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Meeting Details

  • 2009-01-19, 4:00 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

Andreas, chris-j, bettina-h, FrankL, mdamboldt, JaVelDa, simonx, LizM


  • Review of old action items
  • Ressources for qualitative research
    • We have detailed plans to perform such research items Sun internally and with our parter from the Isometrics survey the VBG which has a lot of users who come quite close to our Joe Average
    • To perform such research is anything else than trivial. We need to think about requirements for performing the research to determine possibility's to involve third persons here.
  • Long version of IsoMetrics (digital)
    • Andreas is working on this.
  • ODF document analysis using ODF Toolkit
    • We need to find participants who can continue work on this item. An announcement / request will be send out to mailing lists.
  • Vote on project logo. See proposals here:
    • The meeting participants reviewed the proposals and agreed on giving Ivan M. proposal the GO. Congratulations to Ivan!!!

Action Items

Date Description Owner Status
2009-01-19 Think about requirements for performing qualitative research. Andreas New
2009-01-19 Clarify possibility to fund research analysis. mdamboldt New
2009-01-19 Send out announcement about search for volunteers who help on "ODF document analysis using ODF Toolkit" to various dev mailing lists e.g. dev,, dev@qa Andreas New
2009-01-12 Make a detailed list of current items in this phase and the corresponding status details. mdamboldt In progress
2009-01-12 To prepare agenda for next meeting mdamboldt Done

Status of Action Items

2009-01-12: Done, Added "Agenda Section" to minutes main page of Wiki pages at
2009-01-12: In progress. On the project page at I started to put items into a table listing the details like ownership and status details.


