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(14:59:51) rtimm [] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:00:05) _Nesshof1: moin
(15:00:18) calc: hello
(15:00:40) _Nesshof1: we are going to prepare 3.0 Beta 2 now
(15:01:08) _Nesshof1: since I wait for a few more cws I asked rtimm to branch off BEB300 for this effort
(15:01:36) _rene_: _Nesshof1: that means beta2 = m22?
(15:01:38) _Nesshof1: so that we are able to continue integrations into DEV300 for 3.0 final asap
(15:01:50) _rene_: oh, I should read to the dnd :-)
(15:01:55) _rene_: end
(15:01:57) _rene_: nevermind :)
(15:01:59) _Nesshof1: _rene_: no, BEB300 = Beta 2
(15:02:10) _rene_: yeah, read that after I pressed enter ;-)
(15:02:19) _Nesshof1: :-)
(15:02:43) _Nesshof1: rtimm: RE duties for BEB300 and DEV300 this week ?
(15:02:49) _rene_: but BEB300 will then branch of m21?
(15:02:54) _Nesshof1: _rene_: yes
(15:02:56) _rene_: off
(15:03:00) _rene_: ok
(15:03:25) rtimm: DEV300 will be done by Kurt (kz), BEB300 by Oliver (obo)
(15:03:45) ja_: _Nesshof1: do you have plans for an additional DEV300_m22 before we branch-off ?
(15:03:58) _Nesshof1: ja_: no
(15:04:43) _Nesshof1: anybody who wants to raise specifice issues for Beta 2 ?
(15:04:58) _Nesshof1: I'm waiting for some more dicts as extensions
(15:05:13) _Nesshof1: I will take impress144
(15:05:30) _Nesshof1: and that's almost all then for Beta2 I'm waiting for
(15:05:42) _rene_: will there be a localization round for beta2? or just for final?
(15:06:00) _Nesshof1: _rene_: yes, there is one round ongoing
(15:06:16) _Nesshof1: and we also will have a fixing round stateing around July 4th
(15:06:36) _rene_: (and no, I don't mean the extensiol10n% stuff, but "real" localization% with transparency with languages are new, what gets merged, what now has help translated etc..)
(15:07:09) ***_Nesshof1 waits until _rene_ has read all
(15:08:19) _Nesshof1: anything else for today ?
(15:08:28) blauwal [] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:08:36) _rene_: _Nesshof1: well, that doesn't answer my question completely
(15:08:47) ***rtimm wonders whether _Nesshof1's 'yes is meant as answer to "will there be a localization round for beta2?" or "or just for final?"
(15:08:49) _Nesshof1: which question is open ?
(15:08:59) _rene_: I don't see an open l10n cws (escept the already mentioned extensionl10n%)
(15:09:07) _rene_: which are integrated ;;)
(15:09:31) _Nesshof1: _rene_: there will comes at least one more localisa% cws
(15:09:33) ja_: I just asked Marcus Lange to upload m21 today
(15:09:37) _rene_: and if we want to release beta2 *with* a localization round....
(15:09:57) _rene_: and keep the July date....
(15:10:10) _Nesshof1: _rene_: no, for beta2 all localizations round are done
(15:11:11) _rene_: _Nesshof1: ok, but please for the next localisation round, give more transparency
(15:11:34) _rene_: not just "mrge pootle based languages" (as in extesnionl10n%)
(15:11:58) _rene_: because that doesn't say which languages that are, whether they have now help translated where before not (much) etc
(15:13:31) _Nesshof1: _rene_: ok
(15:13:54) _rene_: and so people can't judge which languages to enable
(15:23:24) ja_: anything else ?
(15:26:30) paveljanik [n=Pavel@unaffiliated/paveljanik] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:27:01) _Nesshof1: by
(15:27:23) paveljanik: Oops ;-)
(15:27:24) paveljanik: Bye
(15:27:27) bettina-h: bye
(15:27:36) bettina-h hat den Raum verlassen (quit: "ChatZilla [Firefox 3.0/2008052906]").
(15:27:46) ja_: bye bye
(15:28:03) UweL: bye
(15:28:21) UweL hat den Raum verlassen (quit: "ChatZilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]").
(15:28:40) TrainedMonkey: bye

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