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[15:01] <ericb2> Meeting time ?

[15:02] <Remaille> yes

[15:03] <ericb2> Let's start

[15:03] <peter13j> Hi all,

[15:03] <ericb2> peter13j: Hi :)

[15:03] <ericb2> Agenda for 7th of December 2007 meeting

[15:03] <ericb2> 1. Welcome people and devs joining Education project

[15:03] <ericb2> 2. Create a Welcome / FAQ for newcomers

[15:03] <ericb2> 3. Write courses about development

[15:03] <ericb2> 4. Website

[15:03] <ericb2> 5. Last news

[15:03] <ericb2> 6. Misc

[15:03] <ericb2> Point 1

[15:04] <peter13j> ericb2: Hi.

[15:04] <ericb2> Welcome newcomers :)

[15:04] <Remaille> I don't think there are newcomers today

[15:05] <Remaille> welcome evrybody btw :)

[15:05] <ericb2> Remaille: about welcome, I have something for the point 2

[15:05] <ericb2> 2. Create a Welcome / FAQ for newcomers

[15:06] <ericb2> the problem is, I did a mistaken and created something only readable on Apple

[15:06] <ericb2> Iis it possible to put the point 2 at the end ?

[15:06] <Remaille> no pb

[15:06] <ericb2> the timle I copy paste everything in a correct format ?

[15:06] <ericb2> thanks

[15:14] <ericb2> yet one or two minutes, and I'll provide you the link

[15:17] <ericb2> The document is ready :

[15:17] <ericb2> at least, the first draft

[15:17] <ericb2> The sources :

[15:17] <ericb2> as you can see, I proposed both English and French versions

[15:18] <ericb2> please add your own version

[15:18] <ericb2> anybody there ?

[15:18] <rbircher> Hello to all

[15:19] <ericb2> rbircher: hello Raphael

[15:19] <ericb2> rbircher: as promised, the draft of the welcome

[15:19] <ericb2> rbircher: see the link above

[15:19] <ericb2> rbircher: feel free to add the german translation ;-)

[15:20] <rbircher> Ok

[15:20] <rbircher> I will download later

[15:20] <ericb2> rbircher: this is not fully localized, but I missed time

[15:20] <ericb2> rbircher: I'll update regularly, and once done, I'll propose 1.0 and people will propose updates

[15:21] <ericb2> rbircher: the license is still missing but this is the PDL license of course

[15:21] <ericb2> rbircher: I propose we concentrate on the english version, and everybody intersted will localize it's own

[15:22] <ericb2> rbircher: the idea is to put a link on the website, like we did for X11 version of on Mac OS X

[15:22] <ericb2> if someone has suggestions, ideas, opinions, please tell us

[15:23] <ericb2> this is a first try, and a lot has yet to be done

[15:23] <ericb2> Next point ?

[15:24] <Remaille> ok intersesting file ericb2

[15:24] <Remaille> shall we put it onto the wiki ?

[15:24] <ericb2> Remaille: thanks. Feel free to contribute too : I'll put the name of all the contributors

[15:24] <Remaille> so that all contributors will be able to modify it

[15:25] <ericb2> Remaille: ok, I'll add an entry on the wiki

[15:25] <Remaille> or do you prefer to centralize it ?

[15:25] <ericb2> Remaille: + localized strings

[15:25] <ericb2> Remaille: I have no opinion, just asking :-)

[15:26] <Remaille> if it is a "sensitive" doc (and it is) why nnot centralizing it ?

[15:26] <ericb2> Remaille: this is no problem at all

[15:27] <Remaille> If you wan't I can cenralize for french ?

[15:27] <ericb2> Remaille: with such documents, the beginning could be on the wiki, and once the final organisation known, centralize ?

