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Meeting Details

  • 2009-01-26, 4:00 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

Andreas, chris-j, bettina-h, FrankL, mdamboldt, mib_h0r3xb, simonx, Vince42, ApOgEE- ,sts


  • Review of old action items
  • There are a couple of items listed in the current phase which are scheduled for end of this month.
    • "IsoMetrics-S Survey" -> item is still on track to be finished by end of this week, according to Anderas
    • " User Survey 2009" -> A list of 20-25 questions has been created. This list needs to be translated into English now, which will be done by Liz. After this feedback will be gathered for about one week, to correct / finish the list of questions. After this the survey needs to be translated. As a result this item will slip for at least two weeks, to calender week 7.
    • "Usage Tracking for 3.0.1" -> The item has been canceled for 3.0.1 as extension. Instead we will focus on integration into 3.1.
  • Knoxy aka mib_h0r3xb presented a mockup for a new Startcenter [1]

Action Items

Date Description Owner Status
2009-01-19/1 Think about requirements for performing qualitative research. Andreas In Progress
2009-01-19/2 Clarify possibility to fund research analysis. mdamboldt Open
2009-01-19/3 Send out announcement about search for volunteers who help on "ODF document analysis using ODF Toolkit" to various dev mailing lists e.g. dev,, dev@qa Andreas Done
2009-01-12 Make a detailed list of current items in this phase and the corresponding status details. mdamboldt Done

Status of Action Items

2009-01-19/1: Informations have been exchanged and provided on the lists. No response so far from anybody to help here. 2009-01-19/2: Nothing has been done on this AI so far. 2009-01-19/3: Announcement has been sent out to various lists. No response so far. 2009-01-12: The Renaissance Wiki page contains those items now. Owners are asked to update them regular.


