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Fixed Issues List(updata in 2008-05-07 by liutao)

The words with bold-face show the recent update in last week

list for detail

Total submitted:150 Accepted:88 Disavowal:10 Duplicated:6 Heve been solved by OOo:1 Discussing:7 Wait for review:34 Give up: 1
Issue NO. Summary module Status
#1163 title for secondary y axis chart2 Accepted
#10755 Modyfing names resets name list position(FEB 2008) SC Accepted
#16776 starting angle for pie charts - rotation of pie charts(DEC 2007) chart2 Accepted
#18907 wrong default table name in "Copy table" DBA Accepted
#21923 Reworked dialogs for password(APR 2008) framework wait for review
#23299 subtotal does not update when filter changes sc Accepted
#24614 new chart: Regression curves - Inconsistency in 3D Chart2 discussing
#26488 disable sizing controls for Title and Legend as long as those functions are not available(FEB 2008) Chart2 Accepted
#26490 Base Point for resize does not work correct(MAR 2008) Chart2 Accepted
#26572 new chart: Font Preview shows wrong text(MAR 2008) chart2 Accepted
#26795 display bars on different axis next to each other chart2 Accepted
#27725 leave edit mode upon protecting sheet sc Accepted
#28752 incorrect icon for background-color-button in case of default background(2008 FEB) sc Accepted
#31097 Data Point Symbol size changes when a different symbol is choosen chart Accepted
#32420 Tools Config class should support utf8 files api Accepted
#33668 right-Click Popu Menu on the toolbar(APR 2008) framewrok Accepted
#36213 Provide string resource for BootstrapError::BE_LANGUAGE_MISSING Framework Accepted
#37823 offer clockwise direction for pie charts(Jan 2008) Chart2 Accepted
#38759 ODFF: MIN/MINA MAX/MAXA should return 0 if all parms are empty SC Accepted
#40353 Insert::SheetFromFile - 'CTRL+A' doesn't work for sheet selection(MAR 2008) SC Accepted
#47532 create IDL for and use ImplHelper API Accepted
#42852 String bugs on Undo etc(MAR 2008) sw wait for review
#49079 strhelper.cxx should use rtl::math gsl Accepted
#51150 Slideshow ignores digit language Graphics Accepted
#51462 <RETURN> key not applied in Navigator::Scenario view(MAR 2008) sc Accepted
#53533 Lost of mark for selected autofilter after ESC(OCT 2007) sc Wait for review
#53677 Customize Toolbars dialog: move items(FEB 2008) framework Accepted
#54248 Table alignment changes when using "optimal column width" (JAN 2008) sw Accepted
#55171 <RETURN> key not applied in Navigator::Scenario view (MAR 2008) SC Wait for review
#56229 Bug selecting nested tables sw Accepted
#56352 Tip (Hint) of the "PRINT_DIRECTLY" BUTTON sw Wait for review
#59025 UNDO for insert frame moves cursor position to top of document(OCT 2007) sw Accepted
#59599 Migration of settings from 1.x should not be offered when migration has already been done installation discussing
#60116 StandaloneDocumentInfo unit test.(OCT 2007) api Wait for review
#63016 new chart: Regression curves - Inconsistency in 3D Chart2 Accepted
#63144 Still can edit a note after protecting the sheet! sc Accepted
#63661 Repairing XML document needs two clicks and dialogs more to abort operation!(NOV 2007) framework Accepted
#63848 views.xcu permanently written when dragging stylist Framework Accepted
#64028 Some toolbars which are said not to have a closer have one...(APR 2008) Framework Accepted
#64391 Column of complex table can be dragged out of view!(DEC 2007) SW Accepted
#64495 new chart: wrong selection after arranging series chart2 Accepted
#65041 Setting table separators leads to arbitrary behaviour api Accepted
#65549 Plotting of missing values (leave gap,assume zero,continue line)(JAN 2008) Chart2 Accepted
#66425 Text crossed out with / or X is not crossed out in running presentation(OCT 2007) cppcanvas Accepted
#67015 maximizing a report/form document results in useless window position on next open (NOV 2007) framework Wait for review
#67225 Invisible objects can be selected with keyboard navigation Chart2 Accepted
#68512 Direction of the text is wrong when palying lantern slide Slideshow Accepted
#69281 Make chart2 warning-free on Windows and Linux chart Accepted
#69628 copy lantern slide can not paste into the right position. SD Accepted
#69898 display wrong in the Find & Replace Dialog SD Disavowal
#69922 Slides can't be renamed in special cases!(NOV 2007) graphics Wait For Review
