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{{User Experience}}
== User Experience ==
== User Experience ==

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User Experience

The User Experience Team works to make OpenOffice.org the best office suite in terms of usability, productivity and enjoyment.



Communication Most Important Other Help

discuss@openoffice.org (ux-discuss)

Related mailing lists: User Experience mailing lists

As Newsgroup: GMANE gname.comp.openoffice.devel.user-experience

As Feeds (RSS): GNAME all messages with complete text, GNAME all messages with excerpted text, GNAME topics with complete text, GNAME topics with excerpted text, Google feed

As Archives: OpenOffice.org web archive, Google archive (only last 6 days)

IRC irc://freenode/ux.openoffice.org (channel)
Blog http://ux.openoffice.org/blog/ (OpenOffice.org User Experience Blog)

Related blogs: GullFOSS blogs on "user-experience",

Aggregation: Yahoo! pipes aggregation (blogs related to our project, web version)

Feeds (RSS): GullFOSS Subscribe blogs on "user-experience", Yahoo! pipes aggregation (blogs related to our project)

Activities and Work in Progress

Project Management

Documents and Resources

User Experience Resources

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