[15:27] <Remaille> or english, whatever

[15:27] <Remaille> ok, good idea

[15:27] <ericb2> Remaille: if we centralize, the website is the place

[15:27] <Remaille> wait for version 1.0 so :-=

[15:27] <Remaille> :)

[15:28] <ericb2> Can we agree I'll firstly copy the content on the wiki, and once the organiztion finalized, we centralize the result on the site ?

[15:28] <rbircher> Sorry, I was on toilete

[15:28] * cemoi ( has joined

[15:28] <Remaille> ok for me

[15:29] <rbircher> ericb2, you talk about wat

[15:29] <rbircher> wich point

[15:30] <Remaille> point 2

[15:30] <ericb2> For the people just joining, I put everything there : DEcember_2007/7th_December

[15:31] rbircher Remaille

[15:31] <Remaille> rbircher :

[15:31] <rbircher> Ah ok

[15:31] <ericb2> rbircher: yes, about the welcome: the idea is to firstly create the document on the wiki, and once done, propose it on the site

[15:32] <rbircher> +1 to put the content as first on the wiki, to create the content

[15:32] * ericb2 will do this afternoon

[15:32] <ericb2> Next point ?

[15:32] <rbircher> ok, thanks

[15:32] <ericb2> Point 3. Write courses about development

[15:33] <rbircher> yes

[15:33] <ericb2> I proposed the point because I already started. The idea is to use what Seneca College does, or something similar, but applied to

[15:33] <rbircher> here you have to say samething i hink

[15:34] <ericb2> what we will need is pedagogical opinions

[15:34] <Remaille> you mean to provide to uni teachers a kind of ready-made teaching set ?

[15:34] <ericb2> I

[15:34] <ericb2> Remaille: something ike that, but about project

[15:34] <Remaille> ok

[15:35] <ericb2> Remaille: e.g. : learn what tool we use, and learn them through examples

[15:35] <Remaille> eg a project of coding but applied to OOo

[15:35] <ericb2> Remaille: in a well defined order, following a progression

[15:35] <Remaille> ok

[15:35] <ericb2> Remaille: yes

[15:35] <ericb2> Remaille: this is appearing in the Welcome btw

[15:36] <ericb2> See CONTRIBUTE point [15:36] <Remaille> a friend of me is a teacher at Lyon uni (the one who signed an agreement with MS). He could be interested as he disagreed with this agreement

[15:36] <Remaille> I will see

[15:37] <ericb2> Remaille: god idea. Please invite him :)

[15:37] <ericb2> Remaille: we could even do a dedicated Meeting, giving him the talk

[15:38] <ericb2> Remaille: and make it visible from planet, or from our website e.g.

[15:38] <Remaille> ok I will tell you, I phone him this weekend

[15:38] <ericb2> Remaille: thanks !

[15:38] <Remaille> we never know

[15:38] <ericb2> one big thing in the courses, will be UNO use learning

[15:39] <ericb2> of course, we will do some errors and mistakes, but if we don't try, we never will propose anything :)

[15:39] <ericb2> that's what I had to say for the point 3. Questions ?

[15:40] <Remaille> I am not a dev at all... but I think that UNO is, pedagogically, intersting. It is a good opportunities to learn python and others languages

[15:40] <ericb2> Remaille: and more :)

[15:40] <Remaille> yes more !

[15:40] <Remaille> (but too much for me :)

[15:41] <ericb2> Next point ?

[15:41] <rbircher> If you start with this project, you can talk about on the mailing list

[15:42] <rbircher> ?

[15:42] <ericb2> rbircher: I'll do. But I'd like to have something clean before

[15:42] <rbircher> That's ok

[15:42] <ericb2> Point 4. Website

[15:43] <rbircher> But so all are informated

[15:43] <rbircher> yes, next Point Website

[15:43] <rbircher> That's my point

[15:44] <rbircher> Nicolas is not here at the moment

[15:44] <rbircher> but he works on the layout

[15:45] <rbircher> Wath the nest Steps now

[15:46] <rbircher> QA The Layout, make all tests, this will take same time

[15:46] <rbircher> paralell we most working now at the content

[15:47] <rbircher> And here ar all requested

[15:48] <rbircher> Thenn we fill the Content in the new website

[15:48] <ericb2> rbircher: what do you propose to help you ?