#70212 The slide border line cannot be printed when print slides as a handout mode SVX Duplicated(54989)
#70500 The footer can not be displayed in the Summary Slide SD Accepted
#70671 Wrong display in pages view(NOV 2007) Draw Wait for review
#70991 row height extends to page size when dragging border with mouse in table breaking across pages SW discussing
#71063 Impress crashes on delete several outlines in outline view in new window SD Accepted
#71130 The display of grid in note page is wrong. SD Accepted
#71158 ODFF: Inconsistent GCD() results for non-integers (2008 FEB) SC Accepted
#71363 After enering a calculation in table, the data should be left alignment. SW Disavowal
#71367 radial gradients in Impress fullscreen mode (NOV 2007) cppcanvas Wait For Review
#71433 Cutted subtitle in running presentation(JAN 2008) SD Accepted
#71445 Not enough room for translated strings in Proxy options SVX Accepted
#71600 Can not use the selected templet. SD discussing
#71761 The directory is displayed wrong if it contain blank character. SVX Disavowal
#71814 Hyperlinks don't work (properly) when aligning right or centered SC Give up
#72051 Change the sequence of slides, the slides cannot automatically update No. SD Duplicated(68775)
#72119 Images in Addons.xcu should be queried every time - not only for addons api Accepted
#72310 The graphics bullets can not be rotated with the text SVX Duplicated(68915)
#72394 "select all" does not work when "hidden text" at the end of document(NOV 2007) SW Accepted
#72598 the status of the option of "Do not show on first slide" is unstable SD Disavowal
#72647 The message about font availablity does not work for Asain or CTL font. UI Wait for review
#72738 The state of the attribute is changed after reopen the setting dialog. SVX Accepted
#72828 Hypertext link and animation result in incorrect or missing links(JAN 2008) cppcanvas Wait for review
#72925 The name of opened document does not exist in the "Recent documents" SFX2 Disavowal
#73106 "Text to Table"should be disable when only selected table. SW Disavowal
#73276 The file cannot be openned when the object is at the edit state . SFX2 Duplicated(73122)
#73289 I can't assign a layout on the masterslide-graphics.(MAR 2008) SW wait for review
#73354 Tools/Customize/Toolbars: Imported icons lost after dialog close framework Accepted
#73355 Tools/Customize/Toolbars: Icon can be imported twice framework Accepted
#73682 crash when compare two word process documents(NOV 2007) SW Wait for review
#73871 Convert into bmp does not change to picture bar(NOV 2007) SD Wait for review
#73964 items > 9 in a roadmap control are presented as 1..(OCT 2007) Framework Accepted
#74385 becomes visible before execute is called Framework Accepted
#74471 hyperlink function - 90 degrees rotation makes cell not clickable(Mar 2008) sc wait for review
#74542 I can draw lines eith arrows in the read only mode Graphics Accepted
#74718 Starting a presentation from a hidden slide starts from the first slide. SD Wait for review
#74723 Starting a presentation from a hidden slide starts from the first slide. SD Wait for review
#74739 first word in Title object doesn't change to capital SVX Accepted
#74780 Crash on Undo of merging cells in complex table.(DEC 2007) SW Wait for review
#75008 Undo of insertion causes freeze SW Accepted
#75110 Preview in Numbering dialog - Chinese num characters overlap with text SW Wait for review
#75111 Can't correctly judge the ending position of the hyperlink field in Text Document. SW Disavowal
#75112 The default size of Chinese and English words in the Spreadsheet is different. SVX Wait for review
#75113 Can't delete the attribute of hyperlink in Spreadsheet. SC Wait for review
#75114 The bullets and numbering in Presentation can not be changed with other attributes like color or shadow. SD Wait for review
#75115 The Ruler lost after playing slides. SD Duplicated(67056)
#75116 The mode of "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" button in the Presentation are different SD Duplicated(42820)
#75117 "show/hide slide" option In Presentation shouldn't be active when there is no slide selected. SD Have been solved by OOo_680_m9
#75339 Part of the image is flipped horizontally when viewed in slideshow. cppcanvas Accepted
#75416 Crash occurs when doing "Repeat Search" in Navigation. SW Accepted
#75536 Quotient and rest calculations.(Jan 2008) SC Accepted