(16:00:25) Andreas: hi everyone
(16:00:40) Andreas: i think its time
(16:00:43) Andreas: martin?
(16:00:54) mdamboldt: Hi
(16:01:04) mdamboldt: Let's start by reviewing open AI's from last meetings:
(16:01:11) mdamboldt: 2009-01-12: mdamboldt: To prepare agenda for next meeting
(16:01:23) mdamboldt: Status: Done. Added "Agenda Section" to minutes main page of Wiki pages at
(16:01:31) mdamboldt: Next item...
(16:01:32) mdamboldt: 2009-01-12: mdamboldt: Make a detailed list of current items in this
(16:01:42) mdamboldt: Status: In progress. On the project page at I started to put items into a table listing the details like ownership and status details.
(16:01:55) ***mdamboldt fighting with tables in wiki :-)
(16:02:06) chris-j___: :-)
(16:02:20) Andreas: it will probably change and become more detailed over time
(16:02:21) mdamboldt: Those are all old AI's.
(16:02:32) mdamboldt: Andreas: Yes, I think so.
(16:02:36) mdamboldt: So let's talk about todays items listed in the agenda for today.
(16:02:45) mdamboldt: First entry is "Ressources for qualitative research"
(16:02:52) Andreas: yes
(16:03:13) Andreas: it's time to start planning focus groups, interviews etc.
(16:03:25) Andreas: we need to get closer to the users
(16:04:25) clu_sun: which user do you mean in concrete?
(16:04:29) Andreas: planned was a stay at Sun Munchen for some time to collect qualitative data from Sun's HR people who are not developers and whi use OOo in production in their everyday work
(16:04:58) Andreas: that is an opportunity we have
(16:04:59) chris-j_ hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(16:05:47) Andreas: another one would be our partner from the IsoMetrics-S survey, VBG, who are interested in further cooperation
(16:06:24) Andreas: VBG specifically has a lot of users who come quite close to our Joe Average
(16:06:52) Andreas: which is also applicable to Sun staff at certain locations
(16:07:19) Andreas: all this has the goal to collect data for persona creation
(16:07:44) clu_sun: do we already have sun data, expect the qa stuff?
(16:07:50) Andreas: no
(16:07:56) Andreas: not that much actually
(16:08:13) Andreas: christian and i did two small focus groups here in hamburg
(16:08:21) Andreas: for calc and impress
(16:08:32) Andreas: that was some time ago and with a different focus
(16:08:56) mdamboldt: Do we have informations about anything related to focus groups, interviews etc. which will be done by other participants?
(16:08:58) Andreas: as i said, people at other locations of Sun suit better for our perpuse
(16:09:09) LizM: What about other people on the mailing list who might be able to collect data from users at their companies? How is the qualitative data collection going to be set up?
(16:09:14) Andreas: participants of what?
(16:09:43) mdamboldt: Andreas: I mean people outside Sun who collect data, too?
(16:09:50) Andreas: aah
(16:09:55) Andreas: who collects data?
(16:10:06) Andreas: now i get it :-)
(16:10:30) mdamboldt: The items you named sound like you or Christian for example will do this.
(16:10:30) Andreas: don't know by heart who is into qualitative research
(16:10:39) Andreas: yes
(16:11:16) LizM: But we could ask who else on the mailing list is experienced in that area and if they have users at hand, so to speak. ;-)
(16:11:25) mdamboldt: LizM: +1
(16:11:30) Andreas: of course
(16:11:38) mdamboldt: AI for ?
(16:11:46) LizM: Good, is that an AI for Andreas?
(16:11:50) chris-j___: Florian Effenberg would support us
(16:11:58) clu_sun: do we already know, what data we would like to have?
(16:12:22) chris-j___: I offered to give us list of companies who are willed to participate
(16:12:29) Andreas: that's the point, we need data that supports persona creation
(16:12:34) chris-j___: I ? He :-)
(16:12:46) LizM: So is this an AI for CJ?
(16:12:51) Andreas: e.g. people attitudes, motivations, interests
(16:13:18) chris-j___: LizM: Ok for me
(16:13:28) Andreas: their way of handling things, their habits etc
(16:13:32) LizM: Wonderful. Got it Martin?
(16:13:47) Andreas: comeon liz, you make me crazy with the cross postings
(16:14:01) mdamboldt: LizM: Not sure.
(16:14:01) mdamboldt: So it sounds we neeed to prepare some kind of guide where we explain whats required before asking!?
(16:14:12) Andreas: exactly
(16:14:34) Andreas: i can do that
(16:14:42) mdamboldt: Thanks.
(16:14:53) mdamboldt: Aynthing else about this topic?
(16:15:06) Andreas: yes
(16:15:17) Andreas: we need to clarify things inside Sun
(16:15:31) Andreas: budget and stuff
(16:15:47) Andreas: martin? :-)
(16:16:04) mdamboldt: Noted.
(16:16:09) Andreas: thanks
(16:16:33) Andreas: topic closed?
(16:17:03) LizM: Now I'm too scared to write anything
(16:17:13) mdamboldt: Next agenda item for today "Long version of IsoMetrics (digital)"
(16:17:13) Andreas: now it's time liz :-)
