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===Support Mac OS Clients===
===Support Mac OS Clients===
Support for Mac OS X Clients.
Support for Mac OS X Clients.
===Use Authentication===
Users need to login to be able to save documents.

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Milestone I - Production Ready

First goal for the ODF@WWW effort must be, to "release" something which has been properly checked-in and which has some kind of feature set, which seems to be usable. It is not yet ;-) the goal to conquer the world, but just to get the basics in place.


Create an Incubator Project

See http://www.openoffice.org/about_us/protocols_proposing.html for how-to creating an incubator project.

Title State
Draft a short proposal. done
Submit it to the Incubator lead, Louis Suarez-Potts for review. done
Advertise that proposal on the relevant lists and on discuss@openoffice.org. done
Ask for a vote on the merits of the project. done
Create the project. done
Prepare project pages in progress

CVS Check-In

Organize Release Management


Support All Applications

Support for all application types: Currently missing are drawings and presentations.

Support Mac OS Clients

Support for Mac OS X Clients.

Use Authentication

Users need to login to be able to save documents.


Define Document Life cycle


Installation Sets

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