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Assigned Tasks for upcoming OpenOffice releases

This page contains tasks (defects or issues) with assigned owners for upcoming releases

Task Dev Owner Time frame, cws UX Owner Doc Owner QA Owner
All Applications: Performance Improvements (startup, load/save, etc. Performance/People asap (OOo 3.1/OOo 3.2) n/a n/a n/a
All Applications: Renaissance Renaissance:Team begin of 2010 abartels ufi TBD
OOo Site infrastructure: DSCM Migration hr August 2009 (in time for 3.2 release branch) n/a hr n/a
Impress: Format Paintbrush issues 93703,97121 cl
Calc: XLSX/XLSB import of scenarios Issue 99426 dr completed (OOo 3.2)
Calc: XLSX/XLSB import of embedded form controls Issue 99677 dr completed (OOo 3.2)
Calc: Import of cell notes from XLSX and XLSB Issue 96438 dr July 2009 (OOo 3.2)
Impress: dynamic font size for text boxes Issue 94086 thb, cl
All applications: better print support on MacOSX pl July 2009
All applications: On Windows 7 old XP style file picker is used 101843, cws filepicker01 cd asap (OOo 3.2)
Chart: Bubble Chart 64689, Spec iha asap (OOo 3.2)
Chart: Inserting/editing arbitrary text objects in chart 12587, tbe asap (prob OOo 3.2)
Chart: surface charts 29012 iha asap (prob OOo 3.2)
support PS-OpenType/OTF/(SFNT with CFF) fonts for PDF export and printing 43029 hdu completed (OOo 3.2)
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