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Call for Papers

The Community invites potential speakers to submit proposals for papers for OOoCon 2009. Whether you are a seasoned presenter, or have never stood up in public before, if you have something interesting to share about - we want to hear from you. Please note the Conference main language is English but this year we have a specific session dedicated to education where it's possible to submit proposals both in English and Italian.

A unique occasion

OOoCon 2009 will see the biggest concentration of OOo developers ever assembled in one location on this planet. For this reason, we particularly welcome proposals from developers with information to share with fellow developers, from how to get started with simple extensions, through to the deep, dirty, and downright technical aspects of hacking the codebase.

Papers are also welcomed on any topic of interest to the Community: to the thousands of people who have joined one of our Projects and design, develop, maintain, translate, test, document, support, promote, or in any other way help us bring's products and services to the world. We also encourage local communities to submit papers for a special feature on local success stories.

How to submit a Proposal

Your proposal (abstract) must be submitted in line with the Key Dates.

Key Dates

  • 14th August: deadline for regular submissions for consideration by the OOoCon Jury. Your paper will be considered on its merits against all the other proposals.
  • 28th August: we will let you know if your proposal has been accepted.
  • The Conference Programme will be published on 4th September with all accepted proposals. Registration will open at this point.
  • Your Conference Presentation must be submitted by 31st October. To file your presentation, please email it in both .odp and .pdf formats to with the title of your presentation as the subject of your email.

Conference Topics

We welcome contributions on any of the following topics ... but feel free to add your own:


  • The source and how to work with it
  • The roadmap
  • Tools for development
  • Integration and localization
  • QA, UI, and development processes
  • Packaging for distribution
  • Porting and platform specifics
  • System integration with (ODF, UNO, API, extensions)
  • Macros and Extensions
  • User Experience (UX)

OpenDocument Format

  • ODF State of the art
  • ODF Future Directions
  • ODF interoperability


  • Celebrating and promoting 3.0
  • Commercializing, integrating, and supporting
  • Migration methodology
  • Marketing OpenOffice - the product and the Community
  • Branding and artwork
  • Funding the project, defining the product, and extending it

Native Languages

  • More than translation: building local language communities
  • Tools and techniques for localisations
  • The Release Process

Case Studies

  • in Government and Public Administrations
  • in the private sector (SME - Small to Medium-sized Enterprise)
  • Building a successful business around (training, migration, support, development of extensions, technical authors...)
  • User Experience

Ooo/Floss in education (Italian and English language)

  • Didactical projects with OOo and FLOSS
  • OOo/FLOSS experience in Lower, Junior, High and Professional school
  • OOo/FLOSS learning projects for teachers
  • Qualification experiences and projects with OOo and FLOSS

Types of Session

A presentation is a general discussion of some topic, including (but not limited to) the software, the community, relationships with other software or communities, and political or philosophical issues. Presentations should be limited to 50 minutes (including questions and answers).

A workshop is a "hands-on labs." session, in which the presenter takes the audience step-by-step through a task, or provides hands-on tuition for audience in a classroom format. Presenters may request extended workshop sessions up to half a day in duration for complex tasks (e.g. how to set up a build environment).

A BoF (Birds of a Feather meeting) is an informal gathering of people in a particular group, or interested in a specific topic. Examples include the members of a native-language group, the marketing project, documentation writers, or Apple Mac porters.

A panel discussion involves a group of people (usually 3 or 4) led by a moderator. The participants make opening and closing statements on the topic, may discuss the topic among themselves, and may answer questions from the audience (usually submitted in advance).

A lightning talk is a mini (15 minutes), informal and very practical presentation where the speaker presents how to solve a specific issue.

Presentation Materials

An Impress template recommended for use for the conference presentations can be downloaded here. All speakers are required to file a copy of their presentations with the Conference organisers by October 23th. These presentations will be filed on the Conference website.

To file your presentation, please email it in both .odp and .pdf formats to with the title of your presentation as the subject of your email. .

Please note that your session may be streamed as a live broadcast and may be recorded and made available for download from the Conference website.

We look forward to receiving your proposals.

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