(15:59:41) frankl: Hi
(15:59:51) clu_sun: hallo
(16:00:02) andreas1: hellooooo
(16:00:07) mdamboldt: Hello and welcome everybody to todays meeting.
(16:00:17) sts: hi
(16:00:21) chris-j: Hi
(16:00:29) mdamboldt: We have the following open action items on our list:
(16:00:45) mdamboldt: 1. 2009-01-19 	 Think about requirements for performing qualitative research. 	 Andreas
(16:00:45) mdamboldt: Status?
(16:01:17) andreas1: christoph and i had a ling discussion about that topic
(16:01:17) wolframg [n=wolfram_@nat/sun/x-63aba3a74cd4c98a] hat den Raum betreten.
(16:01:29) andreas1: we also talked on the ui list
(16:02:07) andreas1: i posted a few things that we should consider when thinking about qualitative research
(16:02:36) andreas1: however, noone responded so far to work on that topic further
(16:02:51) mdamboldt: Any kind of summary we can note for this AI? Do we think it's possible to make such a list and that we can expect qualitiy results?
(16:03:44) andreas1: sure, it is possible to make the list and to include quality criteria, but first we need to know who is able and willing to do that
(16:03:55) mdamboldt: Understood
(16:04:07) mdamboldt: Next AI:
(16:04:16) mdamboldt: 2009-01-19 	Clarify possibility to fund research analysis. 	mdamboldt 	
(16:04:25) mdamboldt: Status: Open. I was not able to work on this item since our last meeting. I will do so until our next meeting on 2009-02-02.
(16:04:33) andreas1: ok
(16:05:11) mdamboldt: Next AI:
(16:05:11) mdamboldt: 2009-01-19 	Send out announcement about search for volunteers who help on "ODF document analysis using ODF Toolkit" to various dev mailing lists e.g. dev,, dev@qa	Andreas
(16:05:11) mdamboldt: Status: Done, Andreas sent out a request on 2009-01-22.
(16:05:11) mdamboldt: Andreas, I`ve seen your posting on the dev list but no response there. Did you get any response so far?
(16:05:31) andreas1: so, not a single one
(16:05:42) andreas1: i mean no
(16:06:46) mdamboldt: Hm, may be we need to wait a little longer.....
(16:06:46) mdamboldt: May be we should search for alternatives, too....
(16:07:00) andreas1: in what sense?
(16:07:56) mdamboldt: When we get no volunteers on the lists, we may need to find additional ressources elsewhere.
(16:08:22) andreas1: yes, any idea?
(16:09:16) mdamboldt: The last but also the smallest chance is to search internally for candidates who can support us here.
(16:09:37) clu_sun: maybe we should ask the community, where we can get further support .. sounds wired, but ..
(16:09:59) andreas1: you mean other channels
(16:10:25) clu_sun: no
(16:10:28) andreas1: ok
(16:10:48) clu_sun: means, we can also search for other channels ..
(16:10:54) mdamboldt: May be on the extension mailing list we can ask, too.
(16:11:20) mdamboldt: clu_sun: What exactly do you think of?
(16:11:23) clu_sun: .. but also we can try to get added attention on the used channel, by asking provocant questions :)
(16:12:01) clu_sun: .. like: were we can find community support ..
(16:12:29) clu_sun: .. or what goes wrong that the community is that less interrested ..
(16:13:13) clu_sun: .. maybe a discussion can get further attention on this topic
(16:13:38) andreas1: action item for you clu_sun?
(16:14:11) clu_sun: sounds like a job for a qualified ux-guy :)
(16:15:08) mdamboldt: May be our intention and projekt is not heard enough in the right channels at all.
(16:15:08) mdamboldt: For example this meeting. We have always the same participants and most of them are well known :)
(16:15:08) mdamboldt: But so far I haven't heard anybody asking for a different timeslot or day to enable them to participate, too.
(16:15:08) mdamboldt: So I wonder about the interest at all. The main feedback seems to happen on the mailing list only.
(16:15:13) sts hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(16:15:28) sts [n=irchon] hat den Raum betreten.
(16:17:07) clu_sun: @andreas: i will criticize you afterwards :)
(16:17:34) andreas1: or, you could actually contribute ;-)
(16:18:16) clu_sun: i do it on my way .. the lonly qa way .. :)
(16:18:17) andreas1: stella is now physically present with her ipnoe :-)
(16:18:27) sts hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Client Quit).
(16:18:36) sts [n=irchon] hat den Raum betreten.
(16:18:57) sts: yes
(16:19:13) andreas1: round table?
(16:19:37) frankl: What is about user survey II?
(16:19:59) mdamboldt: andreas1: I still wonder where to raise the item of more participation we like to see in the project....
