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OOo Marketing Project

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Quick and Easy Marketing Activities

Per Louis' suggestion, I have started this page to list easy things people can do to promote OpenOffice.org in their spare time.

Bhorst 03:02, 22 May 2007 (CEST)

If you have 10 minutes

  • Support OpenOffice.org by adding it to your resumé. I wrote about this on SolidOffice.com:
    • "If you know or use OOo, you can promote yourself and subtly promote open source and open data formats at the same time. The process could not be simpler: just mention your knowledge of OpenOffice on your resume or CV! You’ll look smart, differentiate yourself from other candidates, and maybe even find a more comfortable, open source-friendly work environment at the same time."
  • Join the Mugshot.org OpenOffice Group.
    • Mugshot is an open source, meta social networking site. When you join a group, you can elect to receive updates when members make changes or add posts to their blogs.
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