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Anyone may Translate

You need not to register or login for helping in translation. Anyone can make suggestions in Pootle. Those will be reviewed by committers and then stored into the database.

Start with Pootle at https://translate.apache.org and choose your language and project in any order. The project Apache OpenOffice 4.x covers the strings, which can be seen in the user interface (UI), the project Apache OpenOffice 4.x Help covers the texts in the built-in help. Always choose the project with the highest version number.


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If you are seriously interested and will work collaboratively with the other translators, you can get a Pootle account.

  1. Subscribe to the localization mailing list. Note: It's a public list and you will probably get many related mails, but it's a way to get in touch and communicate each other.
  2. Introduce yourself on the list and find members in your language.
  3. Become familiar with Pootle. If your language is missing on Pootle, ask on l10n@openoffice.apache.org to add it. We will react as soon as possible.
  4. Ask for a Pootle account by sending an email:
 To: l10n@openoffice.apache.org
 Subject: New Pootle Account
 Hello my name is ..... and .... 
 Please create a Pootle account for me. I state that my contributions are under
the Apache 2 license and I will work on ...<your language>... My preferred username is ...<preferred username>...

The administrators of the Pootle server will contact you for username/password.

All project committers have automatically a Pootle accout and can use their Apache username/password on Pootle.


To login at Pootle click on the log-in text, top right in the blue area. Afterward you will find a link to your account settings in this area.

Maintain Translation

If you are willing to maintain the translation in the longer term, tell this on the mailing list and find collegues there. Add yourself to the list on https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OOOUSERS/Localization+Volunteers

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