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Some Comments (without references)

Some comments from various mailing lists and personal mails on ODF@WWW:

  • "Wow this is really amazing, finally someone came up with some of my pipe dreams :)"
  • "It's an excellent idea, and it is, as you pointed out the tip of the iceberg: what you demoed is the future of OOo."
  • "This is great! For wikis to really get used by normal users for company intranets, they need this kind of easy-to-use interface, just as you've developed here!"
  • "Outstanding functionality, congrats! I think this is the future ..."
  • "This is quite clever indeed. However, to make it really cool it ..."
  • "Awesome! (Hey, and the soundtrack was great too)."
  • "OHMYGOD! M$ is gonna be so over it!"
  • "We really appreciate what you're doing."
  • "It’s a great start, and I am looking forward to what Ramme develops next with this project."
  • "This is way cool."
  • "Congratulations for implementing the ODF@WWW feature. It is really amazing."
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