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Converting OpenDocument/Text to WikiPedia/MediaWiki format

Odt2Wiki is an export filter for OpenOffice 2.0 by Bernhard Haumacher. It will let you convert OpenOffice.org Writer files (OpenDocument/Text) to MediaWiki (WikiPedia) text format.

Test it online

You can upload the odt and download the txt in MediaWiki format:


Note: The online transformer uses an old version of the transformation that does not yet support all features of the current one.

Installation in OpenOffice.org 2.0

To install the export filter:

  • Download the file Odt2Wiki.xslt (use the "Save link as..." feature of your browser to save the file to disc instead of viewing the source code)
  • Start OpenOffice.org 2.0.
  • From Tool choose XML Filter Settings.
  • Choose "New" and in "General" fill the form with the following data:
    • Filter name: Odt2Wiki
    • Application: OpenOffice.org Writer (.odt)
    • Name of file type: Odt2Wiki
    • File extention: txt
  • Choose Transformation and fill the form with the following data:
    • XSLT for Export: put the full path to Odt2Wiki.xslt

Convert Files

To export choose File → Export and select Odt2Wiki (.txt) as file format.

Now you can paste the content of the file in the edit form of MediaWiki.

Additional information


  • There is a similar alternative: http://www.activasoft.com/OpenOffice2MediaWiki . It is slower for long documents, but works better for bold and italics, and works different for tables, lists and images. Like Odt2Wiki, OpenOffice2MediaWiki is an XML filter (XSLT). It is based on OpenOffice2UniWakka.

OpenOffice.org 2.4+

OpenOffice.org versions 2.4 and later have a MediaWiki export filter built in. Just open a Writer document and click File → Export. Then, choose MediaWiki as the File format.

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