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Agenda for 30th of November 2007 meeting

1. Welcome people and devs joining Education project

2. FIXME : define the content

3. Website

4. news about the association creation (to collect funds)

5. Misc

Log of the meeting

[15:08] <ericb2> Meeting time ?

[15:08] <peter13j> Yes, for me

[15:08] <rbircher> yes

[15:08] <ericb2> ok, then

[15:08] <ericb2> Agenda for 30th of November 2007 meeting

[15:08] <ericb2> 1. Welcome people and devs joining Education project

[15:08] <ericb2> 2. FIXME : define the content

[15:08] <ericb2> 3. Website

[15:08] <ericb2> 4. news about the association creation (to collect funds)

[15:08] <ericb2> 5. Misc

[15:08] <ericb2> [modifier]

[15:08] <ericb2> not the last line 8)

[15:09] <ericb2> 1. Welcome people and devs joining Education project

[15:09] <ericb2> EmanueleT__: you are welcome :)

[15:09] <rbircher> Nicolas are welcome too

[15:10] <ericb2> rbircher: yes, sure, but Nicolas advertised me, he won't be able to attend

[15:10] <ericb2> rbircher: like cemoi

[15:10] <ericb2> rbircher: they both promised to read the log ;)

[15:10] * EmanueleT_ (n=emanuele@ has joined

[15:10] <ericb2> Next point maybe ?

[15:11] <ericb2> 2. FIXME : define the content .. of the website I guess ?

[15:11] <ericb2> rbircher: ?

[15:12] * EmanueleT__ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

[15:12] <ericb2> rbircher: 2 and 3 are the same point

[15:12] <ericb2> rbircher: can you please tell us what you did ?

[15:14] <ericb2> FYI, rbircher create issue 83287

[15:14] <IZBot> education TASK CLOSED FIXED P3 make first adapting on the webpage

[15:15] <ericb2> and started the work. the current draft (work in progress ) is :

[15:15] <ericb2> Nicolas Jeudy proposed to help too

[15:15] <ericb2> and both are now Content developers for the project

[15:16] <ericb2> rbircher: can you please comment ?

[15:16] <rbircher> Yes, I Clean up the startpage

[15:17] <rbircher> Source Code

[15:17] <rbircher> And Add the Meeting reminder

[15:17] <ericb2> rbircher: what is the plan ?

[15:18] <rbircher> but the Meeting reminder is a propose

[15:18] <ericb2> rbircher: about the contents, I proposed to follow what does exist on francophone project ( )

[15:18] <rbircher> I will write a JavaScript for this one

[15:19] <ericb2> rbircher: what do you want to do ?

[15:20] <rbircher> pleas have a look on the webconcept

[15:21] <ericb2> rbircher: thanks, I'll do proposal

[15:22] <ericb2> rbircher: the most simple is to define a content: say Teacher / Developer / Informations / Tools

[15:22] <ericb2> buttons

[15:22] <rbircher> Nicolas is responsible person for the outfit of the page

[15:22] <ericb2> rbircher: is it possible to detect the locale ?

[15:22] <ericb2> rbircher: ok

[15:23] <rbircher> i have the idee to make a service for a knowage database

[15:24] <ericb2> rbircher: sorry, I'm not sure to understand

[15:24] <ericb2> rbircher: a database for tools, right ?

[15:24] <rbircher> Tools, books etc

[15:25] <rbircher> with a search engie

[15:25] <ericb2> rbircher: +1 , very good idea

[15:25] <ericb2> rbircher: do you have other infos ?

[15:27] <rbircher> yes, we use people who makes contents

[15:28] <rbircher> But I will write a Mail at the list

[15:28] <rbircher> else I can only say, work in progress

[15:29] <ericb2> rbircher: ok, thank you very much to you and Nicolas :-)

[15:29] <ericb2> Next point ?

[15:29] <rbircher> yes

[15:29] <ericb2> 4. news about the association creation (to collect funds)

[15:30] <rbircher> I am verry intrestet for a assosiation

[15:30] <ericb2> Nicolas Jeudy, Frederic Diaz and other people agreed on the principle of an association (based on French law), to receive funds and redistribute them legally

[15:30] <ericb2> means provide a receipt to companies willing to help us

[15:31] <ericb2> I wrote the "foundations" and I'll try to validate as soon as possible

[15:31] <ericb2> means, maybe one or two weeks.

[15:32] <rbircher> fondation is better

[15:32] <ericb2> rbircher: too complicated, and no ressources

[15:32] <rbircher> yes i know

[15:32] <ericb2> rbircher: if ever we can organize better, no problem for me anywa

[15:33] <ericb2> anyway

[15:33] <ericb2> sorry

[15:33] <ericb2> I'll keep you informed

[15:33] <ericb2> (next meeting)

[15:33] <rbircher> Yes

[15:33] <ericb2> Next point is Misc

[15:33] <ericb2> I have a lot to say

[15:34] <ericb2> First, Louis posted about Seneca College and Toronto University courses

[15:34] <rbircher> ok, pleas beginn

[15:34] * louis_to ( has joined

[15:34] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to louis_to

[15:34] <ericb2> I put the contents of the mails on the wiki

[15:34] <rbircher> hi louis_to

[15:34] <ericb2> and I'd like to see something about that

[15:35] <ericb2> The link :

[15:35] <ericb2> louis_to: hello Louis

[15:35] <ericb2> Louis is right: this is extremely important to provide feedback / forward to such "invitation"

[15:35] <ericb2> Other news

[15:35] <ericb2> Meeting with Fred Diaz and Nicolas Jeudy on Saturday 23th of November / Besançon

[15:36] <ericb2> Important points discussed :

[15:36] <ericb2> 1) The website needs to be localized : e.g. one flag displays the correct locale or whatever other solution for localization.