(16:20:32) mdamboldt: But I think I will not have an answer on this right lets proceed in the agenda.
(16:20:41) andreas1: well, we have penetrated the lists, I have also blogged about that topic
(16:20:44) mdamboldt: Next AI on the list:
(16:20:44) mdamboldt: 2009-01-12 	Make a detailed list of current items in this phase and the corresponding status details. 	mdamboldt
(16:21:12) mdamboldt: Thought this can be treated as completed. Not sure why it's still on the list.
(16:21:31) clu_sun: just an idea: maybe we can make an announcement on the oo start page
(16:21:31) andreas1: the wiki is currently down, can't see the items
(16:23:33) mdamboldt: Next item on the agenda would be " There are a couple of items listed in the current phase which are scheduled for end of this month."
(16:23:33) mdamboldt: There are only four working days left and some of the status display like "50%" done.
(16:23:47) andreas1: which one
(16:24:36) mdamboldt: First item is " IsoMetrics-S Survey at VBG." with a "Complete" rate of 75%.
(16:24:36) mdamboldt: Is this still on track or even already comple?
(16:24:57) andreas1: this will be done by the end of this week
(16:25:18) mdamboldt: Next one is " User Survey 2009: Focus on tasks" at 50%. Frank?
(16:25:47) frankl: The second part of the OOo user survey is 80% done so far. The survey consists of 20-25 questions.
(16:26:02) simosx [n=simosx@unaffiliated/simosx] hat den Raum betreten.
(16:26:05) frankl: Next step is to translate the survey to English language (source language is German). Elizabeth will help me to do that. I will post the survey to the UI mailing list to gather community feedback later this week.
(16:26:26) frankl: Last step before we could go live with the survey sould be to translate the questions to as many languages as possible.
(16:26:49) mdamboldt: frankl: So will it be ready until this Friday? At least in English and German?
(16:27:43) frankl: From my side yes, but community feedback may change questions.
(16:27:51) frankl: next week.
(16:28:24) mdamboldt: Until when will you keep the feedback gate open?
(16:29:02) mib_h0r3xb [i=60e3ba0b@gateway/web/ajax/] hat den Raum betreten.
(16:29:42) frankl: I think one week would be OK. (inlcludes two weekends)
(16:30:30) mdamboldt: frankl: So we are already at a two weeks slip for this AI until the final English survey will be up and running earliest, right?
(16:31:24) frankl: If we want community participation. Yes.
<connection lost>
(16:33:12) frankl: Martin?
(16:33:17) ***mdamboldt damn Pidgin IRC client...
(16:33:24) frankl: Translation process should start in parallel ,otherwise we will lose another week or two.
(16:34:28) mdamboldt: frankl: Yes, please do things in parallel as far as possible.
(16:34:28) mdamboldt: Ok, next item on the list with target date end of January is the the Usage Tracking for 3.0.1
(16:34:56) mdamboldt: So I think we already know that we took back the Beta release from the Extension Repository.
(16:35:24) mdamboldt: Plan is to integrate the Usage Tracking feature into 3.1 release directly. The corresponding CWS is in QA currently.
(16:35:42) mdamboldt: So this should explain the status enough.
(16:36:09) chris-j: There are still a bunch of issues open....
(16:36:31) mdamboldt: chris-j: Issues for what exactly?
(16:36:43) chris-j: A pain seams to be 159129
(16:36:59) mdamboldt: chris-j: Whats the issue zilla ID?
(16:37:13) chris-j: 159129
(16:37:17) frankl: issue:159129
(16:37:23) mdamboldt: Is that one a blocker for the Usage Tracking in point of view to 3.1?
(16:37:37) chris-j: Yepp.
(16:37:52) chris-j: Dev is working on fixing it
(16:38:01) mdamboldt: Whats the CWS?
(16:38:14) chris-j: CWS oooimprovement2
(16:39:12) mdamboldt: Which is currently in QA according to EIS?!?!?!
(16:39:12) mdamboldt: Think we need to check "real" status!!!
(16:39:33) mdamboldt: I will do so after the meeting here.
(16:40:01) mdamboldt: Anything else related to this item?
(16:40:05) clu_sun: do we have any tooling in mind, which will overtake the analysis of the outcomming data?
(16:40:11) chris-j: no
(16:40:28) mdamboldt: ?
(16:40:32) clu_sun: an estimation how much data will probably come in?
(16:41:31) andreas1: depends on how many will participate
(16:41:45) clu_sun: yes ;)
(16:42:14) mdamboldt: So we are at round table.
(16:43:30) andreas1: I got nothing
(16:45:52) mdamboldt: Ok, sems thats all for today......
(16:46:06) mib_h0r3xb: I had one quick addition
