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The status by the Quality Assurance for the Chart 2 project is tracked on this page. The Chart 2 project should replace the old Chart module which is integrated in OOo 2.x (currently 2.2). The new module is included in one CWS (chart2mst3).


The estimated effort in QA for the CWS chart2mst3 is planned with 3 months until the CWS get in state 'ready for QA' for the first time.

In this time frame the following parts are included :

  • testing and verifying of all issue which are included in CWS chart2mst3
  • write automated test scripts to check general functionality of new Chart module
  • testing the new chart module in all applications of OOo (integration tests for Writer, Impress and Calc)
  • approve all specifications
  • writing test case specifications for all new features with specifications (documentation what is tested, for further testing cycles and for reproducible test scenarios)
  • full function tests of all new features with test case specifications
  • general testing of the Chart module

The following parts are not required for approving the CWS, but should be done as much as possible :

  • adopt older test case specifications to the new functionality of Chart 2
  • write automated test scripts for all new features

The effort is planned for one complete test cycle. If it will be needed to check all issues in the CWS more than once, the time frame has to be extended.

Time frame for testing and quality assurance

Beside the development of the new chart module one QA person was

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