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OOo Marketing Project

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Strategic Marketing Plan Pages:


Quick and Easy Marketing Activities

Want to help market Apache OpenOffice but don't have a lot of time? Here are some ideas for ways that even the busiest marketing volunteer can help.

If you have 5 minutes

If you have 10 minutes

  • For the social networks above, help us magnify our reach. This could be done in various ways:
    • If you "like" a post from the AOO page, Facebook lets your network know about it. A +1 in Google+ does the same thing. This social sharing is powerful because you are sharing an AOO post with people that know you, and presumably like and trust you.
    • Retweeting a tweet in Twitter shares it with your network. Similarly you can share a Facebook or Google+ post with your network and insert an additional comment. This can be more effective than merely "liking" a post, since you have the opportunity to preface the post with your own comments recommending it to your network.
  • Sign up for Google Alerts and be notified about new information related to OpenOffice posted on the web.
    • Help be our eyes and ears, and let us know when you see new material, positive or negative, that we should act upon.
  • Support Apache OpenOffice by adding it to your resumé.
    • If you know or use AOO, you can promote yourself and subtly promote open source and open data formats at the same time. The process could not be simpler: just mention your knowledge of OpenOffice on your resume or CV! You’ll look smart, differentiate yourself from other candidates, and maybe even find a more comfortable, open source-friendly work environment at the same time.

If you have 20 minutes

  • Email your friends and coworkers a quick message reminding them of the benefits of Apache OpenOffice and open source programs for their personal use. Give them a link to the Why? micro site.
  • Burn half a dozen CDs and give them to your friends. If they are typical Windows users, give them a 'CD for dummies' like The OpenDisc.
  • Create or print some flyers about OpenOffice to hang in your college dorm or common space.
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