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Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of Sun Microsystems (StarOffice) with RedFlag2000
Performance Project

Date: 2008/10/16
Time: 16:31– 17:16
Meeting No.:


(09:31:26 AM) kuangl: Hi Dieter
(09:31:31 AM) kuangl: hi mhu
(09:31:33 AM) mhu: Hi all
(09:31:39 AM) yugq: Hi, mhu
(09:32:02 AM) lihen1: hi,all
(09:33:02 AM) mhu: Hmm, I was supposed to excuse Dieter and Malte because they are busy with another meeting... ?
(09:33:31 AM) liangjunzeng: hello all
(09:33:49 AM) mhu: Hi liangjun
(09:33:51 AM) Malte: We decided to attend to this meeting instead of the other :)
(09:33:57 AM) liangjunzeng: :)
(09:34:08 AM) lihen1: Malte:thank you
(09:34:17 AM) mhu: okay
(09:34:21 AM) Dieter_: ...because this a very important project for us
(09:34:30 AM) Dieter_: lihen: Thank you for your very detailed document. I think it would be good to go through the document to get a common understanding.
(09:35:12 AM) lihen1: Dieter_:It's my pleasure
(09:35:52 AM) lihen1: another part for time-binder will be finish in a few days
(09:39:23 AM) mhu: sorry, I have just skipped over the document (read the first half) ... looks good so far
(09:40:12 AM) mhu: shall we quickly go through the document, as Dieter suggested ?
(09:43:45 AM) mhu: ping ... am I still online ... ?
(09:45:12 AM) mhu: ...anybody out there ?
(09:48:16 AM) lihen1: it's important unit of our new tools
(09:48:16 AM) lihen1: it can make it easy to measure effects of some key points
(09:48:16 AM) lihen1: Okay, can we continue to discuss the web server?
(09:48:16 AM) Malte: Can you please explain "time-binder"?
(09:48:16 AM) lihen1: Okay, we will put some native code for trace all node of Performance Roadmap, in every node we can add some time when it is executed, and that if we add 2 second time to a node ...
(09:48:16 AM) Dieter_: lihen: in your document the word "performance map" means a "sequence map" or "process flow map", right?
(09:48:16 AM) lihen1: and find the 10 seconds delay in macroscopical value, we can know how many time we can save
(09:48:16 AM) lihen1: Dieter_:Yes, we splited a macroscopical value to several key nodes
(09:48:16 AM) lihen1: Malte: can you understand me?
(09:48:18 AM) Malte: Next try ;)
(09:48:48 AM) yugq: yes
(09:49:05 AM) yugq: mhu, I can see you online.
(09:50:01 AM) mhu: hi all, Dieter Malte and I just found out that we have massive network delay in our chat connection (looks like 2-3 minutes delay) , sorry for that
(09:51:39 AM) mhu: yugq: thanks for your response, now I can hear you again; but we some seriously network delay ...
(09:52:30 AM) lihen1: Matthias:Okay, we can through it now, and I will explain some key point to Malte via email,
(09:52:30 AM) lihen1: Malte:Do you think so?
(09:52:30 AM) lihen1: Malte: Do you think so?
(09:52:30 AM) [1]Malte: Damn, I got disconnected again...
(09:52:30 AM) [1]Malte: Was there some comment on my naming suggestion?