[15:48] <ericb2> s/propose/ask/

[15:49] <rbircher> First wi most know witch site we will create

[15:50] rbircher Remaille

[15:51] <ericb2> rbircher: what is not clear ?

[15:51] <rbircher> witch site with wich topic will be createt

[15:51] <ericb2> rbircher: what was wrong with what I proposed in the list ?

[15:52] <rbircher> That's a idea but maybe wi like more sites

[15:53] <ericb2> rbircher: hmm .. I'd suggest to start little. 3 or 4 big buttons, all areas are defined. And if this is not good, we adjust later

[15:54] <ericb2> rbircher: the problem is I have potential sponsors and people lurking what happens, and if we continue to wait, the will go away

[15:54] <ericb2> s/the/they.

[15:56] <rbircher> If I have the owverwiev, the 4 Buttens are not enough at the moment

[15:56] <rbircher> We have more content

[15:57] <ericb2> rbircher: let me retrieve the URL of the mail

[15:57] <rbircher> The comming Week we use for the test of the layout

[15:58] <rbircher> The list of Content can be created paralely

[15:58] <ericb2> Here is the draft :

[15:59] <rbircher> We lose no time with it

[15:59] <ericb2> rbircher: let's start with test and invite people to have a look on the list ?

[15:59] <ericb2> @all : the link for the test page is :

[16:00] <rbircher> Yes, i hope nicolas progress with the code

[16:01] <ericb2> rbircher: ok, I'll contact him asap

[16:01] * cemoi has quit ("Ex-Chat")

[16:02] <rbircher> If we progress fine and have not to much truble, we can propose the new layout next week

[16:02] <Remaille> it could be nice

[16:02] <ericb2> rbircher: great :-)

[16:03] <ericb2> rbircher: I'll have more time, and I'll help if possible

[16:03] <Remaille> so that we will have quite soon a new website nicer ! :)

[16:03] <rbircher> But thests take a load of time

[16:03] <ericb2> Remaille: and concentrate on the content

[16:03] <rbircher> 2/3 of Webdesign is testing

[16:05] <rbircher> But I have a load experience on this part, so I hope to progress good

[16:05] <ericb2> rbircher: thank you very much for your time

[16:05] <ericb2> Next point ?

[16:05] <Remaille> thank you too !! :-)

[16:06] <rbircher> yes next point

[16:06] <ericb2> 5. Last news

[16:06] <ericb2> who will start ?

[16:07] <rbircher> you

[16:07] <ericb2> ok

[16:07] <ericb2> then I think I found a sponsor

[16:08] <ericb2> what we need is propose Applications for students, and then this is ok to help us

[16:08] <ericb2> I alread have defined 3 subjects, for code, mainly for Mac OS X port , since I'm developer for it ;-)

[16:09] * cemoi ( has joined

[16:09] <ericb2> applications could be : write a new canvas using uartz and Quartz code (long and difficult ) , implement Applescripting (same difficulty ) , and a third one, I prefer verify it's possible

[16:09] <ericb2> s/uartz/Quartz/ [16:10] <ericb2> The point is : we already have a good idea of what has to be done, we just need peers : professors/students and let's go

[16:10] <ericb2> then the sponsor will propose something

[16:11] <ericb2> the applications concern high schools. The first one intersted is UTBM ( where I'm teaching) but two other engineering schools ( both from Paris) could be interested

[16:11] <rbircher> The Sponsor, it is maynly in france?

