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The various functional groups of OpenOffice (QA, Development, User Exp., Documentation, Release Engineering, Marketing, Localization, etc.) are represented here. On every Monday 3pm German time (see here to convert to other time zones) this meeting will track the status of the upcoming releases.

The members of this meeting review critical issues and deliverables for the releases and agree on the appropriate handling of those issues. They coordinate the actual release schedule.

Agenda for next meeting

Review OOo 3.3 release status

General topics

  • OOo 3.3 Release
    • branch off status


  • Meta Issue 112263 for 3.3 beta version
  • Meta Issue 111112 for 3.3 final version
  • Review of unresolved stopper issues for OOo 3.3 if any
  • Stopper candidates for OOo 3.3 release:
    • Please add possible new stopper here: Issue xyz - <Description of xyz>

Dependency list for 3.3 final issues
Issues with generic target 3.3

to be able looking forward

  1. How is familiar with the mechanism of Samba/CIFS?

I found in a first round nearly 30 issues with a problem on Samba share. But I'm nor familiar enough to have a deeper look at it. So I need a bit technical help to uderstand the mechanisms.

  1. How dos the updatee mechanism work?

We get the question at the German mailinglist that

  • the update functions says 3.2.0 is the latest version
  • update a 2.4.x only find a 3.1.1


Participants: Chris Cheney, Mechtilde Stehmann, Olaf Felka, Oliver Craemer, Fridrich Štrba, René Engelhard, Ruediger Timm, Helge Delfs, Stefan Baltzer, Shinji Enoki, Pavel Janik, Joost Andrae, Martin Hollmichel, Marc Neumann, Uwe Luebbers

Review of issues for OOo 3.3.0 if any

Tracking 3.3 issues Tracking 3.3 Beta issues

Other items

  • 3.3
    • OOo 3.3 Release branch off status
    • René asked about a startus of CWS smoketest26. Martin mentioned it should go into OOO330_m1

RE duties this week

DEV300_m85 by Vladimir Glazunov (vg)
OOO330_m1 by Kurt Zenker (kz)

Upload duties this week

Marcus Lange (mla) or Joost Andrae (ja)

Full IRC log

ReleaseStatus Minutes 2010-07-05 IRC log

Historic Minutes















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