(16:17:24) Andreas: liz?
(16:17:40) Andreas: ok
(16:17:51) Andreas: long version, that is the pain in my neck
(16:18:09) Andreas: since a week I was trying to create a survey in Writer
(16:18:19) Andreas: it just would not load in time
(16:18:28) Andreas: can't offer it to anybody
(16:18:36) Andreas: too slow and crashed too often
(16:18:55) Andreas: so today, i started using limesurvey again
(16:19:07) Andreas: also a pain, but i make progress
(16:19:09) mdamboldt: Andreas: Sure you send all the crash reports...
(16:19:34) Andreas: no no! He's dead Jim! OOo crashed completely and without notice
(16:19:53) Andreas: 900 radio buttons killed OOo
(16:19:55) LizM: Andreas: spare us the details please. I have only 15 more minutes
(16:20:04) Andreas: sir yes, sir
(16:20:09) mdamboldt: Any estimation when it might be available?
(16:20:25) Andreas: by the end of this week, i hope
(16:20:34) mdamboldt: Ok.
(16:20:34) mdamboldt: Next agenda item "ODF document analysis using ODF Toolkit"
(16:20:44) Andreas: ok me again :-(
(16:20:58) Andreas: no progress here so far, I don't have time
(16:21:06) Andreas: appreciate any help
(16:21:35) clu_sun: no help from the community?
(16:21:39) Andreas: the guy who offered help, didn't see him again
(16:21:47) mdamboldt: Not sure if you already did so, probably you can as on the list.
(16:21:48) chris-j___: could mba support us?
(16:21:51) mdamboldt: Ahh.....
(16:21:58) Andreas: i did
(16:22:23) mdamboldt: chris-j: At least we can ask...
(16:22:24) Andreas: don't know
(16:22:28) clu_sun: have you asked for further help in any mailing list?
(16:22:36) FrankL: Should I do this?
(16:22:53) Andreas: yes
(16:22:58) FrankL: OK
(16:22:58) mdamboldt: We should ask again on the list and also contact mba.
(16:23:02) Andreas: what exactly?
(16:23:26) Andreas: right, I will send out more mails
(16:23:45) mdamboldt: Last agenda item listed for today in the wiki is "Vote on project logo.
(16:23:46) Andreas: which lists should i include?
(16:23:59) Andreas: exept UX
(16:24:16) Andreas: dev and ...
(16:24:16) mdamboldt: Probably any dev list, not sure......need to think about this......
(16:24:23) clu_sun: maybe you should also use different lists .. not everyone is on ux
(16:24:34) Andreas: that was my point
(16:24:46) clu_sun: f.e. dev@qa
(16:25:09) Andreas: ok
(16:25:12) mdamboldt: So back to last agenda item listed for today in the wiki?
(16:25:19) mdamboldt: Last agenda item listed for today in the wiki is "Vote on project logo.
(16:25:40) LizM: I like Ivan's "FInal Proposal" logo because it matches the colors of the OOo logo so they can be used together if necessary and I like having the seagulls in there.
(16:25:43) mdamboldt: See proposals here:"
(16:26:07) FrankL: So do I
(16:26:10) mdamboldt: LizM: Exactly, that is my favorit, too.
(16:26:41) LizM: I also like Stella's but it isn't "enough" somehow. So I would take Ivan's
(16:26:53) chris-j___: +1 for
(16:27:23) Andreas: agree
(16:27:26) mdamboldt: chris-j: Yes, indeed the dark version fits best into OOo color concept / style.
(16:27:30) bettina-h: dito
(16:27:35) clu_sun: +1
(16:27:56) LizM: Should we go with that one then? Who didn't vote yet?
(16:28:14) Andreas: anyone who disagrees?
(16:28:33) mdamboldt: So it sounds like
(16:28:39) mdamboldt: won
(16:28:47) chris-j___: great.
(16:28:59) mdamboldt: Any other items to raise today? (round table)
(16:29:14) FrankL: Congrats to Ivan M.
(16:29:24) Andreas: i have none
(16:30:01) LizM: FrankL: Yes! And Thanks to everyone for the great proposals
(16:30:09) mdamboldt: Just a Reminder: All owners of phase items, please regular update your items for example results, outcomes and the complition rate:
(16:30:09) mdamboldt:
(16:31:05) mdamboldt: Thats all I've for today.
(16:31:25) Andreas: thanks everyone and talk to you next week
(16:31:32) LizM: Thanks Martin for facilitating at our meetings!
(16:32:16) LizM: I hope more people from the mailing lists will be able to come
(16:32:25) FrankL: Yes, that is very helpful. Thanks to Martin!
(16:33:20) LizM: Gotta go pick up my son from Kindergarten. Bye!
(16:33:25) LizM hat den Raum verlassen (quit: ).
(16:33:26) mdamboldt: Indeed I wonder about the weekly participation in this meeting compared to the mailing list.
(16:33:26) mdamboldt: May be we need to promote the meeting more. So far I've not seen anybody asking for a different day or time slot for the meeting.
(16:33:30) mdamboldt: Ok, so talk to you all latest in next weeks meeting on 26th January 2009, here at
(16:33:30) mdamboldt: bye
(16:33:34) bettina-h: Bye.
(16:33:49) Andreas: bye
(16:33:53) Andreas hat den Raum verlassen (quit: ).
(16:33:53) chris-j___: Bye :-)
(16:34:02) clu_sun hat den Raum verlassen (quit: "Leaving").
(16:34:10) chris-j___ hat den Raum verlassen (quit: ).
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