(16:46:24) mib_h0r3xb: (this is Knoxy btw)
(16:47:10) mib_h0r3xb: I wanted to rework the page describing a start center
(16:47:19) mib_h0r3xb: it is a bit outdated
(16:47:29) mib_h0r3xb: I wasn't sure if I needed a go ahead for this or not
(16:48:30) chris-j: do you mean the page or the spec?
(16:48:48) mib_h0r3xb: the wiki page
(16:48:58) mib_h0r3xb: all of the wording is for 2.4->3.0
(16:49:09) mib_h0r3xb: and the reference image
(16:49:53) chris-j: could you send the link?
(16:50:05) mib_h0r3xb:
(16:50:19) chris-j: thanks :-)
(16:50:53) mib_h0r3xb: I had a new image/idea that builds off of the second mock up
(16:51:10) ***mdamboldt I guess you can discuss this without me. Sorry, I've to leave for another meeting.
(16:51:19) Sie heißen jetzt mdamboldt_away
(16:51:25) mib_h0r3xb: Ivan mailed me the psd of it, and I will rework it soon
(16:51:38) mib_h0r3xb: Here is the mock up I am talking about
(16:51:39) mib_h0r3xb:
(16:52:07) mib_h0r3xb: ... it tried to insert a picture sorry
(16:52:26) mib_h0r3xb:
(16:52:32) mib_h0r3xb: there we go
(16:53:33) mib_h0r3xb: The idea is basically to align the icons for writer/impress/... across the top (under the logo graphic) and have them act as tabs. Under each tab would be a create, open, and recent
(16:54:14) mib_h0r3xb: If the idea floats well I think a start center like this could replace individual launching icons
(16:54:41) chris-j: Feel free to add your proposals to the mock-up section of the page
(16:55:11) chris-j:
(16:55:30) mib_h0r3xb: Is there any issue with updating the Start Center page? as a new member I didn't know if I had to ask permission, or present it or what
(16:55:52) bettina-h hat den Raum verlassen (quit: "ChatZilla [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122]").
(16:57:50) bettina-h [n=Bettina_@] hat den Raum betreten.
(16:58:11) Modus (+o bettina-h ) von ChanServ
(16:58:20) chris-j: no momentarily there is no issue...
(16:59:18) mib_h0r3xb: Sounds good, I'll make the changes tonight and hopefully have a few pictures up to better describe my concept
(16:59:32) chris-j: cool.
(17:00:02) clu_sun hat den Raum verlassen (quit: "Leaving").
(17:00:18) mib_h0r3xb: Should I send out an email after I'm done?
(17:00:50) andreas1: sure, make an announcement to
(17:01:06) mib_h0r3xb: Is there anything else that I can help out with?
(17:01:50) mib_h0r3xb: I've been going through our pages and correcting typos and grammar as best I can
(17:02:03) mib_h0r3xb: but I'd like to be more involved ,)
(17:03:35) andreas1: what are you interested in?
(17:05:48) andreas1: i mean, do you have any preferences?
(17:06:37) mib_h0r3xb: Improving the interface. One section in particular caught my eye;
(17:07:19) mib_h0r3xb: I wasn't sure if that was more related to the Renaissance section though
(17:07:46) mib_h0r3xb: The sketches under that link are truly inspiring
(17:08:47) chris-j: indeed they are, but momentarily we are in the research phase of the project
(17:10:16) sts hat den Raum verlassen (quit: ).
(17:10:49) andreas1: the idea behind the research phase is to come up some sort of "design rules/boundaries" that will guide us later during the actualy design phase
(17:10:57) sts [] hat den Raum betreten.
(17:12:01) mib_h0r3xb: How can I help develop that then?
(17:12:08) sts hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Client Quit).
(17:12:25) sts [n=irchon] hat den Raum betreten.
(17:12:36) frankl: IZBot: insult sts
(17:12:36) IZBot: sts - You are nothing but a hedge-born bag of pointy-nosed cat-hair-balls.
(17:13:30) andreas1: since the goal of this project is to actually help users accomplish their tasks, we are currently collecty information/data about who our OOo users are and what they are doing with OOo
(17:14:13) andreas1: and the way they are using OOo
(17:14:30) frankl: sts: ;-)
(17:15:51) andreas1: ok, I am out of here. talk to you guys next week.
(17:15:57) mib_h0r3xb: ciao
(17:16:02) andreas1: ciao ciao
(17:16:04) andreas1 hat den Raum verlassen
(17:16:21) sts: bye bye
(17:16:23) frankl: bye
(17:16:29) frankl hat den Raum verlassen
(17:16:31) bettina-h: bye
(17:16:33) sts hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(17:16:37) mib_h0r3xb: OK, well I have to get back to work (here in the states its morning) bye
(17:16:38) bettina-h hat den Raum verlassen (quit: "ChatZilla [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122]").
(17:16:57) chris-j: bye
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