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The 1.1 release is planned for September 1th 2007. For this release we will focus on improvements for the existing project types and the overall workflow.

  1. Support of description.xml files for oxt packages
    That means that the corresponding project types have a new context menu entry (later integration in project properties) to collect the necessary information like a unique identifier, version info, etc. For detailed information see []
  2. Project update
    We will introduce a mechanism to detect the current version of an UNO project and will update if necessary the UNO specific build scripts and property files so that these projects work with the latest plugin version. For example the support of the description.xml.
  3. Better manifest support
    That means we will improve the UNO project specific ant targets to become more flexible and allow easier customization.
  4. Support of a central registration class
    To support more than one UNO component implementation in one oxt package we will introduce a central registration class which do the registration for all UNO components object.
  5. UNO object file type
    Corresponding to the last point we will support a new file type wizard for UNO objects. This file type wizard is comparable to the project wizard and will support the same feature set but can be used more than once for an existing project. This makes the usage more comfortable and allows even more complex oxt packages.
  6. Specialized UNO obect file types
    Similar to specialized project types we will provide specialized file types for Calc Add-ins and Add-On objects.
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