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We have agreed, that all localized content in this Wiki goes to the subfolder XY of the main Wiki URL. Notice the upper case of the subfolder name. If a page is a translation of an English page, the title in the URL is the same as the English one. Example: The URL of the translation of the page http://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/Pootle_User_Guide has to be http://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/XY/Pootle_User_Guide in the language xy.
To connect the orignal and translated page insert the line
at the bottom of the original page, ordered alphabetically by the namespace. Of cause use instead of Pootle_User_Guide the real page title. If your native language community has decided to use another structure under XY, you should ask the community members before you start translation.
To get all the structure and formatting from the original page, open it in edit mode and copy the whole content to your new page, then cancel editing of the original page.

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Pootle User Guide
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The Apache Software Foundation runs a Pootle Translate service to allow its projects an easy, cooperative way to localize their products. This guide describes how to use Pootle in the Apache OpenOffice project. As of August 2013, already 40 languages (out of the 120+ languages OpenOffice supports) are maintained in Pootle and more coming soon.

For an introduction to the localization process read http://openoffice.apache.org/translate.html and for a more general overview start at http://openoffice.apache.org/get-involved.html.

Registration and Login
The chapter describes how to become a Translator.
Overview Pootle UI
The chapter introduces you to the elements in the user interface of Pootle.
Offline Translation
The chapter explains how to translate offline.
Quality Assurance
The chapter provides tips to ensure a high quality of the translation.
Releasing a Localized Build
The chapter describes the steps needed to provide a localized version of Apache OpenOffice.
Technical Helpers
The chapter shows you helpers for the process of translation.
Translation of the User Interface
The chapter lists tips and tricks for translating the user interface of Apache OpenOffice.
Translation of the Built-in Help
The chapter lists tips and tricks for translating the built-in help of Apache OpenOffice.
General Problems
The chapter gives you assistance in general problems, which might occur during the translating process.
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