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What is "QUASTe" ?

QUASTe is the abbreviation for 'Quality Assurance Statuspage'. The word 'Quaste' is german for 'tassle' so this name found out to be adequate as here 'all strings run together'. (See entry on Wikipedia about Quaste). QUASTe is collecting, validating and comparing all testresults created by VCL-Testtool while testing OpenOffice.org builds and creates easy to read resultspages. Everyone interested in quality of a specific build of OpenOffice.org has the ability to check the results of automated and of course manual tests. QUASTe has been developed by Helge Delfs in programming language PHP consisting of components and modules for the OpenSource Content-Management-System Joomla

QUASTe will be released soon on OpenOffice.org

For Users

Definition of "Release Test"

Release tests are those which must run on every build. These tests should finish without any failure on every build and of course on every Child workspace

Definition of "Required Test"

Required tests are those which must run on a specific build. It depends on the category model what test are required.

Definition of "Optional Test"?

Optional tests are those test must not run on a specific build depending on the category model.



QA Errorslogs?

Category model

Meanwhile there are a lot of automated tests available. With this number of tests it would last nearly 1 week to test 1 build completely. After all automated tests passed the testers have to verify the results...this will take also some time. Because of this conditions the QA Automation Team decided to create a test cycle that covers a meaningful number of tests run on each build. The outcome of this category's are 4 in numbers

  • 0 : Tests run on all builds and releases
  • 1 : Tests run on the first build (plus tests from category 0)
  • 2 : Tests run on the second build (plus tests from category 0)
  • 3 : Tests run on the third build (plus tests from category 0)

To make it easy for all involved the rules what type of test is included in what category is not strict documented. Except category 0 which holds all automated tests required for release testing (mostly resource or update-tests). For all other 3 category's it should be observed they have the approximate duration. This model shortens a test cycle for each build to a maximum of 2,5 days. A list of all automated tests and its category's can be found here => All current tests

What is the understanding of VTTDI?

See VTTDI-Page for further details on VTTDI

For Developers

I receive error mails with subjects like: QUASTe: Error while adding testresults for testplan: xyz.bas

This is either because you are owner of this autotest or you were running this autotest and there some errors while adding the testresults to QUASTe database. Take a look into the content of this mail and see if you can find out some details about this error.

Testcase: XYZ not found in resultfile but in database

This message could have different reasons, but it is easy to fix. If you have this testcase enabled for multiple autotests and f.E. excluded for this autotest you must 'disable' this testcase for this autotest in 'QUASTe Autotest-Mananger'. See 'How to disable testcases or tests for a specific Masterworkspace' (to be done) The other case could be that this testcase isn't called by bas-file. See if this testcase is excluded either in bas-file or in inc-file. If so and this testcase isn't needed anymore you have to remove this testcase from includefile and run 'Update test information' in 'QUASTe Autotest-Manager': How to update autotest information in QUASTe' (to be done) If you are not registered to QUASTe or you are not the owner of the file please contact file owner to commit these changes.

How to generate input for Quaste


  • Recent versions of master.inc, status.inc and privateenvironment.txt
 qa/qatesttool/global/system/inc/master.inc at least $Revision: 1.124 $ $Date: 2008/02/25
 qa/qatesttool/global/system/inc/status.inc at least $Revision: 1.65 $ $Date: 2008/02/26
 qa/qatesttool/errorlog/privateenvironment.txt with entry:
  • In the header of a test run the lines:
 **  Status feature (mySQL)        : Enabled errorlog directory
 ** Status will be written to: /Volumes/qa/qatesttool/errorlog/
 ... near the end of a test run...
 * - Status successfully written into database - * 
  • The directory 'database' is created during a test run at the mentioned location
'** Status will be written to:'

which consists of at least one subdirectory that indicates the tested OOo version. E.g: 'src680m243', or in case of a CWS: 'src680m243cws_aquavcl05'

  • For each test (.bas file) which calls the functions: hStatusIn() and hStatusOut() there will be one file after and during the test run. E.g.: osxtfirst-1-1.txt
  • To submitt your results to Quaste you may just submitt the .txt file, or zip the whole directory from one OOo version. E.g.:
 unix/linux: zip -r src680m243.zip src680m243/
 MacOS X: In Finder open context menu on the directory src680m243 and select 
          'Make archive from src680m243'
 Win32: ?

See also:

QUASTe first steps

QUASTe trouble shooting page

Helpful links

- the homepage of the QA project on OOo : http://qa.openoffice.org
- the mailing list of the QA project : http://qa.openoffice.org/servlets/SummarizeList?listName=dev
- query for existing bugs in IssueTracker : http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/query.cgi
- writing a new issue in IssueTracker : http://qa.openoffice.org/issue_handling/pre_submission.html
- the QA category on OOo wiki : Quality Assurance

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