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One of the sessions of this year's Conference will be held at the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest on September 1st. Due to the mandatory security checks before entering the Parliament, it will be necessary to register yourself in advance.

By August 27th!

Everyone who wishes to attend this session has to register, and no one will be automatically registered -- neither speakers, nor organizers, nor sponsors, so please register yourself at the OOoCon website.

Granting exceptions for attendees is outside our powers, so chances are you will not be allowed to enter the Parliament if you forgot to register.

For all other sessions later registration is acceptable, though the earlier you register, the better.

In addition, we have been told the following restrictions:

   * Participants need to be on the spot 30 minutes before the start
   * Passport or ID card (EU citizens) must be shown at the gate
   * Sharp metal objects will be expropriated before entering the building. We don't have information about laptops yet, but suggest that people drop off their laptops at one of the university entrances (Nador 11), before heading to the Parliament.

Please come to the Parliament by 8:00 A.M.. You can enter at Gate Number 7 which is the South part of the building.

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