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This page is to use as portal for the Native-Language Press Releases. Please upload the PR in your language and add the link to this page by adding the language identifier to the link name (example: (it) 3.3 Versione Finale). Feel free to add also links to press releases that have been published all over the world in the *Press Announcement* session.

OpenOffice 3.3 Ready for Download

(de) 3.3 steht jetzt zum produktivem Einsatz bereit

(en-US) 3.3 Ready for Download

(es) 3.3 esta aquí y lista para ser descargada

(it) 3.3 è pronto per il download (some paragraphs were rewritten, the rest translated)

(ja) コミュニティ 3.3 のリリースをアナウンス (The Project announces the release of 3.3)

Press Announcements

(ja) 3.3.0 日本語版 リリースのお知らせ (Announces the release of 3.3 Japanese version)

(ja) 3.3 新機能ガイド日本語版を発表 (Announces 3.3 New Features Guide Japanese version)

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