Internship 2010: New Context Menu Implementation

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This project wants to exchange the old resource based context menus with a XML file based implementation. The menu bar, status bar and toolbars are already specified by XML files, can be accessed and customized by a UNO API.



Project Status

This is a rough overview about the work which has to be done.

  • Create a popup menu XML file format (should based on the menu bar format)
  • Implement a XML reader/writer for the popup menu XML file format
  • Extend the UI configuration API to manipulate popup menus
  • Extend the LayoutManager to create context menus
  • Remove the old SFX2 based code
  • Adapt the application code to use the new API for context menus
  • Convert all context menus from resources to XML files (the old conversion code inside framework can be used)
  • Optional: Extend the customization dialog so users are able to customize their context menus.
  • Optional: Extend the Addons.xcu file to merge entries into context menus
  • the project is accepted for the summer internship
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