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[18:00] <ericb2> Meeting time ?

[18:01] <Kamots> so if there's a problem that they had a tough time figuring out, it would be nice to have it documented (unless they do it on their blog)

[18:02] <ericb2> Kamots: that's a true problem : lot of people from Seneca post on blogs, and do not keep us informed. And some do a great job, we discover randomly ..

[18:02] <ericb2> Kamots: and since Sun does the proxy with Seneca, we have no news

[18:02] <ericb2> Twarz: thanks, got you rmail :)

[18:03] <ericb2> Ok, let's start the meeting ?

[18:03] <ericb2> Agenda for 22nd of October 2009 meeting

[18:03] <ericb2> 1. Welcome new students/ devs

[18:03] <ericb2> 2. (to be confirmed) ClassRooms list

[18:03] <ericb2> 3. a point for some projects

[18:03] <ericb2> 4. misc : OOoCon 2009

[18:03] <ericb2> Point 1 : welcome new students, and new devs

[18:03] ChanServ Charitha

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[18:06] <Charitha> Im currently intended to develop an open office extension to improve typing speed

[18:06] ChanServ Charitha

[18:07] <ericb2> Charitha: great :) Be welcome :)

[18:07] <ericb2> Charitha: from where are you ?

[18:07] <Charitha> Im from Sri Lanka

[18:08] <Charitha> Im an undergraduate

[18:09] <ericb2> Charitha: ok, so you probably belong to the group who works already with us. like Jayanga Wagaarachchi (if I'm correct with his name)

[18:09] <ericb2> Chawhat is your project timeline ?

[18:10] <Charitha> it is supposed to submit on 17th december

[18:11] <ericb2> Charitha: do you use wiki ? e.g. to show the planning, the current tasks in progress, and so on ?

[18:12] <Charitha> Im not using wiki

[18:12] <Charitha> how can I show you my plan then?

[18:13] <ericb2> Charitha: yes sure. Can we do that in misc ? ( point 4 if I'm not wrong)

[18:15] <Charitha> up to now we have written our document

[18:15] <Charitha> not done anything realated to coding

[18:16] ChanServ Charitha

[18:16] <ericb2> Charitha: but you are not in a hurry, are you ?

[18:16] ChanServ Charitha

[18:17] <Charitha> From next week we are supposed to start the real implementation of our programme

[18:17] <Charitha> therefore in a bit hurry

[18:18] <ericb2> Charitha: I think the code should not be that big to write

[18:18] <ericb2> Charitha: and you'll inish in time

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[18:19] ChanServ Charitha

[18:19] <Charitha> the issue is that I have to do this project along with the other projects and studies in the university

[18:19] <Charitha> yes Im hoping to finish it on time

[18:19] <ericb2> Charitha: that's the hard student way of life :)

[18:19] <Charitha> :)

[18:20] <ericb2> anybody new in the project, and who would like to present himself ?

[18:22] <ericb2> ok, let's start with Point 2. (to be confirmed) ClassRooms list

[18:23] <ericb2> About mercurial : I don't have Heiner Rechtien answer, because he's awfully busy. So I'll announce the ClassRoom on te list and on my blog once defined

[18:23] <ericb2> the most probable day should be a wednesday. Else it will be later (around 26th nov)

[18:23] <ericb2> IMPORTANT: any suggestion for a ClassRoom ?

[18:26] * ericb2 wondering why people do not participate more

[18:28] * thorsten proposes one about the OOo Eclipse integration, and looks to cbosdonnat as the expert resource here ;)

[18:28] <Twarz> Maybe a classroom about gdb ? It might be useful for newcomers that maybe aren't familiar with debugging

[18:28] <Kamots> sorry, this is during class for me. but i am paying attention to everyone

[18:28] <ericb2> Twarz: yes, good idea

[18:29] <ericb2> Twarz: what about start together with a workout , exchanging tips, and whatever, and providing a ClassRoom together for the other at meeting hour ?

[18:29] <cbosdonnat> thorsten, what do you mean? a classroom on developing the ooeclipse or using it ?

[18:29] <thorsten> using it! :)

[18:29] <thorsten> or, whatever you feel is worth talking about ;)

[18:30] <Twarz> ericb2, sure, I'm sure I can help, I've been practicing a lot since during those 4 monthes

[18:30] <Twarz> -since

[18:30] <ericb2> Twarz: ok, you got hired :)

[18:30] <cbosdonnat> thorsten, why not :)

[18:30] <thorsten> cbosdonnat: speaking of gdb - did we have that gdbinit of ours at a public place?

[18:30] <Twarz> great :)

[18:30] <cbosdonnat> yes

[18:31] * thorsten is hopelessly un-informed

[18:33] <ericb2> ok, then let's propose a short plan, in disorder  : mercurial (Heiner Rechtien) , OOo source code discovery, organisation and build model + important links on the wiki , then gdb (and how to proceed for debugging OOo) and one fourth one about Eclipse use ?

[18:36] <ericb2> To summarize, I'll post the proposal to the mailing list. OK ?

[18:36] <ericb2> and people will add, suggest propose other

[18:37] <ericb2> if they are interested to participate

[18:37] <Twarz> sure

[18:38] <ericb2> To conclude the point, I'll make a point on next wednesday, and the point will be presented on the next meeting, probably the 29th. OK ?