#75848 Missing IDL for Framework Accepted
#76242 carsh when do "optimize"--"Distribute columns enevly" in nested tables SW Accepted
#76258 OO crashes while loading the document.(DEC 2007) SW Accepted
#76662 Toolbar dissapears after entering and leaving embedded object Framework Accepted
#77236 Can split merged cells in protected sheet. SC Wait for review
#77631 crash after doing undo the modification of index in table SW Accepted
#77648 Undo of cell number format does not work in special cases SW Accepted
#77649 Writer: Change of number format in table cells inconsistent SW Accepted
#77784 After paste "frame" into table with "Formatted Text[RTF]", crash when undo(Jan 2008) SW Wait for review
#78006 The background shouldn't become gray when protect the sheet. SC Disavowal
#78009 The item "Sort"&"Consolidate" should be enable after record. SC Disavowal
#78010 The insert row/column item should be disable when select the whole column/row SC Accepted
#78011 The location of indexs and tables are wrong when open the document contain the indexs and tables by MS office SW Wait for review
#78012 no prompt after set the validity in the cell of sheet. SC Disavowal
#78015 there are some "?" + "numbers" + "english characters"and "?" + "numbers" styles in the list. SD Wait for review
#78095 Pasting a surrogates character from MS office word to OOo produce an additive device. SW discussing
#78781 ODFF: Excel INDEX() compatibility.(MAR 2008) SC Accepted
#78880 when delete all address list elements ,click <find> button,crash SW Accepted
#79195 'Undo' is unactivated. SD Accepted
#79262 Rotated Titles get an offset after moving via mouse(2008 FEB) chart2 Accepted
#79295 F2 on ChartWizard "Data Range" tab does not open the data range chooser chart Accepted "Dock all toolbars" in drop-down menu is not available when menu is called via docked toolbar
#79466 "Dock all toolbars" in drop-down menu is not available when menu is called via docked toolbar(APR 2008) Framework Accepted
#79712 it must be possible to disable the accelarator also for awt/controls(NOV 2007) gsl Wait for review
#79739 Bad behaviour of hint “Invalid number” in data table Dialog chart2 Accepted
#80302 filled cells cannot be shifted beyond the sheet SC Accepted
#81076 Round the number of rows result set displayed for percentage filters. SC Accepted
#81278 crash regarding "Mail merge wizard". SW Accepted
#81435 A new SequenceOutputStream service. SW Wait for review
#81544 Page desc changes if header is inserted(MAR 2008) SW Accepted
#81993 endless loop - can't open .doc.(DEC 2007) SW Wait for review
#82103 Underlined text does not show with animated items with links.(Jan 2008) cppcanvas Accepted
#82227 Undo Convert Table to Text Crashes Writer.(NOV 2007) SW Accepted
#82456 Default Asian font setting is not correct for New Chart(MAR 2008) chart2 Accepted
#82689 editing a used list styles is not covered by the undo function.(NOV 2007) SW Accepted
#83555 Importing icons in sizes 16x16 and 26x26(Jan 2008) framework Accepted
#84543 Remove entry View-Toolbars-Page Preview in Spreadsheet(Apr 2008) SW Accepted
#84741 Time Format error in Chinese Format.(Jan 2008) i10n Wait for review
#84546 Modification of List Styles shows a wrong string the undo menu(FEB 2008) SW Accepted
#84984 impress137: crash when using graphic filters on bmp.(Jan 2008) Graphics Wait for review
#85056 space above paragraph defect in a section that contains hidden paragraph.(APR 2008) SW Wait for review
#85261 Date Format Error(Jan 2008) Graphics Accepted
#86098 crash when switching icons(Apr 2008) Framework Accepted
#86171 ODFF: MINA(range)=MIN(range): text should equal zero also for formulas returning text(MAR 2008) SC Accepted
#86496 PasswordContainer unit tests(FEB 2008) framework Wait For Review
#86579 Can't change Asian fonts in Charts(MAR 2008) chart2 Accepted
#86643 ODFF: Make COUNT ignore error results(MAR 2008) SC wait for review
#86721 ODFF: Function N() should return 0 also for literal text that could be interpreted as number(MAR 2008) SC Accepted
#86787 Slow context menu if system font list is large(MAR 2008) framework Accepted
#86945 <DELETE>and<TAB> key not applied in Navigator::Scenario view(MAR 2008) SC Wait for review
#87737 Redesign accelerators(APR 2008) FrameWork Wait for review
#88075 wrong percentage display in data label(APR 2008) chart2 Accepted
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