[15:36] <ericb2> who disagrees the localization of the website ?

[15:37] <rbircher> ericb2, tats a task yes

[15:37] <ericb2> rbircher: I think we should keep an english part , and localize another

[15:38] <ericb2> rbircher: but the first one should imho stay in english

[15:38] <rbircher> yes, i think too

[15:38] <ericb2> louis_to: partial log is : ( I complete regularly )

[15:38] <rbircher> Looking at the point Languages in the Webconcept

[15:38] <ericb2> rbircher: ok

[15:39] <ericb2> Other point being discussed :

[15:39] <ericb2> 2) Write a regular " News " topic

[15:39] <ericb2> - about last important examples showing students and teachers using in their studies /courses / whatever.

[15:39] <ericb2> Structure of the news :

[15:39] <ericb2> showing what is interesting, from pedagogical point of view

[15:39] <ericb2> - link

[15:39] <ericb2> - contact

[15:39] <ericb2> - examples ( clear, and found in one or two clicks )

[15:40] <ericb2> About the website (centrla point today), the starting point should be the dev@website mailing list archive

[15:40] <rbircher> we should make this points on the website

[15:40] <rbircher> ?

[15:41] <ericb2> rbircher: yes, but I'm explaining what we discussed with Nicolas and Fred

[15:41] <ericb2> Next point being discussed :

[15:41] <ericb2> 3) Fred( aka Frederic Diaz ) proposed to do an " analyze of existing ", asking for filling a form

[15:41] <ericb2> The plan was to collect answer from professors all around Besancon (France), in Technology Schools.

[15:41] <ericb2> The link is ( french ) :

[15:41] <ericb2> The (partial results are )

[15:41] <ericb2> - new features are expected ( open pdf , PAO ( english word ? ) )

[15:41] <ericb2> - tools for mainly maths and physics

[15:41] <ericb2> e.g. : tools like or scidot sciences64

[15:41] <ericb2> Other important point: prepare exams (means official way to write exam subjects ) using could be extremely important for the use of in Education.

[15:43] <ericb2> Other :

[15:43] <ericb2> 4) Proposal :

[15:43] <ericb2> Local contacts ( see on the wiki )

[15:43] <ericb2> there :

[15:43] <ericb2> Note: this is french only

[15:44] <ericb2> Other point :

[15:44] <ericb2> Contacts (in progress)

[15:44] <ericb2> SCEREN (French Education documentation center, extremely visible for information propagation )

[15:44] <ericb2> UTBM : waiting for answer .. ( mail sent )

[15:44] <ericb2> the problem is we don't have too much Infos. Sophie Gautier didn't forward anything about work in progress

[15:44] <rbircher> i will create in the next time same in German

[15:44] <ericb2> rbircher: good idea

[15:44] <ericb2> rbircher: and invite people in the german mailing lists

[15:45] <rbircher> yes

[15:45] <ericb2> From my side, I created the courses page on the wiki, and I'm in touch with Thorsten Behrens, agility programming specialist

[15:45] <ericb2> there is something to do for the MAc OS X port, here write a Canvas, and students could help

[15:46] <ericb2> I'll try to find students interested

[15:46] <ericb2> stay tuned

[15:46] <ericb2> that's all from me :)

[15:47] <ericb2> Questions ? Other points in misc ?

[15:47] <rbircher> Ok, yes, you speak a load ;-)

[15:47] <ericb2> rbircher: ;-)

[15:48] <rbircher> For me its ok

[15:48] <rbircher> next point yes

[15:48] * ericb2 forgot to mention I started to prepare FOSDEM 2008 ( Bruxelles ) conference

[15:48] <ericb2> not exactly a conf, but a lightning talk exactly

[15:49] <ericb2> Last : I'd like to see weekly meetings, the time the website will be done

[15:49] <ericb2> means next meeting, next week, same hour

[15:50] <ericb2> Who disagrees ?

[15:50] <louis_to> not I :-)

[15:51] <louis_to> but let's advertise this on the list

[15:51] <ericb2> louis_to: I'll do

[15:51] <rbircher> Maybe we can adapt the Start page in one week

[15:51] <ericb2> rbircher: would be great, but make a point every week is better imho

[15:52] <rbircher> but not change the compledly site

[15:53] <rbircher> we have other points?

[15:53] <ericb2> Ok, The next meeting is scheduled for Friday 7th of December, 14:00 UTC or 15:00 CET (Paris Hamburg) or 11:00 pm Japan (Tokyo)

[15:53] <ericb2> rbircher: no

[15:53] <rbircher> +1

[15:53] * peter13j has to go to bed

[15:54] * ericb2 has changed the topic to: Welcome to project: The channel for the Education Project. Website : http:// Wiki page: Weekly IRC meetings are scheduled. next meeting is scheduled for Friday 7th of December, 14:00 UTC or 15:00 CET (Paris Hamburg) or 11:00 pm

[15:54] <ericb2> peter13j: good night :)

[15:54] <ericb2> The log :

[15:54] <peter13j> ericb2: :-)

[15:54] * louis_to has lots to report to dev@edcuaton

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