[18:38] <ericb2> please confirm :)

[18:40] <cbosdonnat> thorsten,

[18:40] <Twarz> fine with me

[18:41] <cbosdonnat> thorsten, his has been merged with Florian's tricks

[18:41] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: thanks : we'll hire you to explain the content in a ClassRoom. are you ok ?

[18:42] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, no problem

[18:42] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, I'm no real gdb expert though

[18:42] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: me either, but what I know is enough to debug OOo or OOo4Kids, so  ;)

[18:43] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: and thanks for your contribution

[18:43] thorsten Twarz

[18:43] <Charitha> ok

[18:43] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: Twarz as I said, we'll probably discuss, prepare the content continuously, with tips, examples discussed there

[18:44] * ericb2 thinks this is a good practice to discuss and prepare

[18:44] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, ok

[18:44] <Twarz> ericb2, anytime when you're free

[18:45] <ericb2> Next point : 3 a point for some projects (summary made by students)

[18:45] <ericb2> just a brief summary, since last week

[18:45] <ericb2> Twarz: will you begin ?

[18:45] <Twarz> ericb2, sure

[18:46] <Twarz> I'll remind the point of our project (kidd is working with me but is currently absent): porting OOo4Kids on Sugar, and make it become a Sugar activity

[18:47] <ericb2> Twarz: for all: become a Sugar activity means, OOo4Kids will appear in the menu, right ?

[18:47] <Twarz> Things are advancing steps by steps, and the first big patch has been created today - ericb2 and myself were discussing it before the meeting

[18:47] * ericb2 confirms

[18:48] <Twarz> ericb2, yes, but it also needs to appear in the journal, and there are a few more things to change (for example, an activity can not write anywhere in the system)

[18:48] <Twarz> Anyway, we will produce patches to fix everything needed, and hopefully achieve a fully functional OOo4Kids activity on the XO

[18:49] <Twarz> And that's about it

[18:50] <ericb2> Twarz: I really appreciate your regularity in this task. Thanks again for being so serious

[18:50] <Twarz> ericb2, no need to thank me, it's a real pleasure

[18:50] <ericb2> Twarz: you and kidd (alias Abdelkader )

[18:51] <ericb2> any other summary about tasks in progress ?

[18:54] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, I can report for Jayanga as we synced today

[18:54] cbosdonnat ChanServ Charitha

[18:54] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: please

[18:54] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: .. don' ask me ;)

[18:54] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, he wrote and submitted specs to his teachers last week

[18:55] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, he is now working on an architecture document

[18:55] * mmu_man has quit ("Vision[0.9.7-H-090423]: i've been blurred!")

[18:55] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, he had a look at how Eclipse plugins are working and starts to have an idea of where to start for his wizard :)

[18:55] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, that's it

[18:58] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: thank you very much for the point

[18:59] <ericb2> Charitha: I hope you'll have something to say next week ?

[18:59] <ericb2> :-)

[18:59] <ericb2> other ?

[18:59] <Charitha> of course Eric

[18:59] <Charitha> :)

[19:00] <ericb2> Next Point ?

[19:00] <ericb2> 4. misc : OOoCon 2009

[19:00] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: will you attend ?

[19:01] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, yes

[19:02] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: what will you present ?

[19:02] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, I'll present the C++ support in ooeclipse

[19:02] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, which isn't complete by now

[19:03] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: I wish you the best :) From my side, I very probably won't attend. Final decision soon: I had two presentations scheduled, but the cost of travel + accomodation is not covered by the "bursary", and the donations we received form OOo4Kids. So I'll resign ...

[19:04] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, how much is the "bursary" ?

[19:04] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: "max" 300 euros. and I'm not even sure I can apply. Too much of fuzz for me

[19:05] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: 300 euros means 200 for travel + 2nights (50 euros per night)

[19:05] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: from France we are very close. How can people travel for 200 euros only

[19:05] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: I prefer stay at home and code for OOo4Kids ;)

[19:06] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, ok

[19:07] <ericb2> I know thorsten will attend too, but he told me he has to go. He will present a slot where the successfull GSoC students will present their work. What is a great idea. BTW, if my slots are freed, Thorsten will use them I guess

[19:07] <ericb2> Other people attending the OOoCon ?

[19:08] <ericb2> and presenting something ..

[19:08] <ericb2> Ok, time to propose the next meeting date

[19:10] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, next week, same time ?

[19:10] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: yes : what about schedule the next meeting Thursday 29nd of October 2009, 16:00 UTC or 18:00 CEST (Paris Hamburg) ?

[19:11] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, fine for me with the same possible delay as usual

[19:11] <ericb2> +1 from me too

[19:11] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, I may be off at that time: my wife will hopefully have less work next week :)

[19:12] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: you mean we could start earlyer ?

[19:12] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, may be

[19:13] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, but don't bother if I'm not here: my presence isn't absolutely necessary

[19:13] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: let's continue the discussion on the list ? If several people ask the same, we'll change. Ok ?

[19:13] * mmu_man ( has joined

[19:13] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, ok

[19:14] <ericb2> cbosdonnat: + we'll reach the Winter time, and change for CET time .. will cause some bug imho :)

[19:14] <cbosdonnat> ericb2, yes

[19:14] * mmu_man has quit (Client Quit)

[19:15] <ericb2> so if I'm not wrong, next meeting will be : Thursday 29nd of October 2009, 17:00 UTC or 18:00 CET (Paris Hamburg)

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