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To start a better communication to the community of what the Sun's Automation team is doing we agreed to use the IRC more frequently to get/stay in contact with the community members who are interested in software test automation. This is a first step and will probably replace our weekly face-to-face meetings on monday. On this page you'll find the agenda and protocols of this meetings. The meetings normally find place on Server '' with channel Meetings have a weekly schedule and chat will be logged an posted as a protocol.

IRC-Meeting Monday 9th July 2007, 11 a.m. MESZ (9.00 UTC)

moderator  : xHDE (HDE)


  • 1. Time shift of IRC meeting possible (-2 hrs for China) ? (All/HDE)
  • 2. Experiences with IRC 1st week (All/HDE)
  • 3. Which TT version has to be used (TBO)
  • 4. Get rid-off "First doc!" window? (JSI)
  • 5. Other

Protocol: can be found here

IRC-Meeting Monday 16th July 2007, 9 a.m. MESZ (7.00 UTC)

moderator  : sunrayjogi (JSI)


  • 1. Remove branch tags from all non-working and unused files for the upcoming 2.3 branch. (JSK)
  • 2. Get rid of "The first doc!" window? (JSI)
  • 3. To be appointed
  • ...

Protocol: can be found here

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