[16:11] rbircher Remaille

[16:11] <ericb2> rbircher: yes, I'll porvide more informations when I'll be sure

[16:12] <ericb2> rbircher: I didn't progress with association, but I'll sure do it for the next week

[16:12] <ericb2> rbircher: to receive money and donations, and provide receipts in return ( legal issue in fact )

[16:12] <rbircher> Ok

[16:13] <rbircher> Good news from Frence

[16:13] <ericb2> of course, developers working on the subjects are aware, and glad to help :)

[16:13] <ericb2> rbircher: let's be sure before

[16:13] <ericb2> rbircher: paradoxaly, the most difficult to find are the students/professors

[16:13] <rbircher> yes, but you work on it

[16:14] <ericb2> I try to

[16:14] <rbircher> oki

[16:14] <rbircher> You have otter news

[16:14] <rbircher> ?

[16:15] <ericb2> peter13j: can you give us more infos about your presentation ?

[16:15] <ericb2> peter13j: the one we added on the site

[16:16] <rbircher> yes, peter13j news from China

[16:16] <Remaille> ericb2, could tell ma a bit more about your contacts ? so tht at i wil able to be more accrate

[16:16] <Remaille> accurate

[16:16] <Remaille> with my friend

[16:16] <peter13j> Yes, I gave it at Beijing Jiaotong University last week

[16:17] <peter13j> We had about 50 students in the audience ...

[16:17] >Remaille< on en discute en prive apres ?

[16:17] <peter13j> ... not bad in the evening (19:00 local on a Friday) ...

[16:18] <peter13j> .. few of them left during the event ...

[16:18] <peter13j> ... so I guess it was not too bad.

[16:18] <ericb2> peter13j :-)

[16:18] <ericb2> peter13j: what I read is very interesting, and mike completed impressively

[16:19] <peter13j> FOSS is becoming more and more attention in the momnet in China

[16:19] <rbircher> we talk about this presentation PeterJunge_BeijingJiaotongUniversity20071130full.odp

[16:20] <rbircher> Michael has a presentation too i think

[16:21] <rbircher> He well send me the file next time, to add it

[16:21] <peter13j> Yes, I think Michael is currently translating it. It's in Chinese yet.

[16:21] <ericb2> peter13j: thank you (and Michael) very much for your work. this is a precious document, and we will try to valorize it  :-)

[16:22] <peter13j> ericb2: Thanks a lot.

[16:22] <rbircher> Yes, thenks to chine for it

[16:22] <ericb2> peter13j: you're welcome. really !

[16:23] <rbircher> you and Michael make a great job

[16:23] <peter13j> rbircher: :-)

[16:24] <rbircher> Ok, I have news from Switzerland too

[16:25] <rbircher> or you ar not finished peter13j

[16:25] <peter13j> rbircher: Go ahead

[16:25] <rbircher> Ok

[16:26] <rbircher> I write at the moment a concept for Switzerland

[16:27] <rbircher> The goal is, to found a assosiassion in CH suportet by end users and sponsors

[16:28] <ericb2> the main problem is, to be visible we need some money

[16:28] <ericb2> e.g. to attend FOSDEM

[16:28] <ericb2> whereI'd like to do a lightning talk about us [16:29] <rbircher> I think, in switzerland we will finde it

[16:29] <ericb2> and some other important events

[16:29] <ericb2> rbircher: would be great

[16:29] <rbircher> It's not easi, but possible

[16:29] <ericb2> rbircher FYI, it's question of 400 euros / person and per event. Not a ruin, but not easy to find

[16:31] <rbircher> But at the moment i can't say mor

[16:31] <ericb2> rbircher: thanks

[16:31] <ericb2> Next point ?

[16:31] <rbircher> I working on it at the moment

[16:31] <rbircher> Any other have news

[16:32] <rbircher> ?

[16:32] <rbircher> Then next point

[16:32] <ericb2> Ok next meeting same hour, next week ?

[16:33] <peter13j> ericb2: OK

[16:33] <rbircher> Same time, same Day?

[16:33] <ericb2> ok for me too, of course

[16:34] <ericb2> End of meeting

[16:34] <peter13j> rbircher: Same universe, same planet? SCNR

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