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Product Releases - Builds FAQ

What are software builds?

For an overview of how software is built, please see Wikipedia

What are the various builds of OOo and what are they for?

Name What is it Who is it for Who is it not for Cautions
Developer Snapshot The very latest 'work in progress' build of OOo Used by developers and testers to check code changes are performing as expected Everyday users Only available in English (US). May contain significant bugs; may not save files correctly (and so may corrupt existing files)
Release Candidate Intended to be the next stable release. If no show-stopper bugs are found, this will simply become the next version of OOo Testers, translators, documentation writers, reviewers... Users wanting a fully tested product May overwrite the current version of OOo installed on a PC
Stable OOo tested and ready for production use, identified by a unique version number Everyday use in a wide variety of languages
Beta An early view of the next major release of OOo. A beta has all the features of the new release, but may still contain significant bugs Reviewers, enthusiasts, testers Everyday users Should be safe to install alongside a stable version of OOo. May not save files correctly after use (and so may corrupt existing files)

What builds are available?

Where can I find these builds?

  • The primary source for downloads is
  • Note that old builds are regularly dropped from servers to make room for the newer builds

How can I help in the testing process?

See the Quality Assurance pages

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