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Bringing ODF and OpenOffice.org into the WWW.

The ODF@WWW project aims to bring the OpenOffice.org suite on the Internet and attempts to define conceptually what should the future OpenOffice.org platform be. This project integrates three different initiatives:

  • the development of companion products for ODF and OpenOffice.org in order to extend their reach into the WWW.
  • a conceptual framework defining the future evolution of OpenOffice.org as a platform called the Pinneberg Files
  • a way for community members to propose new evolutions for the product, that can be transformed into feature proposals through the Request For Enhancements (RFE)

Towards an ODF Wiki

This project has been approved as an Incubator Project and will soon have pages on the OpenOffice.org's web site.

On a technical level, the ODF@WWW project aims to develop companion products for ODF and OpenOffice.org to extend their reach into the WWW. The first planned product is an ODF Wiki, allowing to edit server side ODF documents WYSIWYG with the OpenOffice.org application suite, providing HTML and ODF access via HTTP respectively WebDAV, actually making the WWW as easy editable as classical documents, such as text documents, spreadsheets, presentations or drawings.

This Screencast may give some intuitive understanding of what the ODF@WWW is all about ... (Note: This screencast is also in hires 720p available.)

Currently on its way is a first Milestone. A prototype is available and may be installed as outlined in the Installation Instructions.

The Pinneberg Files

Started first by Charles-H. Schulz, the Pinneberg Files are a conceptual framework designed to organize the thinking and the drawing of a concept for the future of OpenOffice.org as a product. This future product is not defined with a release number. Rather, it attempts to define some broad vision for the OpenOffice.org "platform" that can then be broken down into several more fine-grained parts so that these parts can in turn be translated into RFEs (Requests For Enhancements). Specifically, this initiative attempts to define the future of potential OpenOffice.org "products" around the initial work of ODF@WWW (aka the ODF wiki and online sync mechanisms).

Community contributed proposals and dissemination/feedback

Leonard Mada's proposal and other contributed proposals are examples of proposals that feed both Pinneberg on a conceptual level and the ODF wiki on a technical level. We encourage participation of anyone interested in the community.


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