(09:52:32 AM) lihen1: Matthias:can you receive my word?
(09:53:18 AM) lihen1: Dieter_:Yes, we splited a macroscopical value to several key nodes
(09:53:59 AM) mhu: LiHeng: yes I can read your words, but they seem to arrive blockwise with 2-3 minutes delay (after you wrote them)
(09:54:15 AM) lihen1: yugq:are you there?
(09:54:15 AM) yugq: yes?
(09:54:15 AM) yugq: liheng, I'm here.
(09:54:38 AM) lihen1: yugq:but I can't talk with Mhu,and the others
(09:54:39 AM) lihen1: :(
(09:54:47 AM) lihen1: network is worry?
(09:55:16 AM) yugq: I think there is some problem with their networks.
(09:58:47 AM) yugq: liheng, are you online now?
(09:58:47 AM) lihen1: Matthias:Do you think network is well enough to continue this meeting?
(09:58:47 AM) lihen1: yugq:I'm here but some trouble with network, ...
(09:58:47 AM) lihen1: :(
(09:59:49 AM) mhu: lihen1,all : sorry, I have just sent email explaining (our Hamburg) network problem; we see your words, but with minutes delay; yes I am patient enough to try to continue the meeting if you like :-)
(10:00:00 AM) [1]Malte: I think continuing IRC doesn't make sense... :(
(10:00:10 AM) [1]Malte: Could switch to email...
(10:00:23 AM) yugq: Agree
(10:00:42 AM) mhu: yugq: agree to what ?
(10:00:42 AM) [1]Malte: mailing-list, or direct email?
(10:01:38 AM) lihen1: direct email first
(10:01:45 AM) yugq: mhu, Malte said: "I think continuing IRC doesn't make sense... :(Could switch to email..."
(10:02:08 AM) [1]Malte: so who as all emails adresse at hand, and will start the first mail?
(10:02:09 AM) mhu: ah okay, I am only testing the reponsiveness :-)
(10:02:12 AM) lihen1: Matthias:We should switch to email
(10:02:38 AM) mhu: okay, we can continue via email then ...
(10:03:02 AM) [1]Malte: I suggest Li Heng sends out a first mail to get things started.
(10:03:05 AM) yugq: It seems the network is better now:)
(10:03:35 AM) [1]Malte: So we try to stick with IRC now?
(10:03:49 AM) mhu: yugq: that is what I was testing ...
(10:04:03 AM) [1]Malte: Seems to work now for me...
(10:04:29 AM) lihen1: [1]Malte:Seems better
(10:04:30 AM) lihen1: :)
(10:04:46 AM) mhu: I have sent out an email 7 minutes ago; has anyone of you received it ?
(10:05:08 AM) [1]Malte: yes
(10:05:36 AM) lihen1: Matthias:Yes
(10:05:49 AM) yugq: yes, received
(10:05:53 AM) mhu: okay, then at least the email fallback still works :-)
(10:08:10 AM) lihen1: but i think we ave lost many words
(10:08:10 AM) lihen1: but i think we have lost many words
(10:08:10 AM) lihen1: Malte:Did you receive the explaination of Time-binder?
(10:09:12 AM) mhu: I think, I have a log of all our conversation; I can send that via email when we are finished for today.
(10:10:15 AM) mhu: ...and, maybe email really is the better medium than IRC today; I think we have these delays again ...
(10:16:15 AM) mhu: okay, I am giving up for today, sorry. Bye for now, see you next week, or via email ...


Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of Sun Microsystems (StarOffice) with RedFlag2000
Performance Project

Date: 2008/11/13
Time: 16:56– 17:28
Meeting No.:


(4:57:13 PM) yugq: Hi, xiuzhi. It seems they have forgetton the IRC today.
(4:59:38 PM) xiuzhi: yugq:really?
(5:00:17 PM) xiuzhi: yugh: the start time is 5:00 ,isn't it?
(5:00:27 PM) yugq: Liheng said we start at 4:30.
(5:01:58 PM) xiuzhi: yugq: next week is a good time, IMHO
(5:02:12 PM) yugq: OK.
(5:02:28 PM) xiuzhi: yugq: Maybe they are tired or too busy this week
(5:02:46 PM) yugq: Oh. Yes.
(5:02:56 PM) yugq: :-D
(5:03:56 PM) xiuzhi: yugq:because it was a long trip, and nomorraly, the first week is very busy after the OOoCon
(5:05:10 PM) yugq: Yes. We will wait until 5:30.
(5:05:15 PM) yugq: :)
(5:05:47 PM) yugq: Maybe they are confused about the new time.
(5:06:02 PM) mhu: Hi all, sorry for being late...
(5:06:03 PM) yugq: Hi, mhu.
(5:06:09 PM) kuangl: hello mhu
(5:06:23 PM) lihen1: hi,mhu
(5:06:25 PM) mhu: I just arrived at my office...
(5:06:52 PM) lihen1: :)
(5:07:09 PM) yugq: mhu: It's good to see you at IRC again. Thank you very much for the little gift:-D
(5:07:28 PM) mhu: ...36 hours back in Hamburg...need to read >600 emails ... but already found your agenda for today...
(5:07:56 PM) mhu: yugq: you are welcome, it was nice to meet you in Beijing.
(5:08:51 PM) yugq: mhu: Nice to meet you, too.
(5:09:14 PM) mhu: ...inviting Dieter and Malte to our meeting...yes I wanted to do that...maybe we start next week ? ...
(5:10:11 PM) lihen1: Thank you,:)
(5:11:08 PM) xiuzhi: mhu: I just talked with yugq that you must be very tired this week
(5:11:13 PM) mhu: okay, I will then see that they can attend.
(5:12:33 PM) mhu: xiuzhi: oh, well, a little bit tired due to the timezone shift; I get tired early and wake up early, part of my body is still some hours shifted in Beijing direction :-)
(5:13:01 PM) lihen1: By the way, we can start our next IRC at 16:30 in Beijing, because we get off work at 17:30 week, and most people must take the bus:)
(5:13:41 PM) lihen1: can't you?
(5:13:49 PM) mhu: Liheng: okay, that is fine with me; it means 30 min earlier than today, right ?
(5:13:52 PM) xiuzhi: mhu: :)
(5:13:59 PM) lihen1: yes
(5:14:08 PM) mhu: xiuzhi: :-)
(5:14:26 PM) mhu: Liheng: okay, I mark my calendar appropriately.
(5:15:11 PM) lihen1: today, we can just talk only about "Which do developers want to pick up in reports? There is a simple template I maked in attachment " :)
(5:15:46 PM) mhu: okay, let me look at the attachment for a few seconds ...
(5:15:56 PM) lihen1: ok
(5:17:38 PM) mhu: well, the template looks fine so far, but for me to judge, I think we need to play a little with some datasets to see its usefullness.
(5:18:09 PM) mhu: that is, with an empty spreadsheet, I cant say much...
(5:18:39 PM) mhu: ...when there are data in it, I might better see what is missing (or too much).
(5:18:52 PM) mhu: but it is a good start.
(5:20:58 PM) lihen1: yes, if there are not essential data to add to the table, we will do a first test case with this template
(5:21:45 PM) lihen1: Would you like to start it with Save/Load case?
(5:21:46 PM) mhu: okay; I don't think anything essential is missing. It looks good so far.
(5:22:04 PM) mhu: We only have like 8 min left ?
(5:22:32 PM) lihen1: For xiuzhi it is, but not for me
(5:22:33 PM) lihen1: :)
(5:22:41 PM) mhu: okay :-)
(5:23:01 PM) xiuzhi: lihen1: :)
(5:23:17 PM) mhu: anyway, I think that would a good topic to discuss with Dieter and Malte, and have xiuzhi there as well.
(5:24:01 PM) mhu: (and I am not really prepared today also)
(5:24:02 PM) lihen1: Yes, we can discuss them at next time
(5:24:37 PM) mhu: okay
(5:25:14 PM) mhu: so, then I ask Dieter and Malte to join us next week, and we shift the time to 30 min earlier.
(5:25:33 PM) xiuzhi: mhu: good solution
(5:25:35 PM) lihen1: I think so, yugq cab also have enough time to finish the roadmap of Load/Save:)
(5:25:36 PM) mhu: ...and we discuss the Load / Save documents improvements
(5:26:03 PM) mhu: yes, a good preparation is always good
(5:26:30 PM) lihen1: Okay, that all today for me
(5:27:10 PM) mhu: yes, okay for me.
(5:27:18 PM) xiuzhi: nothing from me
(5:27:40 PM) yugq: bye
(5:27:44 PM) lihen1: :), bye
(5:27:50 PM) kuangl: bye
(5:27:50 PM) mhu: Thanks for all you did for us in Beijing; it has been a very good experience for me (and my wife), thanks again
(5:28:07 PM) lihen1: You are welcome!
(5:28:07 PM) mhu: bye, see you next week.
(5:28:08 PM) xiuzhi: mhu:we are pleasure
(5:28:21 PM) xiuzhi: mhu:8(bye)
(5:28:24 PM) lihen1: 8
(5:28:26 PM) lihen1: ;)
(5:28:27 PM) yugq: :)
(5:28:34 PM) mhu: bye :-)

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