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!Release Notes
!Release Notes
!Based on Version
!Based on Version
|21-Sep-2008 ||[http://development.openoffice.org/releases/3.0.0rc2.html OOo 3.0.0rc2] ||OOO300_m7
|06-Sep-2008 ||[http://development.openoffice.org/releases/3.0.0rc1.html OOo 3.0.0rc1] ||OOO300_m5
|06-Sep-2008 ||[http://development.openoffice.org/releases/3.0.0rc1.html OOo 3.0.0rc1] ||OOO300_m5

Revision as of 04:57, 21 September 2008

Date Release Notes Based on Version
21-Sep-2008 OOo 3.0.0rc2 OOO300_m7
06-Sep-2008 OOo 3.0.0rc1 OOO300_m5
31-Aug-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 OOO300_m4
25-Aug-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0(3.1) DEV300_m30
19-Aug-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 OOO300_m3
11-Aug-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 OOO300_m2
06-Aug-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 OOO300_m1
01-Aug-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 DEV300_m29
29-Jul-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 DEV300_m28
25-Jul-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 DEV300_m27
22-Jul-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 DEV300_m26
16-Jul-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 DEV300_m25
11-Jul-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 DEV300_m24
09-Jul-2008 OOo 3.0 Beta2 BEB300_m3
08-Jul-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 DEV300_m23
02-Jul-2008 OOo 3.0 Beta2rc1 BEB300_m2
01-Jul-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 DEV300_m22
24-Jun-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 DEV300_m21
19-Jun-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 DEV300_m20
13-Jun-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 DEV300_m19
10-Jun-2008 OOo 2.4.1 OOH680_m17
06-Jun-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 DEV300_m17
04-Jun-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 DEV300_m16
30-May-2008 OOo 2.4.1rc2 OOH680_m17
27-May-2008 OOo 2.4.1rc1 OOH680_m16
26-May-2008 OOo-Dev 3.0 DEV300_m14
30-Apr-2008 OOo 3.0 Beta BEA300_m2
25-Apr-2008 OOo 3.0 Beta BEA300_m1
21-Apr-2008 OOo 3.0-dev DEV300_m10
18-Apr-2008 OOo 3.0-dev DEV300_m9
15-Apr-2008 OOo 3.0-dev DEV300_m7
09-Apr-2008 OOo 3.0-dev DEV300_m5
28-Mar-2008 OOo 2.4 OOH680_m12
18-Mar-2008 OOo 2.4rc6 OOH680_m12
14-Mar-2008 OOo 2.4rc5 OOH680_m11
12-Mar-2008 OOo 2.4rc4 OOH680_m10
29-Feb-2008 OOo 2.4rc2 OOH680_m8
14-Feb-2008 OOo 2.4rc1 OOH680_m7
05-Feb-2008 OOo 2.4-dev OOH680_m6
29-Jan-2008 OOo 2.4-dev OOH680_m5
23-Jan-2008 OOo 2.4-dev OOH680_m4
15-Jan-2008 OOo 2.4-dev OOH680_m2
10-Jan-2008 OOo 2.4-dev SRC680_m242
02-Jan-2008 OOo 2.4-dev SRC680_m241
11-Dec-2007 OOo 2.4-dev SRC680_m239
05-Dec-2007 OpenOffice.org 2.3.1 OOG680_m9
16-Nov-2007 OpenOffice.org 2.3.1rc1 OOG680_m9
03-Nov-2007 OOo 2.3-dev OOG680_m8
31-Oct-2007 OOo 2.3-dev SRC680_m235
18-Oct-2007 OOo 2.3-dev OOG680_m7
13-Oct-2007 OOo 2.3-dev SRC680_m233
02-Oct-2007 OOo 2.3-dev SRC680_m231
24-Sep-2007 2.3.0 OOG680_m5
12-Sep-2007 2.3.0rc3 OOG680_m5
07-Sep-2007 2.3.0rc2 OOG680_m4
04-Sep-2007 2.3.0rc1 OOG680_m3
23-Aug-2007 OOo-Dev2.3 OOG680_m2
15-Aug-2007 OOo-Dev2.3 OOG680_m1
31-Jul-2007 OOo-Dev2.3 SRC680_m223
23-Jul-2007 OOo-Dev2.3 SRC680_m222
17-Jul-2007 OOo-Dev2.3 SRC680_m221
11-Jul-2007 OOo-Dev2.3 SRC680_m220
04-Jul-2007 OOo-Dev2.3 SRC680_m218
22-Jun-2007 OOo-Dev2.3 SRC680_m217
15-Jun-2007 OOo-Dev2.3 SRC680_m216
06-Jun-2007 OpenOffice.org 2.2.1rc3 OOF680_m18
25-May-2007 OOo-Dev2.3 SRC680_m213
22-May-2007 OpenOffice.org 2.2.1rc2 OOF680_m17
19-May-2007 OOo-Dev2.3 SRC680_m212
12-May-2007 OpenOffice.org 2.2.1rc1 OOF680_m16
08-May-2007 OOo-Dev2.3 SRC680_m211
24-Apr-2007 OOo-Dev2.3 SRC680_m210
20-Apr-2007 OOo-Dev2.3 SRC680_m209
03-Apr-2007 OOo-Dev2.3 SRC680_m207
23-Mar-2007 OpenOffice.org 2.2rc4 OOF680_m14
21-Dec-2006 OOo-Dev2.1 SRC680_m197
01-Dec-2006 OpenOffice.org 2.1.0rc2 OOE680_m6
23-Nov-2006 OpenOffice.org 2.1.0rc1 OOE680_m5
15-Nov-2006 OOo-Dev2.1 OOE680_m3
08-Nov-2006 OOo-Dev2.1 OOE680_m2
27-Sept-2006 OpenOffice.org 2.0.4rc3 OOD680_m5
18-Sept-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m188
15-Sept-2006 OpenOffice.org 2.0.4rc2 OOD680_m4
05-Sept-2006 OpenOffice.org 2.0.4rc1 OOD680_m3
03-Sept-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m180
26-July-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m178
13-July-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 + language packs (15 languages) SRC680_m176
10-July-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 + language packs (15 languages) SRC680_m175
27-June-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m173
26-June-2006 OpenOffice.org 2.0.3rc7 OOC680_m7
20-June-2006 OpenOffice.org 2.0.3rc6 OOC680_m6
31-May-2006 OpenOffice.org 2.0.3rc5 OOC680_m5
29-May-2006 OpenOffice.org 2.0.3rc4 OOC680_m4
22-May-2006 OpenOffice.org 2.0.3rc3 OOC680_m3
19-May-2006 OpenOffice.org 2.0.3rc2 OOC680_m2
17-May-2006 OpenOffice.org 2.0.3rc1 OOC680_m1
12-May-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m169
10-May-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m168
08-May-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m167
05-May-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m166
02-May-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m165
25-April-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m164
03-April-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m162
20-March-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m160
06-March-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m158
27-February-2006 OpenOffice.org 2.0.2rc4 OOB680_m5
22-February-2006 OpenOffice.org 2.0.2rc3 OOB680_m3
20-February-2006 OpenOffice.org 2.0.2rc2 OOB680_m2
14-February-2006 OpenOffice.org 2.0.2rc1 OOB680_m1
09-February-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m156
03-February-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m155
30-January-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m154
26-January-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m153
24-January-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m152
19-January-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m151
13-January-2006 OOo-Dev2.0 SRC680_m150
23-December-2005 OpenOffice.org 2.0.1 OOA680_m1

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