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=== Default package ===
All projects should support the same default package or at least the same beginning ''org.openoffice...''.

Revision as of 09:55, 25 April 2007

Overview of task which have to be done to enhance the current plugin

Redesign of UNO project ANT targets

The UNO ANT targets use default targets of NetBeans to build and jar all project types. This should change to a process that is more aligned to the NetBeans behaviour that leaves overwriting of these targets to the end user.

C++ support

With the inclusion of C++ as supported programming language in NetBeans, the plugin should also support the creation of all project types in C++.

Scripting support

General support of scripting (Java, Javascript, ...). It should be possbile to create, deploy and debug scripts from within NetBeans into the office or into open documents.

Minor Tasks

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