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*[[User Experience/Tools|User Experience Tools]]  
*[[User Experience/Tools|User Experience Tools]]  
*[[User Experience/Myths about UX|Myths about UX]]<br>
*[[User Experience/Myths about UX|Myths about UX]]<br>
*[http://www.mac-how.net how to uninstall applications on mac] and other how to - answers
== Project Management  ==
== Project Management  ==

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The User Experience Team

The User Experience Team (UX team) works to make OpenOffice.org the best office suite in terms of usability, productivity and enjoyment.

How to work with us?

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As Archives: OpenOffice.org web archive, Google archive (only last 6 days)




OpenOffice.org User Experience Blog

Related blogs: GullFOSS blogs on "user-experience",

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Feeds (RSS): GullFOSS Subscribe blogs on "user-experience", Yahoo! pipes aggregation (blogs related to our project)

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