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[20:35] <ericb2> Waiting, I'll repost the Agenda

[20:35] <ericb2> Agenda for 15th of March 2010 meeting

[20:35] <ericb2> 1. Welcome new students/ devs

[20:35] <ericb2> 2. Present the applications ( UTBM Students only )

[20:35] <ericb2> 3. A point with EEcole Centrale Nantes students

[20:35] <ericb2> this is really light, but usefull for our needs

[20:46] <Maaax> i'm ok, i'm eating

[20:47] <Maaax> If you would start the meeting

[20:47] <ericb2> Maaax: please take your time

[20:52] * arthurb (~4f53aaa1@gateway/web/freenode/x-efziuhhmsqqqwckq) has left

[20:55] <Maaax> Ok, i'm ok !

[20:55] <ericb2> clemat: ping ?

[20:55] <ericb2> Point 1. Welcome new students/ devs

[20:55] Maaax matt1

[20:56] <clemat> ericb2: yes

[20:56] * arthurb ( has joined

[20:56] <ericb2> Maaax: I don't see jcolomo around, but this is your turn

[20:56] <ericb2> jcolome

[20:56] <Maaax> Yes, i see that he is not connected

[20:56] <ericb2> Maaax: the newcomers use to present themselves

[20:56] Maaax matt1

[20:56] <ericb2> Maaax: briefly

[20:56] <arthurb> (sorry os change)

[20:56] <ericb2> arthurb: no pb

[20:57] <Maaax> Ok, So welcome every body, my name is m

[20:57] <arthurb> hello m

[20:58] <arthurb> that was brief !

[20:58] <ericb2> Maaax and ?  :-)

[20:58] <clemat> :)

[20:59] <Maaax> Ok, So welcome every body, my name is Maxime JUND, I'm 20 yo and i'm a student from UTBM. I come from a little town near Strasbourg (Called Gries, arround 30km from Strasbourg). My hobbies are my computer (As you have certainly understand)

[21:00] <Maaax> I devellop some Website for particular, or some little firm (But I don't have a firm, because if i do il I will lost my National Help to pay my flat)

[21:00] <Maaax> I will go to IT Engineering

[21:00] <ericb2> Maaax: great. and you will help us, right ?

[21:00] <Maaax> Right ;)

[21:01] <ericb2> Maaax: ok, thanks for joining, and for presenting yourself. and welcome aboard ^^

[21:01] Maaax matt1

[21:01] <arthurb> nice meeting you Maaax

[21:01] Maaax matt1

[21:01] <Maaax> Because I think it's important, and i think it can be good for you to have a new vision (more younger)

[21:01] <Maaax> Thank's

[21:02] <Maaax> Nice to meet you too

[21:02] <ericb2> Maaax: we'll explain you progressively. What is important, is to come there (mean on the channel) to make a regular point. Thus, if somethign goes wrong, we can help you and, more important find a strategy to solve the problem

[21:03] Maaax matt1

[21:03] <ericb2> A second student, jonathan Colome was not able to attend, so he'll present himself later

[21:03] <Maaax> Yes i understand the aim of this !

[21:03] <ericb2> Point 2. Present the applications ( UTBM Students only )

[21:04] <ericb2> To explain more Maxime's role, he'll have to help us on something not directly core dev related. This is mostly about the Campus Libre, and the Free forge we started

[21:05] <ericb2> with the goal : help us to implement/improve .. do whatever progress with the file indexation

[21:06] <ericb2> the problem is simple: how teacher can put document on our sites, or search one document, and 1) be sure to find what he's searching for 2) make the document be visible from outside

[21:06] <ericb2> this is not trivial, and worth an application. Thanks to Maaax who applied :)

[21:06] <Maaax> For the moment you don-t have any plateform for teacher who would post some documents?

[21:07] Maaax matt1

[21:07] <ericb2> Maaax: we have a lot of documents, but the indexation is not there. And this becomes extremely urgent

[21:07] Maaax matt1

[21:07] Maaax matt1

[21:08] <ericb2> Maaax: we have two platforms too : Campus Libre + Edulibre (the Forge) but as you read in my recent mail, we need to make a big point, analyze what exists, wha do .. and so on

[21:08] <Maaax> So i will, in a first time search the good categories ?

[21:08] Maaax matt1

[21:08] <ericb2> Maaax: we have more info for you. But we need to connect with Daniel and Nicolas

[21:09] <Maaax> ok so i will have access to the document wich are posted?

[21:09] <ericb2> Maaax: you will. But not tonight

[21:09] <Maaax> Thanks =)

[21:10] <Maaax> I have other project after this meeting ;)

[21:10] <Maaax> Yes i have a student life :P

[21:11] <ericb2> ok

[21:11] <ericb2> Next point ?

[21:11] <arthurb> next point !

[21:11] <ericb2> 3. A point with Ecole Centrale Nantes students

[21:11] <ericb2> arthurb: clemat please go ahead !

[21:12] <Maaax> But if you have 2 plateforms, you will join all the document on a own plateforme ?

