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* regression reviev [[2_0_1_regression_review]]
* regression reviev [[2_0_1_regression_review]]
[[Category:Quality Assurance]]

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Release Plan for 2.0.1 release

Task Who Deadline Comments
last cws integration for first RC / SRC680_m1xx mh, RE 2005-11-10 SRC680 is closed
release notes mh, ja 2005-12-15 http://development.openoffice.org/releases/2.0.1.html
Setup Guides
Upload of RC builds ja 2005-12-16 RC5, done full install sets for: en-US, fr, es, it, sv, nl, de, pt-BR, ja, ko, th, zh-CN, zh-TW;
full install sets with JRE for: en-US, fr, es, it, sv, nl, de, pt-BR, ja, ko, th, zh-CN, zh-TW;
lang packs for: en-US, en-GB, en-ZA, fr, es, it, sv, nl, de, pt-BR, ja, ko, zh-CN, zh-TW, af, be-BY, bg, bs, ca, cs, cy, da, el, et, fi, gu-IN, hi-IN, hr, hu, km, lt, nb, nn, ns, pa-IN, pl, ru, rw, sh-YU, sk, sl, sr-CS, st, sw-TZ, th, tr, vi, zu
Trigger QA of final builds aschnabel 2005-12-16
Track Status of localized builds aschnabel 2005-12-16 (ongoing) http://qa.openoffice.org/localized/status.html
Update of 680 pages for RC st 2005-12-16, done http://download.openoffice.org/680/index.html
QA of English RC builds ja 2005-12-16, done finished manual and automated QA cycle for English RC5 builds on Windows, Linux, Solaris X86 and Solaris Sparc
press release/alert chs, jpmcc, jacqueline 2005-12-20 OOoRelease201 PR Posted to MarCon list for translation/localisation and dissemination
Update of SDK 2.0 mh 2005-12-??
Upload of URE 1.0.1 mh
Upload of src tarball mh, ja 2005-12-16, done
msg to annouce@ooo content louis 2005-12-20 Notice ready on MarCon list. Louis has indicated on pr@marketing that he is able to post to announce@
move RC to final st 2005-12-19, done
download pages st 2005-12-20, done download.o.o/2.0.1/*, incl. staticization
upload of solver tarballs mh, ja, st 2005-12-20
notification of mirrors st 2005-12-20, done
Update of Bittorrents (mike!) 2005-12-20
Update of P2P page  ??? 2005-12-20
press kit update jacqueline 2005-12-20 http://www.openoffice.org/press/2.0/index.html (Tweaked. Will update with link to announcement when it becomes available).
homepage louis 2005-12-21 Louis has indicated on pr@marketing that he will update home page when he posts to notice to announce@
release all 2005-12-21

Showstoppers found in RC1

IZ Query result

For interim updates on the status see the talk page (aka discussion) for this article.

possible Showstoppers (needs update!)


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