food!
(16:41:28) clu_sun left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(16:41:29) lizm: We'll need more drinks next time ;-)
(16:41:35) grahamperrin: :)
(16:42:05) lizm: Graham is going to bring port, I hope. ;-)
(16:42:10) mdamboldt: grahamperrin: You mean adding to agenda? Sure.
(16:42:21) grahamperrin: lizm: well remembered
(16:42:25) lizm: :-)
(16:42:51) grahamperrin: mdamboldt: nope, for chris-j as current operator in this channel to set a topic so that visitors can find context
(16:43:45) frankl: Bye
(16:43:46) mdamboldt: got it
(16:43:53) grahamperrin: bye all
(16:43:56) ***grahamperrin lurks
(16:44:07) Andreas___: bye bye
(16:44:13) Andreas___ left the room (quit: ).
(16:44:21) lizm: see ya!
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