[21:12] Maaax matt1

[21:12] <arthurb> ericb2: i've had several problems not regarding this project because of wich i wasn't able to spend much time on the OOo project

[21:13] <ericb2> Maaax: in fact, we'd enter any document following the LOMFR specification, thus, every document will be visible from anywhere using this way of indexation

[21:13] <arthurb> ericb2: hopefully it'll be better now

[21:13] <ericb2> arthurb: ah. great

[21:13] <arthurb> ericb2: we're currently reviewing the code with Cyril and figuring out the way we're gonna implement what we discussed

[21:13] <clemat> ericb2: well, we haven't neither finished the implementation. We're still seeking for ways to solve our annotation problem

[21:14] <Maaax> ok ok

[21:14] <ericb2> clemat: well, did you post anything on the wiki ? Or somewhere ? Do you have patches ?

[21:14] * ericb2 please speak me patch language ^^

[21:15] <clemat> ericb2: I posted something about the compilation of oOo4kids 2 weeks ao, nothing since that

[21:15] <clemat> ericb2: and I don't think to have a patch

[21:16] <ericb2> clemat: ah. So what info do you need. I think we can help you to improve the situation

[21:17] <ericb2> clemat: where are you stuck, and what can we do

[21:17] <ericb2> arthurb: and for you  ?

[21:18] <arthurb> ericb2: i experience problems building OO4Kids

[21:18] <ericb2> clemat: arthurb from my side, I can't be always online, but this is your side to ask if you have problem. hide them never solved anything

[21:18] <ericb2> arthurb: which one ?

[21:18] <arthurb> ericb2: the one you emailed us

[21:18] <ericb2> arthurb: I forgot since. Can you please tell me more

[21:18] <arthurb> ericb2: just a sec...

[21:19] <clemat> ericb2: The principal info I need, is the way I could find the fonction who delete the selection of the annotations when you select a part of the slide in the non-diaporama mode, I know it's in sd/source/ui, but I'm not sure after that, is it DeleteWindowFromPaintView?

[21:19] <arthurb> ericb2: the svn address is svn:// OOo4Kids (if that helps you at all...)

[21:20] <ericb2> clemat: without study the code, I can't answer you directly, but I'll have a look

[21:20] <ericb2> arthurb: yes, it is

[21:20] <clemat> ericb2: thank you, I'm quite lost in front of it

[21:20] <ericb2> arthurb: the right command is :

[21:21] <ericb2> svn co svn:// whatever_folder_name

[21:21] <arthurb> ericb2: i mean when you ask me which OO4Kids i'mtalking about i really don't know what to tell you...

[21:21] <ericb2> clemat: so since two weeks, you are stuck and you wait ?

[21:23] <arthurb> ericb2: i apologize you must have meant which problem and in that case here it is

[21:24] <clemat> ericb2: I'm not stuck on it for 2 weeks, only 4 or 5 days, and I used to talk about the project with metrokid

[21:24] <ericb2> clemat: yes, the problem is you probably forgot to add --disable-binfilter in the configure command line

[21:25] <ericb2> clemat: can you please have a look ?

[21:25] <clemat> ericb2: ericb2 but I have to admit that the end of the year is quite hard for us in Centrale Nantes

[21:25] <clemat> ericb2: Do you talk to me?

[21:26] <ericb2> clemat: I agree, the end of year is not easy for me too, but how do you want me to guess if you have problems  ?

[21:26] <ericb2> clemat: sorry, the paste was from arthurb

[21:26] <ericb2> arthurb: you probably missed the option during configure

[21:28] <ericb2> arthurb: clemat I'll be online wednesday afternoon, and thursday and friday all the days

[21:28] <ericb2> arthurb: clemat so, I think this is the moment to be there and work together

[21:29] <ericb2> arthurb: clemat will you be able to be there, or are you completely busy ?

[21:30] <ericb2> clemat: to answer you partialy : sd does contain the "static" part of the slideshow

[21:30] <ericb2> clemat: and slideshow does contain the dynamic one

[21:30] <arthurb> ericb2: thursday is ok though a couple of exams on friday

[21:30] <clemat> ericb2: well, you talk me about the sd/source/ui emplacement 4 days ago, since, I tried to find it on my own. I'm sorry that the project have difficulties, we 'll try all we can. I think that wenesday from 16h00 is ok

[21:30] <ericb2> arthurb: so let's continue thursday

[21:31] <ericb2> clemat: yes, but I told you the same : dynamic part (during the slideshow -> slideshow) in the static part -> sd

[21:31] <clemat> ericb2: we have some examinations on thursday, but maybe we'll can work too on thursday

[21:31] <ericb2> clemat: ok, but I got crazy days of work, and it will be only after 16h30

[21:31] <ericb2> on wednesday that is

[21:32] <ericb2> clemat: thurday or friday, as I said I'll be there the whole day

[21:32] <clemat> ericb2: ok, perfect

[21:32] <ericb2> clemat: do you have a full patch of eraser01 ?

[21:32] <ericb2> clemat: if not you can ask metrokid

[21:33] <clemat> ericb2: I don't know

[21:33] <clemat> ericb2: I will talk about it with metrokid

[21:33] <ericb2> clemat: you'll find more easely what / where is the place you are searching for

[21:33] <ericb2> clemat: this is somewhere were the code has been modified, obligatory

[21:33] <ericb2> clemat: I got such patch if metrokid cannot provide you one

[21:34] <ericb2> clemat: arthurb Maaax other points ?

[21:35] <Maaax> I-ve no other questions, but if you have some points to tell me, you can i'm here for this =)

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